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ZX Spectrum ‘Football Manager’ Updated For The 2016/17 Season


Following on from Leicester City’s heroics in the Premier League last season, it’s safe to say that everyone’s been eagerly anticipating the return of football. With the Football League 2016/17 season kicking off this weekend and the Premier League soon to follow it’s the perfect excuse to dedicate your gaming lives to the addictive slog that’s Foo [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 August 2016 )

Footage of Lost PC Engine Ports of Marble Madness, Popils and More Released by Tengen Staffer

A former Tengen staff member, Jun Amanai, has recently been uploading footage of PC Engine ports of games like Peter Pack Rat and Marble Madness which otherwise have never seen the light of day, until now.

Last Updated ( 04 August 2016 )

40+ Multi-Game ‘Penultimate Cartridge’ Now Available For Commodore VIC-20


If you prefer to get your retro gaming fix via the vintage computers on offer then look no further. Tynemouth Software have teamed up with leading classic hardware manufacturer TheFutureWas8Bit to release an all-in-one game cartridge for the Commodore VIC-20.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2016 )

Nintendo Announces Brand New 'Nintendo Classic Mini NES' Console Due For Release Later This Year


Whilst many of us thought Nintendo's plan for retro gamers ended with the VIrtual Console, today's announcement from the Japanese gaming juggernaut turned countless heads after appearing completely out of the blue. Believe it or not but the Nintendo NES hardware is set to make a prominent comeback this Christmas in miniature form, with pre-loaded g [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 July 2016 )

BT's Long Lost Super Nintendo ‘Interactive TV’ Service Trial Cartridge Discovered


Although there seems to be little mention of BT’s involvement with Nintendo in the mid-nineties, it would appear the tele-communications company was trialling a United Kingdom equivalent of Japan’s Satellaview service. Despite little record of BT's testing, one retro gamer has uncovered the Super Nintendo cartridge which would have served a di [ … ]


Sega Saturn Copy Protection Broken & New Flash Cartridge In Development


It wasn't long after the Dreamcast's arrival that we began to see unauthorised methods towards booting game backups with ease. Despite this quick turnaround, Sega's prior console, the Saturn, still remained uncracked and has done up until now. Two decades after the Saturn's debut the underloved 32-bit powerhouse has finally been broken into, with p [ … ]


Super NES Satellaview ‘BS Zelda no Densetsu’ Gets Live Audio Restoration Patch Via MSU-1 ROM Hack


In 1995 Nintendo released a spin-off to the NES classic The Legend of Zelda through their satellite steaming service on the Super Nintendo’s Satellaview. This downloadable title made use of the SoundLink functionality, which allowed gamers to enjoy live audio broadcasts from voice-actors to complement the on-screen action. Although the game has sin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 July 2016 )

Krikzz Opens Orders For ‘Everdrive GBA X5’ Game Boy Advance Flash Cartridge


The moment Nintendo Game Boy Advance fans have all been waiting for is finally here. Flash cartridge manufacturer Krikzz has finally unveiled the Everdrive GBA X5 and opened up pre-orders for the feature packed device. Best of all, those lucky enough to secure their place on the list will hopefully have their cartridges towards the end of the month [ … ]


Humble Bundle Celebrates 25 Years of Sonic!

sonic 25th anniversary   wallpaper by nathanlaurindo-d9nxpiz

Today marks 25 years of ring collecting and badnik bouncing and the Humble Bundle is celebrating by letting fans nab a whole slew of past Sonic titles!

The Bundle is split into three categories;

For $1 you'll earn yourself the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD. Pay $9.59 will get you all those plus [ … ]
Last Updated ( 23 June 2016 )

Cancelled Dreamcast Game 'Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe' Released

Ecco II DC 7

Another day, another incredible 'lost' Sega Dreamcast game turns up. This time, it's the sequel to Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. Long thought to be only available to those collectors lucky enough to own a Dreamcast development kit, the unreleased Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe has been released to the internet at large by Hidden P [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 June 2016 )

Hyperkin Reveal Upcoming ‘Smart Boy’ Game Boy Adapter For Mobile Phones


As part of an April Fools hoax last year, Hyperkin taunted retro gamers with a mockup of hardware that would allow the use of Game Boy cartridges on smartphones. Although anything but their intention, Hyperkin were left wondering how to deal with the flood of genuine interest in such a device. As a result the Smart Boy was quickly pushed into [ … ]

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