Atari ST Hidden Gem Black Sect By Lankhor Gets Remake

Atari-ST-Hidden-Gem-Black_Sect-By-Lankhor-Gets-Remake Released in 1993 for the Atari ST, Amiga and IBM PCs, Black Sect failed to repeat the success of Lankhor's earlier adventure masterpieces Maupiti Island and Mortville Manor. Nevertheless it is somewhat of a forgotten hidden gem with a small but passionate fanbase. One of those fans loved the game so much that he has completely remade it in AGS.


While the graphics of this remake seem to be ripped straight from the DOS VGA version the Adventure Game Studio remake does feature new music and sound effects. Lankhor, being a french developer, created an adventure that doesn't follow the same paths as the then popular Lucas Arts point & click adventures like Monkey Island. Instead Black Sect had a complex interface, various dead ends, a real-time time limit and, akin to Sierra's classics, you could actually die. Developer HandsFree saw it fit to remedy those shortcomings and as such the remake is a very welcome way to enjoy this cult classic without the annoyances of the original release.


Here's is the author's full changelog for the remake, in case you want to know it all.


To make the game accessible to more players this remake features among other things:
- Timeflow based on player actions, so no dead ends
- Unlimited save slots (Well, I don't know that. More than 30 anyway)
- 2 action cursors
- Smart cursor that lights up over interactive areas
- Extra puzzles
- Changed puzzles to suit the new interface
- Updated hint system
- New sound and music

And kept from the original game:
- first person exploration
- Lankhor's art and animations (mostly)
- 31 locations to explore
- day and night cycle


Link: Download Black Sect Remake

Last Updated ( 22 June 2012 )  

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