Commodore Amiga & CD32 Commemorative Music Compilation CD 'Paula Agnus Denise' Due For May Release

Amiga-Commodore-CD32-Commemorative-Music-Compilation-CD-Paula-Agnus-Denise-Due-For-May-ReleaseThe Amiga's on-board sound chip produced some of the most memorable audio ever heard from gaming hardware to date. While these compositions created on the Amiga's 'Paula' chip still hold up today, several composers have returned to rearrange their original work in the new 'Paula Agnus Denise' compilation CD.

Who might these alluring women be that this CD is set to be named after I heard you ask? Well, the earliest Commodore Amiga systems featured a custom set of chips within known as The Original Chip Set (OCS). This trio of chips not only defined the Amiga's graphics and sound capabilities, but were named Paula, Agnus, and Denise.

Creations from notable Amiga musicians such as Chris Huelsbeck, Tim Wright, Allister Brimble, David Whittaker and Barry Leitch are all set to be re-imagined with a more modern approach. These remixes and rearrangements will consist of classics found in games including Shadow of the Beast, Alien Breed, Speedball 2, Turrican 2 and Pinball Dreams.

Given that Huelsbeck, Wright and Brimble are making an apperance on this upcoming CD, we can only presume that the tracks they are sharing will be small snippets from their soon to be released epics - The Amiga Works, Strix Memoria and the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology.

Paula Agnus Denise Track Listing

1. Synchaoz – “Hired Guns Medley (Synchaoz Remake)”
2. CoLD SToRAGE – “Shadow of the Beast 3 Game Over (Urban Slide Mix)”
3. Chris Huelsbeck – “Turrican 3 Main Title”
4. CoLD SToRAGE – “Shadow of the Beast 2 Title Theme (Oxygene Moon Mix)”
5. Synchaoz – “Narcissus (Cannon Fodder Lost in Service * Synchaoz Remix)”
6. Allister Brimble – “Alien Breed”
7. Fabian Del Priore – “Apidya Techno Party (Rapture Trance Mix)”
8. Ron Klaren – “Battle Squadron Intro”
9. Char7ie – “Pinball Dreams Title (Digital World 2011 Mix)”
10. Ramon Braumuller – “Clockwiser Title”
11. Danja & Martine – “Agony Title (Acoustic Jam)”
12. Ron Klaren – “Battle Squadron Game Over”
13. daXX – “Shadow of the Beast Title” (daXX Orchestra Remix)”
14. Bomb the Bass – “Megablast” (Xenon 2 Mix)”
15. daXX – “Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Theme (daXX Remix)”
16. Tomi Jylhä-Ollila – “Turrican 2 Main Title”
17. Allister Brimble – “Project-X”
18. The Zero One – “Brutal Deluxe (Speedball 2 Theme Remake)”
19. Chris Huelsbeck – “Apidya Theme”

Paula Agnus Denise is set to go on sale via Sumthing Else, Amazon, iTunes and other sites from the 6th of May.

Source: VG247

Last Updated ( 08 April 2013 )  


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