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Nintendo Entertainment System Visual Compendium Kickstarter Smashes Fundraising Target


The Nintendo NES is perhaps one of the most influential consoles to date, and there’s just no way to deny that. Many classic and acclaimed franchises were born from this 8-bit juggernaut, and the video game industry saw a huge rise in blockbuster releases following Nintendo's Seal of Quality. Because of this and many other reasons, the console is [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 June 2016 )

Japanese Exclusive Game Boy Advance RPG ‘Magical Vacation’ English Fan Translation Out Now


Of all the early Game Boy Advance games the West missed out on, Brownie Brown’s stunning Japanese exclusive adventure Magical Vacation was the biggest loss of them all. Despite its Nintendo DS sequel seeing a worldwide release, it's only as of now that retro gamers can finally battle through the 2001 portable quest, all thanks to a fan translation [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 June 2016 )

Neo Turf Masters Tries for a Birdie on iOS and Android on June 30th

It's a good time for SNK ports to modern systems, it seems, with Twinkle Star Sprites on Steam, The Last Blade 2 on PSN, and now classic golf-em-up Neo Turf Masters heading to iOS and Android devices from DotEmu at the end of this month.

Last Updated ( 03 June 2016 )

Popular Neo Geo Scrolling Shooter ‘Twinkle Star Sprites’ Now Available on Steam


Twinkle Star Sprites, the amazing NEOGEO MVS top down scrolling shooter has finally been made available on Steam. This was an extremely popular arcade game during the 1990’s and was ported to many different platforms such as the Sega Saturn.

Last Updated ( 02 June 2016 )

4 Player Co-Op Gameplay Hacked Into 'Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time'


A creative mod for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has just been released, bringing the co-operative four player dungeon solving experience to the Nintendo 64. Drawing plenty of inspiration from the Gamecube's Four Swords Adventures, this is one ROM hack you don't want to miss out on.

Last Updated ( 01 June 2016 )

Japanese Exclusive Super NES RPG 'Romancing Saga 2' iOS & Android Remake Out Now

title romancing saga2

SquareEnix has recently launched on iOS and Android a classic RPG adventure that appeared exclusively in Japan upon release. Romancing Saga 2 is a traditional RPG experience that has its roots in Final Fantasy Legend, making this actually the 5th game of the series.

Last Updated ( 31 May 2016 )

Dreamcast Browser Sonic Adventure Homepage Restored

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.01.14

The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to come with a modem as standard, and online gaming was a large part of Sega's plan for world domination back in the late 1990s. As we now know, these plans didn't really come to fruition as intended, but the Dreamcast paved the way - arguably - for the online console gaming ecosystem we enjoy today. The v [ … ]

Last Updated ( 25 May 2016 )

NECA Announce Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures Based On Konami’s Coin-Op Hit


As if you needed an excuse to purchase even more video game goodies! Action figure aficionados NECA have just revealed their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line up, all of which based on Konami’s 1989 arcade smash hit.

Last Updated ( 24 May 2016 )

Japanese Famicom Disk System Game ‘Kaettekita Mario Bros.’ Receives English Fan Translation


Kaettekita Mario Bros. was an enhanced version of the original Mario Bros. for the Famicom Disk System. This version added a few new features to the original Nintendo Famicom game. This includes upgraded controls, enhanced graphics and an all new save feature for high scores.

Last Updated ( 23 May 2016 )

Crowdfunding Underway for Smart Phone Retro Game Cartridge: Pico Cassette


Crowdfunding is underway for Japanese company Beatrobo and the Pico Cassette. The Pico Cassette is a mini Famicom cartridge shaped product that plugs into the audio jack of a smartphone. It will allow them to play retro games using both the Pico Cassette and a special application downloaded to the consumer’s smartphone.

Last Updated ( 21 May 2016 )

Pokemon Gold ROM Hack Reopens Fuchsia City's 'Safari Zone'


You may be wondering based on the title of this article why would someone reintroduce the Safari Zone into Pokemon Gold. Well this isn’t your regular Safari Zone from other Nintendo Game Boy releases in this franchise, as this zone was added to give you the opportunity to catch all the other Pokemon exclusive to the Silver version of the game.

Last Updated ( 18 May 2016 )
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