Celebrate Konami's Cult Classic RPG Series On Suikoden Day '14


The Suikoden Series is very much a hidden gem in the world of RPG’s. Those of us who have been lucky enough to get our hands on one of these spectacular games have had the pleasure of being introduced to a fantastical world filled with rich and interesting characters.

In each story the player finds themselves caught in the middle of an almighty struggle and sets out to recruit the 108 stars of destiny and build a headquarters with them, in order to ultimately stop the war and create a peaceful world for those around him.

As RPG collectors will know, games from the series are not particularly easy to come across, with Suikoden II (In my opinion, the best in the series) easily fetching upwards of £120 on sites like eBay. Despite this, if you are able to find yourself a copy of any of the Suikoden games, I thoroughly recommend you pick them up!

Introducing Suikoden Day 2014

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of Suikoden IV in Japan, a passionate group of Suikoden fans have banded together to organise Suikoden Day 2014! With all sorts of exciting stuff going on, this year’s event hopes to beat last year’s 2600 group members!

I got in touch with the event’s organisers, Niki Steel, Erjo Coscolluela & Marina Paez Andreo to get the lowdown on what fans (and hopefully newcomers to the series!) can expect from the event.

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Stevie:  So, Suikoden Day! What's it all about?

Team S.D: Suikoden Day is an annual event for fans of the Suikoden series to come together and enjoy themselves! There will be competitions with real prizes up for grabs, discussion, the sharing of fan works, and a great opportunity to hang out with other fans and make new friends. It’s a whole lot of fun!

Stevie:  When is it?

Team S.D:  The Suikoden Day event page on Facebook will be open for posting from Friday August 15 and finish up at the end of Suikoden Day itself, Tuesday August 19, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the release of Suikoden IV in Japan. While it’s called ‘Suikoden Day’, we have the event open for a few days, especially over a weekend so that everyone across all time zones can join in.

Stevie:  How can people get involved?

Team S.D:  Firstly, by joining the group! www.facebook.com/groups/SuikodenDay2014/ is the best way to find all the details about the event. People can get involved in a number of ways, from entering their work into the competitions or simply being around for a like or a comment. If fans want to enter our Cosplay, Fan Fiction, or Fan Art competitions, they have until the end of the event on August 19 to get their entry in. Everyone gets a kick out of the competitions, so we hope to see a lot of entries this year! But it’s not all about competing; fans can join in by starting up a conversation in the group, sharing Suikoden-related links and trivia, or commenting and sharing opinions. As for leading up to the day, people can get involved by spreading the word to as many people as they can. We’d love to see absolutely anything Suikoden related on the day – competitions are not the only way to share your work, or love for the series.

Stevie:   What sort of things can we expect to see?

Team S.D:  Well, if it’s anything like the last few years, we can expect to see a range of posts, from seriously mind-blowing competition entries, in-depth discussion, and light-hearted jokes and trivia. We had people create quizzes and have physical meet-ups last year, which was great to see. If anyone has any ideas on more ways to celebrate, we want to hear about it!

Stevie:   What do you think it is about the series that gives it such a passionate fan-base?

Team S.D:  I think one big factor why we love it so much is because it simply isn’t a video game....it's already sort of become an experience in itself. You have 5 games (6 if you include tactics) set in the same world, a world where you bump into familiar faces from time to time. It has its own established history and mythlogy that hold the world together. What this means for the fans is a huge personal connection with the story, characters, and world of Suikoden. It’s not so much just a game or a hobby to pass time, but something that’s genuinely important. From speaking to the fans in the community, it’s common to hear stories of a fans seeking refuge in Suikoden from the troubles in their life, or finding inspiration and strength in the stories told in the series. When something you love has had such a personal effect on you, it’s easy to be passionate about it.

Stevie: If you could have any 3 characters from the Suikoden universes make a guest appearance at Suikoden Day 2014, who would they be and why?

Team S.D:  Only three? That’s cruel! Anyway, for a True Rune bearer, it’d be Ted. We first met him in the first Suikoden, and he resurfaces in Suikoden 4 (which we are celebrating this year!). Through him and his relationship with Tir, we saw just how well the developers were able to make a fleshed out relationship that actually made us feel empathetic towards theHe also embodies the darker side of the story, having power while trying to keep it from those who would abuse it – the burden of the True Rune Bearers.

The second character would be Viki! She pops up in every game, literally just appearing in front of the hero. No one knows quite where she comes from or what her deal is, we’d like to be able to ask her in person! She seems pretty ‘away with the fairies’ but we love her anyway! Even if she does teleport us to the wrong destination occasionally…

For character number three, we’re going to cheat! But I think every fan will forgive us when we say we’d like Viktor and Flik to make an appearance on Suikoden Day. These two are fan favourites through the first two games. While both with their share of heart-breaking stories, these are two characters that are hilarious together and apart. Whether it’s Viktor’s ham-handed attempts at getting past security, or Flik’s panic at dealing with kids and an intense school-girl’s crush on him, there’s a fond memory for everyone in this duo.

Stevie: Do you think we will ever get Suikoden 6? What would you like to see if it were to happen?

Team S.D:   There’s a lot of debate among Suikoden fans at the moment, but the Suikoden Day team are hopeful for a Suikoden VI one day. There are a lot of factors that go into making this a reality, like the market for story/character driven games, especially when there are a lot of cheaper, more lucrative options for developers. But that’s not to say we should count Suikoden out! Nintendo produced a sequel to Golden Sun 9 years after the original release. Our job, along with the work being done by the Suikoden Revival Movement, is to keep the Suikoden Community alive so that when the time comes, Konami cannot doubt the love and demand for the series. As for the game itself, we’d love to see a return to the original Suikoden universe of the first 5 titles (plus Tactics of course), and to see more of the lands that we’ve heard of but never seen, such as Kanakan, Zelant, the majority of Harmonia, and the Badlands to name a few.

So there you have it Retro-Gamers! This is a fantastic event that hopes to celebrate an amazing RPG series by offering both fans and newcomers the chance to get together and share their love for the Suikoden universe! I’ll be taking part myself this year, so hopefully I’ll see you over there!

Lastly, I’d like to give a big “Thank you!” to Niki, Erjo & Marina, the organisers of Suikoden Day 2014 for answering my questions so thoroughly!


Last Updated ( 11 June 2014 )  

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