Bit Trip Runner 2 Slips Under Wii U's eShop Coming Soon Section.

btrunner2A sequel to the on-rails rhythm platformer which draws heavy inspiration from retro games, Runner 2, has snuck its way into the coming soon area of the Nintendo Wii U's starving eShop.

Several images were released showing off improved graphics along with a slightly re-designed lead character, Commander Video. Several blog posts from developer Gaijin Games show off Mario voice actor Charles Martinet is taking up narration reigns in the game.

Bit Trip Runner 2's subtitle, "Future Legend of Rhythm Alien," conflicts with the stages we have seen so far. The game seems to take place on Earth, with Aliens invading to possibly take over. Many stages appear to take place in a woodland area, though other areas also show a more modern setting.

The game will feature more than just Commander Video, with 8 playable total characters, possibly working with other indie heroes such as Super Meat Boy and Tim from Braid, but this is merely speculation based on previous collaborations with these other indie mascots. With 120 new levels and high definition graphics, Runner 2 looks to be the first big breakout downloadable title of 2013, at least for the Wii U.

The game is set to launch on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo's eShop, and Steam at the end of February.


Last Updated ( 27 January 2013 )  

Michael "Miketendo" Levy

Raised on an NES, Saturday AM cartoons and sugary cereal, Michael Levy was your average 80's kid growing up. Despite having odd obsessions with bears, peanut butter, zombies and Tifa Lockhart, 'Miketendo' is also the creator of the YouTube review series: D.Y.H.P.T.G?! (Dude, You Haven't Played This Game?!)

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