Are Nintendo Powerfest 1994 Reproduction Carts On The Way?

Are-Nintendo-Powerfest-1994-Reproduction-Carts-On-The-WayAfter securing one of the most expensive video game items around, JJGames offered up a cash bounty for anyone able to emulate his newly acquired Nintendo Powerfest 1994 cartridge. In doing so, he also spurred on reproduction manufacturer RetroZone to create his very own version of the competition cartridge, one we'll hopefully be able to buy soon.

Powerfest 1994 (also known as the Nintendo World Championships II) was one of Nintendo's annual state-wide competitions held in the United States to find the greatest gamer across the lands. This was the fourth competition that Nintendo had held in as many years, and similar to their previous events, they used a custom cartridge offering timed play of three of their games. Gamers were expected to rack up the highest score possible starting with a stage from Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, followed by a quick dash round Super Mario Kart, and then using any time left, score as many homeruns as possible in Ken Griffey Jr Baseball.

Unlike the earlier and more memorable Nintendo World Championships, the cartridges used to play this competition were not given out to winners. Instead, Nintendo decided to destroy all of the cartridges used after the event - but luckily enough two survived. One of these surviving cartridges is now in the hands of JJ Hendricks, who runs JJGames, after investing a massive $12,000 to secure it.

Luckily enough for gamers worldwide (and future historians), Hendricks was keen to ensure that the game's code was carefully archived for future generations. After successfully creating ROM files of the game's code and releasing them online, he quickly found that Powerfest 1994 was unable to run in Super Nintendo emulators. Aware of this fact, Hendricks not only offered up a $1,000 bounty for the first person to successfully get this competition device working in an emulator, but also stated that he was interested in joining forces with a skilled reproduction cartridge manufacturer to further immortalise Powerfest 1994.

Ironically enough, the Super Nintendo emulator higan created by perfectionist (and we mean that in the best way possible) byuu was already capable of running Powerfest 1994. All it needed was an additional script to tie the game's code altogether.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ever prevalent reproduction cartridge guru and Nintendo hardware modifier RetroZone was on the case. Using his prior knowledge gained from creating Nintendo Campus Challenge reproductions, RetroZone managed to get Hendricks' ROM files onto a Super Nintendo cartridge and running on the original hardware.

Nintendo Powerfest 1994 Reproduction Cartridge In Action

While this all very much hints that RetroZone will soon be stocking his own version of Powerfest 1994, there is evidence to suggest otherwise. As of recent you may recall that RetroZone are creating a HDMI output board for the Nintendo NES. In the announcement thread regarding this creation, RetroZone stated that he would be "shifting away" from creating Nintendo NES and SNES reproductions.

Although there is no guarantee that we will see reproduction cartridges of the Powerfest 1994, at least we know the game's data is not only preserved and archived away, but also now enjoyable via emulation.

Link: JJ Hendrick's Powerfest 1994 Bounty Post

Last Updated ( 25 March 2013 )  


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