Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge Brings ROM Loading Functionality To The Atari XL/XE

Atarimax-MyIDE-II-CompactFlash-Cartridge-Brings-ROM-Loading-Functionality-To-The-Atari-XL-XETo get the most out retro gaming hardware today, it's an unwritten law that you'll need a selection of flash cartridges. The latest addition to our arsenal of ROM loading devices is the Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge, one built for the 8-bit Atari XL/XE computers.

Aside from the Bandai Wonderswan and the Neo Geo AES, there are few other consoles left without custom hardware to enhance how we access a library of games. The arrival of flash cartridges utilising widely available memory cards has revolutionised gaming today - especially given just about every single game for any given console can be crammed into a menu driven cartridge.

The Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge is an updated version of earlier Atarimax's MyIDE+ cartridge, which allows Atari XL and XE owners to connect CompactFlash memory cards into their systems. From here any game ROM or software can be chosen from a built in menu, removing the need for cartridges, cassette tapes and floppy disks altogether.

Here is what Atarimax is promising with the MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge:

Compact Flash Hardware Interface

  • Full Software Power Control
  • Hardware Media Change Detection
  • Completely new hardware design by Atarimax
  • Upgradable Hardware Core via Card Edge JTAG Interface 

512kB On-Board User Customizable Flash Memory

  • Complete Maxflash Studio & USB Programmer Integration
  • Complete Menu Customizability using Maxflash Studio Workbooks 

512kB On-Board Application SRAM

  • Develop advanced applications w/o requiring internal RAM upgrades 

Mr-Atari's MyBIOS Included

  • New MyIDE-II MyBIOS w/ Full "Hot Swap" Media Change Support
  • Upgrade/Change MyBIOS by just updating you Maxflash Studio Workbook
  • Purchase includes MyBIOS technical support from Mr-Atari 
  • Available in Clear, Red, Blue and Green Cases
  • CNC Machined Case Openings
  • Professionally Assembled Immersion Gold PCB
  • Hardware Support from Atarimax
  • Real Lifetime Warranty

Video demonstration of the Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge

This new device has been made available to pre-order for $69.95, however, is limited to just 100 units in the first production run. Be quick!

Link: Pre-order Atarimax MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge

Last Updated ( 23 November 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) PageVGP 2012-12-04 16:53
This is a wonderful bit of kit. I need to get one without doubt!

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