Bliss-Box: The Ultimate USB Control Pad Adapter Solution

Bliss-Box-Retro-USB-Control-Pad-AdapterIf there is one problem using emulators today, it's having to make do with the keyboard or budget joypads on offer. The Bliss-Box aims to solve this issue by offering an all in one solution for just about every control pad, joypad and joystick in existence.

The Bliss-Box comes custom made at a price depending on how many ports you'd like included. Starting at $35 for one port and all the way to $150 for every port available, the Bliss-Box will no doubt solve all your emulation problems. 

As of now, ports for consoles such as the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Atari 2600 and Sony PlayStation to name a few. Controller functionality such as Vibration / Force Feedback is also supported too.

Here is a list of features from the Bliss-Box website:

* Auto Pause, most controllers have an auto pause when the controller is unplugged. When you are in the middle of a game and your fried, wife, or otherwise clueless parter trips over your cord resulting in NO GAME CONTROLE, the game will pause Wink

* Auto Detect, no switches needed. The Bliss-Box will detect the controller. The Bliss-Box is Out of the Box ready. Nothing need, no drivers, wiring, or setup. Plug in the controller, then the Bliss-Box, and you are done.

* Upgrades. The chip is designed to be upgraded via the neogeo connector. If you know how to use an avr-isp you can do this on your own, otherwise it requires shipping to be upgraded. For avr info see the technical page.

* Full emulation, each controller is fully emulated unless otherwise stated. For example psx2 pressure sensitive buttons work! Version 1.0 of the Bliss-Box did not indented to support rumble or mem pack reading. This is planned in 2.0 (see 2.0 notes in "what is new new" section)

2.0 is also available but only in beta. You can request 2.0 if you like but understanding its beta.

*Auto Pause Detection, In addition to auto pause with 2.0 you can switch controllers in the fly. When you unplug, for example, a Saturn controller you can then choose any detectable controller and plug it in. The Bliss-Box will auto detect this controller and resume functionality without a flinch by the user. Very few controllers are not detectable. For example the Atari, Intellivision are not detectable, most others are.

* Global button mapping, In addition to the auto detection all buttons are laid out the same to mach common set ups. For example the snes y, b, x, a, are mapped like the neo-geo a, b, c, d, So that when you swith from one to the next you use the controller in the same manner. Both left most buttons ( snes:Y or neo:A ) are mapped to the emulator the same. Obviously some choices had to be made. See this spread sheet for details. Open to suggestions

* Force Feedback, Yes vibration ( rumble ) is supported in 2.0 with no drivers required. It was developed for a windows system and may or may not work on the ps3, linux or mac ( just never been tested). The following controllers support rumble: DreamCast, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1,2, and Game Cube

*UDLR mode, This mode will map all Up,Down,Left,Right buttons to the corresponding analog movements. So that you can switch to digital in the game and back out at any time. To do this you press shoulder left, shoulder right and the pause button all at once. To exit, press the same.

Link: Buy a Bliss-Box All in One Retro Control Pad USB Adapter



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(Link to this comment) chocklo 2011-01-23 13:23
Very nice - and the Global button mapping seems to be a nice feature, however, it does sound a tad expensive. I use a PS2 pad with a Playstation to USB adaptor, rumble etc works fine. Ok, I had to map the buttons, but it was less than a fiver. I guess it would be nicer to use snes, megadrive, N64 pads for their corresponding emulators - but, the £2.99 adapter seems to do the job adequately.
(Link to this comment) ninjabearhug 2011-01-24 09:33
I really like the look of that, it would make capturing screen shots for the database a lot less painful too:). Is it really worth $35 though? I have stacks of spare consoles that I could rip a port out of, the older consoles can't be that hard to wire up surely. It only took me 30 minutes to wire an SMS pad port into a GG, and that included adding an extra button!
(Link to this comment) ulao 2014-11-27 17:07
dup post.
(Link to this comment) ulao 2016-05-04 13:46
The new KS is live promoting the additional cables.

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