Atari Lynx SD Card Reader Available For Pre-Order


While the Atari Jaguar is often used as a punchline, Atari's Lynx handheld is championed by most gamers as a worthy system. While the unit's size is still a bone of contention for some, the Lynx's software library is considered amongst the best there is for a portable gaming console and some of the games really do show the power of the 8-bit hardware. The Lynx does have a dedicated and loyal following online and nowhere moreso than the Atari Age forums, and it is from here that a new tool for Lynx gamers has emerged - an SD reader cartridge.

Taking the form of a regular Atari Lynx cartridge/card, the SD reader allows the playback of ROM files stored on a micro SD card intersted into the top of the PCB in a similar fashion to the popular Everdrive cartridges available for other retro systems. Compatible with both the original Lynx and the Lynx II, the cartridge looks to be a great way to store backups of your legally owned games/homebrew titles in one handy location. It will also support ComLynx multiplayer connectivity according to creator (Atari Age forum user) SainT.

The Lynx SD reader currently sells for £65 plus shipping and there is a fairly lengthy pre-order waiting list, but SainT is forging ahead with the units and shipping them out as they become available.

Source: ejagfest / Atari Age

Link: Atari Age Lynx SD Reader Thread

Last Updated ( 10 May 2016 )  

Tom Charnock

A true connoisseur of failed and obscure console hardware, if Tom isn't extolling the virtues of the Jaguar CD's texture smoothing abilities or the Dreamcast's vast array of useless peripherals he's usually on Twitter asking where all the Super A'Can games are.

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(Link to this comment) Ricci 2016-06-14 01:14
How do I get on the waiting list. Thank you
(Link to this comment) bryan 2018-07-14 01:54
include me on the atari lynx sd reader too

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