After Burner Climax to be Delisted from XBLA/PSN on December 24th

Fans of blue skies, barrel-rolling and Sega arcade ports need to hurry up- the only home port of AM2's After Burner Climax will be delisted from Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network by the 24th of December.

The only source for this at the moment is lifelower, a Twitter account dedicated to XBLA news, but it makes sense- After Burner Climax was created under license from Boeing and Northrop Gruman, plane manufacturers who allowed their jet models to be used in game, and similar to Outrun Online Arcade's Ferrari license expiriing and leading to it being delisted, the same is probably the case here. 

It's a shame, as this means if you don't grab it now, you'll have to find an arcade cabinet to play it.  A port of the 2006 arcade game, Climax is essentially a 3D take on AM2's Top Gun homage After Burner 2, with impressive visuals and a new Climax meter that, when activated, slows down time. The home version also has a nice extra in the form of EX Options, extra unlockable settings that can make the game a lot easier or a lot harder. Finally, while the game has some fairly easy Achievements, if you really want to prove your mettle there's a series of optional Medals for feats like beating the game on a single credit. And if you can get all of them in the 360 version, you can get a jet fighter helmet for your Avatar. Only the most dedicated have this accessory.

After Burner Climax's home port is also notable because Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games actually asked Sega very, very nicely if they could port it because he couldn't afford the arcade cabinet. Anyway, at least you've got a heads-up for this one, so get on it! Before it disappears forever!

Link: After Burner Climax will be discontinued on Dec 24th this year.

Last Updated ( 06 December 2014 )  

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