Cancelled Dreamcast Game 'Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe' Released

Ecco II DC 7

Another day, another incredible 'lost' Sega Dreamcast game turns up. This time, it's the sequel to Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. Long thought to be only available to those collectors lucky enough to own a Dreamcast development kit, the unreleased Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe has been released to the internet at large by Hidden Palace as a self-booting CDI.

This of course means that anyone can now download it, burn the image to CD-R and play this continuaton of Ecco's adventure on a standard Dreamcast console. The game is far from complete, and this is evidenced by the lack of sound effects, music and the debug menu being visible during gameplay...but as a glimpse at what the future held for both Ecco and the Dreamcast, this really is hard to top.

Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe (Prototype) Gameplay

Link: Hidden Place Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe

Last Updated ( 17 June 2016 )  

Tom Charnock

A true connoisseur of failed and obscure console hardware, if Tom isn't extolling the virtues of the Jaguar CD's texture smoothing abilities or the Dreamcast's vast array of useless peripherals he's usually on Twitter asking where all the Super A'Can games are.

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(Link to this comment) DavidSilva 2016-06-17 21:57
Y E S !
(Link to this comment) KoolioMcB 2016-06-17 23:43
Remember reading somewhere that there was plans for another Ecco game on the Dreamcast. Nice to see it got a bit further than a project name in the back of an unofficial magazine from 15 years ago.
(Link to this comment) Anduin 2016-06-24 17:25
Well I know the Hungarian guy who was in the dev team. He told me there is another version out there with even more maps.

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