Cancelled N64 Prototype 'Freak Boy' Found


The Nintendo 64 had it's fair share of 3D platform games and one of it's most celebrated titles, Super Mario 64, represents a highlight of the genre. Indeed, if you were a fan of platformers in the late 1990s then the N64 would probably have been the perfect system for you.

One title that piqued the attention of N64 owners back in that halcyon era was Freak Boy from Virgin Interactive. Promising a fantastical gameworld which could be morphed, and a central character who could absorb everyday objects and use their properties to his advantage, Freak Boy looked like it was destined to be another hit. Although the game underwent several complete redesigns, the inventive gameplay and visual style meant it was a title that had developed something of a buzz. Then it was cancelled for unknown reasons, and nothing was ever seen of Freak Boy again. Until now, that is.

In a story that could have come straight out of a book or movie, one lucky gamer very recently discovered a prototype N64 cartridge at a car boot sale in Guildford, UK and on it is the only known playable build of the cancelled Freak Boy. The owner of the cartridge has asked to remain anonymous but he has posted several videos of the cart in action to his YouTube channel. Just how complete the game is is not yet known, but another long lost game appears to have come to the fore.

Freak Boy Gameplay Footage 

Link: Original Assembler Games Forum Thread

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(Link to this comment) Mayhem 2015-10-26 12:36
Wow. I suspect the dev team might have been based in Surrey perhaps then, and someone was clearing out old console stuff, and this was in it? Mate of mine found an unreleased NES prototype at a car boot in Preston about a decade ago, so it's completely possible to turn up these things!

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