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Unreleased Sony PSP ‘Saint’s Row: Undercover’ Up For Free Download Via Original Developers Volition


As far as video game prototypes go their arrival online in a playable form is usually thanks to community efforts and generous individuals. On the rare occasion though, developers who have worked on long lost titles occasionally surface to showcase their efforts - with the latest being the team behind the unreleased Sony PlayStation Portable title [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 January 2016 )

Unofficial ‘Gradius II’ Mega Drive Conversion In Development


In 1988 Konami stormed the arcades with their highly anticipated follow up to Gradius. Despite being a fairly prominent release, this fantastic horizontal shooter only made its way onto the Nintendo Famicom, Sharp X68000 and PC Engine CD, all of which remaining as Japanese exclusives. Sega Mega Drive owners, however, may soon be sampling this exclu [ … ]


[UPDATE] Umihara Kawase Trilogy Returning to Steam after Brief Delisting


One of the perils of digital storefronts is that when a game's gone- such as when a license gets pulled, or the licenseholder goes out of businses- it's gone forever. That might've been the fate of the Umihara Kawase trilogy of physics-based platformers on Steam, but they're getting a second chance.

Last Updated ( 30 January 2016 )

Plug ‘N’ Play Nintendo Gamecube HDMI-Out Modification ‘GCVideo’ Coming Soon


Towards the back end of last year it was revealed that Nintendo Gamecube fans could soon be enjoying the classics through a HDMI out port. Obviously not being a standard part on the console’s motherboard, the GCVideo required some hefty soldering and technical skills to pull off. In the near future, however, the device will be rereleased in a plug [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 January 2016 )

Japanese Publisher Natsume Selling Factory Sealed Super Nintendo Releases From New-Old-Stock


We all want to own a slice of gaming history within our collections - well how about a brand new Super Nintendo game direct from the publisher? Natsume’s North American division recently opened up their very own eBay store which has since seen a selection of factory sealed cartridges from the nineties up for grabs.

Last Updated ( 16 January 2016 )

Commodore 64 Platformer ‘Little Knight Arthur’ Released 30 Years Late


In 1986 a Finnish programmer was closing in on the development of his latest Commodore 64 game, Little Knight Arthur. Having sent the game off to a number of different publishers - all of which rejected the title - Pasi Hytönen’s creation remained lost to time and unpublished. Three decades on, however, Little Knight Arthur has finally seen the lig [ … ]


Unreleased Sega Saturn Puzzler ‘Ferox’ ISO Leaked For Download


Just mere weeks into the new year and yet another slice of previously unseen retro gaming history has been served. Fans of the Sega Saturn will be pleased to know that the 3D puzzle game Ferox has finally surfaced, with a playable version of the game leaking online for download.

Last Updated ( 12 January 2016 )

SD Card Laserdisc Replacement Drive ‘Dexter’ Released For Dragon’s Lair & Similar Arcade Machines


Many of our favourites gaming memories are from several decades ago, however, it’s safe to say that some of the hardware we once enjoyed has a limited shelf life. With this in mind talented gamers have begun creating aftermarket products such as flash cartridges and adaptors to ensure we can still get our fix even today. The latest release to prese [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 January 2016 )

Analog Control Modifications Arrive For Nintendo 64 FPSs Turok, Duke Nukem 64, Forsaken & More


In the later 90s a whole host of first person shooters began making their way onto home consoles alongside their PC counterparts. As great as this was, there was a real lack of consistency when it came to each game’s control scheme, often leaving gamers struggling to get to grips with the 3D worlds in front of them. While this may have been down to [ … ]


Unreleased Arcade Shmup ‘Wing Force’ Located & MAME ROM Preserved


Atlus are well known for their prolific output in the RPG genre, but their roots spread out into various other areas of gaming history. Believe it or not but the Japanese game developers were gearing up the release of an all new vertical shooter for the arcades known as Wing Force in 1993, however, it’s been missing in action - at least until now!

[ … ]
Last Updated ( 07 January 2016 )

Super Fighter Team’s Brand New Mega Drive Releases ‘Magic Girl’ and ‘Cascade’ Out Now On Cartridge


Super Fighter Team who previously brought us the likes of Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong are back with two more titles for the Mega Drive. Although announced over the last few years, both Magic Girl and Cascade are finally available to buy for Sega’s 16-bit juggernaut.

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