Brand New Unofficial Game Boy Advance Clone 'Retrospex 32' Announced & Available To Pre-Order

Retrospex-32-Game-Boy-Advance-Clone-AnnouncedWe’ve all seen the flood of Nintendo Famicom clones over the years - all of which coming bundled with a huge selection of games built in. The Sega Mega Drive has also been subject to a rerelease through the likes of Blaze and AT Games with new versions of the 16-bit classic in both handheld and console form. Next up it would appear the Game Boy Advance is due a comeback, only this time round it’s a somewhat unofficial offering with a strikingly familiar look.

Although Nintendo has no part in this revival of their flagship handheld, the newly announced Retrospex 32 is promising to be compatible with all Game Boy Advance titles. Capable of booting game ROMs into play through SD card accessible menus, this handheld will also come bundled with a selection of homebrew releases such as Qwak and MazejaM. Furthermore, the device is promising TV Out functionality for those that want a larger screen to play the likes of Super Mario Advance, Castlevania Circle of the Moon, and the Pokemon series.

The keen eyed retro gamers amongst us, however, may notice that the Retrospex 32 sports identical aesthetics to the aforementioned Blaze handheld, the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate - even in the colouring of its parts. With this in mind we can only assume that the manufacturers behind this device have picked up leftover parts from Blaze’s prior project. Looks aside though, the handheld will need to prove its capable of playing all our favourite Game Boy Advance classics flawlessly.

Available to pre-order for £59.99 with delivery expected later this summer, those feeling bold can secure their unit now whilst we await another video showing the real Retrospex 32 in action. In the meantime, here’s a concept video of what Retrospex International are hoping to bring to retro gamers.

Retrospex 32 (Game Boy Advance Clone) Teaser Trailer

Link: Pre-order the Retrospex 32

Last Updated ( 11 June 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) Galgomite 2015-06-13 02:59
Hard to get excited when it has no d-pad. I sure wish companies would get that memo.
(Link to this comment) tomdreamevil 2015-06-16 19:35
My friend had a game very similar to the car/traffic race game at 2:00. Can anyone tell me what famous versions of this came out and on what console? I do recall something maybe batman related or possibly something to do with a yellow taxi/car? Meh, It was so long ago!
(Link to this comment) misterbiglee 2015-06-17 07:55

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