British Gaming Industry Veteran Andrew Hewson's Upcoming Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers Book

Hints-And-Tips-for-Videogame-Pioneers-KickstarterIf your childhood was spent playing on the likes of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga and other classic computers, there is a high possibility you've enjoyed some of the works published and created by Andrew Hewson. This indispensable games industry veteran is now hoping to detail his colourful past in print through Kickstarter.

The man behind Hewson Consultants, 21st Century Entertainment and the videogames trade body ELSPA / UKIE recently launched his crowd-funded project, Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers, with the aim of raising £12,000. Should his goal be realised, Hewson will be well on his way to publishing over two decades worth of stories and anecdotes surrounding the most interesting era of British gaming.

Andrew has not been active in the games industry since the late 1990s, so why is he writing this book now, and what is it about?

“When I started in the games industry with a ZX80 and a typewriter, it was an era of open platforms and cutting edge innovation. Today, thanks to digital distribution and the re-emergence of open platforms, we are returning to the kind of industry in which small creative teams can flourish. This book is an opportunity for me to share my experiences from two decades at the cutting edge of gaming with the industry pioneers of tomorrow.” - Andrew Hewson

With a new era of digital distribution and indie innovation upon us, Andrew feels it is important that Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers is about more than just the history of Hewson Consultants & 21st Century Entertainment and the games which defined those companies.

The book will be crammed full of fascinating stories from the era, many of which are being told publicly for the very first time, but it will also have a deeper and broader appeal. It’s a book which digs beneath the surface to examine the forces which made those companies such prolific hit-producers, unearthing a rich tapestry of insight and expertise for the gaming pioneers of tomorrow.

With contributions from numerous industry legends already confirmed, and more in the pipeline, it also a book about the people which made it all happen, including the most important group of all - you, the consumer.

Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers is a story of triumph and disaster, ecstasy and turmoil and perpetual market forces in an industry which is constantly reinventing itself, from one of the pioneering figures of the UK games industry.

Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers Kickstarter Trailer

Link: Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers on Kickstarter

Last Updated ( 22 October 2013 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) Lord_Santa 2013-10-22 19:46
rather quaint to mention the Amiga instead of the Commodore 64, wouldn't you say? wasn't he vastly more famous for his 8-bit titles, rather than 16-bit? (Spectrum and C64)

nevermind; had no idea he was the guy behind 21st Century Entertainment

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