Brand New Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time HD Texture Pack For Nintendo 64 Emulators In Development

Djipi-Zelda-Ocarina-Of-Time-HD-RemakeSeveral years ago a collection emulation fanatics banded together to give one of the greatest adventures of all time a visual overhaul. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time High Definition Retexture Pack was a downloadable patch that transformed the 1998 classic into a more detailed quest, using high quality textures and other trickery too. While many of the team behind the hack have since moved on to other projects, one of its members has stuck by Link’s side and is gearing up yet another take on the HD patch.

With desktop computers becoming even more powerful and the code behind emulators being fine tuned further, the act of emulating Nintendo 64 games has become a little too easy for today’s systems. Even the Nintendo Gamecube’s back catalogue can be enjoyed on a PC with added extras such as up-scaled graphics and widescreen display too.

One of the more notable advancements in the Nintendo 64 emulation community as of late though is GlideN64 - an OpenGL graphics plugin which recently raised funding for development through IndieGoGo. WIth plenty of new features on offer the plugin’s aim is to eliminate the many graphical glitches present in Nintendo 64 emulation, along with adding a bit more power to play with. Many of the benefits can be seen on the developer’s blog, however, as it stands the plugin is yet to be released publicly due to on-going development.

One of the supporters of GlideN64 happens to be a talented member of the ROM hacking community known as Djipi, one of the key members in the aforementioned High Definition Retexture Pack. With early access to the plugin Djipi has been taking the idea of a HD patch one step further with an updated look even Nintendo would be proud of.




Although keeping to the visual aesthetics of the original game, the yet to be released patch dubbed ‘Djipi Zelda OOT 2014’ is already leaving many Zelda fans in awe. With just about every end of Hyrule from the Goron City to the Water Temple looking revitalised, this is one visual update fans of Ocarina of Time don’t want to miss.

Release of this texture pack/patch is expected upon the arrival of the GlideN64 plugin, which if we’re not mistaken is also nearing completion too. Until then, feast your eyes on the finer details at play and look forward to taking on Ganondorf yet again.

Link: Djipi Zelda OOT 2014 Patch Development Thread

Last Updated ( 30 March 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2015-03-30 17:45
This is why the PC emulators are worth the extra hassle, never get anything like this on your little Retron 5s :)
(Link to this comment) Marsmite 2015-04-07 20:11
Quite cool. I played it on 3DS recently and it looks great, but it doesn't play as well without the c-buttons for weapons and playing the ocarina. Why didn't they just map the c-buttons to the d-pad, then I could play A-down-right-right-A from memory. Anyway for those reasons the N64 version remains my favourite.

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