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Perspective Correction Comes To Sony PlayStation Emulation Via PCSXR-PGXP


If you’ve ever felt that the way the PlayStation handled straight lines was a little off, you’re not alone. Sony’s 32-bit powerhouse dealt with its polygons in an imprecise way which often left various clipping issues and an unusual perspective from some camera angles. Through the magic of emulation though, this is all about to change.


Cancelled Nintendo NES Movie Tie-In ‘Happily Ever After: Starring Snow White’ ROM Preserved For Download


At the turn of the 1990s an all new animated film based on the Snow White fairytale was set to hit the cinemas alongside its very own video game tie-in. Happily Ever After, as it was known, unfortunately hit all kinds of issues in production, which in turn had a knock on effect with its Nintendo NES outing. Eventually hitting the theatres in 1993, [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 May 2016 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom RPG 'Shadow Brain' Fan Translated Into English


Shadow Brain is a First Person RPG Dungeon Crawler title for the Nintendo Famicom that was only released in Japan back in May 3 1991 by Pony Canyon - who were also involved in games like Ultima I-IV and Super Pitfall. The game plays very similar to Shin Megami Tensei (NES) and is one of the few games of this genre to be available on this console. N [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 May 2016 )

Unreleased Sony PSP Music Platformer ‘Melodie’ Discovered & Available To Download


While the PlayStation Portable’s main selling point was of course its software library, the handheld’s other pulling power was its versatility. Doubling up as a multimedia system capable of playing movies and mp3s, there was plenty on offer with Sony’s 2004 platform. While these features rarely crossed over, Kuju Entertainment’s recently discovered [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 May 2016 )

Atari Lynx SD Card Reader Available For Pre-Order


While the Atari Jaguar is often used as a punchline, Atari's Lynx handheld is championed by most gamers as a worthy system. While the unit's size is still a bone of contention for some, the Lynx's software library is considered amongst the best there is for a portable gaming console and some of the games really do show the power of the 8-bit hard [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 May 2016 )

RetroUSB Announce ‘AVS’ Nintendo NES HDMI Ready Clone Console Due For Summer Release


With the constant arrival of new hardware for classic systems, it was only a matter of time before someone built the ultimate solution to enjoying Nintendo NES games three decades after its initial release. RetroUSB recently revealed on Facebook their upcoming AVS console, a spiritual revision of Nintendo’s 8-bit system with built in HDMI out and c [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 May 2016 )

Mario Party Editor ‘Party Planner 64’ Brings Custom Tables To The Nintendo 64 Board Game


Mario Party is often renowned for its fantastic turn based gameplay, but more notably for its tendency to cause huge arguments between gamers. Whether it be unfair rules, the stealing of stars, or lack of control over the minigames, it’s now time to put the odds back in your favour. The newly announced application Party Planner 64 lets you create y [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 April 2016 )

Nintendo Game Boy ‘Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru’ DX Color ROM Hack In Development


In 1992 a Japanese exclusive adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy known as Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru hit Japan. Although remaining an exclusive release to the Far East, many would soon experience what the game had to offer as its engine was reused to create The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A decade later Nintendo began work on updating the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 April 2016 )

Nintendo NES Bluetooth Control Pad Adapter ‘Retro Receiver’ Out Now


Every had the urge to plug a more modern control pad into the Nintendo NES? You’re in luck! 8Bitdo and Analogue have partnered up to create the Retro Receiver. This controller adapter simply plugs into Nintendo’s 8-bit console, allowing PlayStation 4 pads, Wii Remotes, arcade sticks and even aftermarket Super Nintendo pads to connect up to the acti [ … ]


Starforce Pi Arcade System Manufacturers Create One-Of-A-Kind Neo Geo Tabletop Machine


If you ever had a reason to be jealous of someone else in the retro gaming realm, it’s now. The talented team behind the Starforce Pi, the sadly unfunded Kickstarter project to release stunning palm-sized arcade machines running on Raspberry Pi computers, are back. Using their expertise from their prior project, they’ve created a unique and portabl [ … ]


Build it Yourself Nintendo NES / Famiclone Console Kit Arrives On Amazon Japan


If for whatever you’ve ever felt that the aesthetics of Nintendo’s 8-bit range didn’t live up to expectations, then you’re in luck. Amazon Japan has recently stocked a build it yourself kit of Nintendo NES / Famicom internals which can be sculpted into the console of your dreams - from portable offerings to even tables with built in gaming capabili [ … ]

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