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PSIO ‘SD Card ISO Loader’ For PlayStation 1 Beta Testing Begins


Over the last few years a small group of dedicated PlayStation fans have been working away on a new device known as the PSIO. This parallel port cartridge is set to offer Sony’s first console the ability to load games from an SD card, without a single disc in sight. Having made considerable progress this year, the team have begun shipping out [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 November 2015 )

Portable Super Nintendo Handheld Console ‘ Pocketgame Hamy’ Hits Chinese Retailers Online


Over the last few years we’ve seen a plethora of unofficial aftermarket consoles up for sale. The Super Retro Trio, RetroN5, and even the SupaBoy have all provided alternative ways to enjoy our Super Nintendo favourites. If that wasn’t enough already, an all new SNES handheld known as the Pocketgame Hamy has arrived via Chinese retailers online.


Brand New Magnavox Odyssey Homebrew Release ‘Odball: LE’ Out Now


Back in 2009 an all new title hit the vintage Magnavox Odyssey platform, arriving as the first game for the system in 36 years. This homebrew release known as Odball has just seen a limited edition re-release, arriving complete in box with screen overlays too.


Rare Upload Unseen Footage Of Cancelled Nintendo 64 Platformer 'Twelve Tales Conker 64'


As many know, Conker's Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64 originally started life as a much more gentle and polite platformer in the Rare development studios. Following early criticism around Rare’s safe and family friendly approach, Twelve Tales Conker 64 saw a radical change to the foul-mouthed adventure we know and love today. For many though, the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 November 2015 )

Super Nintendo PlayStation SNES-CD Prototype Finally Revealed


Although it’s been a long wait, further details and photographs of the infamous Super Nintendo SNES-CD / PlayStation prototype hardware have finally been revealed. Having taken the unit to the Retro.HK Expo for display, its owner has not only shown off the system’s insides and inner workings, but also found time for a quick round of Street Fighter [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 November 2015 )

Tomb Raider II Rolls Onto Android & iOS Devices


Not too long ago the Core Design classic Tomb Raider hit modern devices with an all new iOS and Android port. Keeping the original game and visuals intact - albeit at a higher resolution - this re-release allowed gamers to get adventuring on the go with Lara in their pocket. With plenty of us still showing our support for the PlayStation series tod [ … ]

Last Updated ( 04 November 2015 )

Dreamcast Junkyard Releases ‘The Ultimate Collector's Guide’


If you're currently on a mission to locate the hidden gems and exclusive rarities for Sega's final console, there's an all new secret weapon you need by your side. The ever active Dreamcast Junkyard has compiled their very own collectors guide in book form, which is now available to buy through the site.

Last Updated ( 04 November 2015 )

Retro Inspired Indie Hit ‘Gunman Clive’ Released For Game Boy


Whether it’s down to the pixelated art style or retro themed gameplay, the indie gaming scene today is very much inspired by the classics we know and love. One of the more recent titles to hit a wide range of modern platforms known as Gunman Clive has just been taken back to its roots. A Nintendo Game Boy version of the game has just been released [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 November 2015 )

[Event] London Gaming Market - Sunday 15th November, Royal National Hotel


If you’re struggling with the wait until the Video Game Market in March, there’s one more event you may want to keep your eye on. The team behind Play Expo and Play Blackpool have launched their very own gaming trade fair exclusively for those down south - the London Gaming Market has arrived and it’s kicking off this month.


Japan’s Answer To The RetroN5 Console, The ‘Retro Freak’ Now Available Via Play Asia


Earlier this year it was announced that Cyber Gadget would be releasing a feature packed alternative to Hyperkin’s RetroN5 console. Set to offer support for eleven different systems of yesteryear, those who are yet to own an all-in-one console need look no further than the Retro Freak.


The Story of the Oliver Twins Book Kickstarter Gets Off To A Rolling Start


At some point within your gaming life you will have played at least one of the standout titles created by the Oliver Twins. The bedroom coding duo first started out with Super Robin Hood on the ZX Spectrum, shortly before cementing their name into the gaming world with the Dizzy series. Both Philip and Andrew still work in the gaming industry today [ … ]

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