Brand New Nintendo NES Homebrew 'Kira Kira Star Night' Due For Famicom Cartridge Release

Kira-Kira-Star-Night-Famicom-HomebrewIf overly cute Japanese animation, bright visuals, catchy chiptune soundtracks and fast paced gameplay is your thing then an all new Nintendo NES / Famicom homebrew is heading your way. Kira Kira Star Night is the latest 8-bit creation directed by a Japanese comic artist, one which is due to be released on physical cartridges in the near future.

Kira Kira Star Night (which roughly translates to Twinkling Star Night) places you in control of a cute star collecting protagonist on a non-stop journey to gather up as many falling collectibles as possible. Along the way you'll be treated to a plethora of stunning backgrounds and fluid character animation whilst trying to accumulate an unbeatable high score.

This upcoming Nintendo Famicom title is not only due to be released on a physical cartridge, but also as a digital download too. Those hoping for the real deal will need to set aside $200, leaving the digital version of the game to be retailed at $30. A release date has not yet been set.

Kira Kira Star Night (Nintendo NES Homebrew) Trailer

Link: Kira Kira Star Night Official Website

Source: Allgamers

Last Updated ( 21 August 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Juganawt 2013-08-21 20:19
Sorry, £20 for a digital copy is absolutely insane. While it does look like a fairly high quality, polished game, £20 is about 4 times too much to ask for it, even if it does come with an official soundtrack CD.
(Link to this comment) ruiner9 2013-08-22 14:09
They're probably aware that as soon as the digital version is released, it'll be available to freely download wherever NES ROMs are available, so they may as well try to get as much money per ROM sold as possible. You can't exactly DRM a game like this.
(Link to this comment) Capain N 2016-10-16 23:45
Well, most of the big homebrew NES releases that I'm aware of still hasn't been leaked online. A shame as I would really like the ease of just putting them on my everydrive instead of wearing down my cartridges.

$30 for a digital NES rom tho. Damn :S
And 200 for a physical version. I wish I had that kind of disposable income. But like Juganawt said, these prices are about 4 times what I would be willing to pay for them.

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