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Kickstarter Launches For 'The History Of U.S. Gold' Book


Earlier this month Chris Wilkins of Retro Fusion and Revival Events announced that he would soon be gifting U.S. Gold an immortalisation in book form. Similar to the History of Ocean book that was successfully funded through Kickstarter, a campaign has been opened up to seek crowd-funding for this all new book.


Ink Whiskey Release Nintendo NES Themed 'Concealable Entertainment Flask' Drinking Accessory

Nintendo NES Whiskey Flasks

We've already named the Top 5 Drunks in Gaming, but there is a high chance we missed a lot of entries - namely members of the retro gaming community! The newly released Concealable Entertainment Flask accessory is the latest way to hide alcohol amongst your games, with the flask coming in a replica Nintendo NES cartridge case.

Last Updated ( 18 May 2014 )

EA Celebrates 20 Years of 'Need For Speed' Racing


It's hard to imagine that nearly twenty years ago we were first sampling the birth of what would soon become the most successful racing game series of all time. Born onto the Panasonic 3DO and then ported to the Saturn and PlayStation, Need For Speed drifted into the gaming world in 1994 and EA have decided to celebrate its success.

Last Updated ( 16 May 2014 )

Indie Retro Platformer 'Abbaye Des Morts' Ported To ZX Spectrum


Over the last few years we've seen an influx of indie developments and mobile games which opted to use traditional pixel art, in an attempt to mimic our gaming past. Abbaye Des Morts, a freeware platformer released in 2010 for Windows used a visual style similar to that of countless ZX Spectrum games. Four years later though, the imitation has beco [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 May 2014 )

Brand New Sega Dreamcast FPS 'Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness' Coming Soon


The Sega Dreamcast homebrew scene is without a doubt one of the best around. Now joining the vast selection of scrolling shooters and addictive puzzles is a blood packed first person shooter with plenty of promise - Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness.

Last Updated ( 15 May 2014 )

Chinese Double Dragon Rip-Off 'Dragon Knife' ROM Fan Translated Into English


Without a doubt one of the most memorable arcade brawlers ever has to be Double Dragon. The 1987 coin-op brought along plenty of sequel and spin-offs, along with unauthorised takes on the game hailing from the Far East. The later of these, Dragon Knife, is an unlicensed Nintendo NES title which has just been translated into English.

Last Updated ( 15 May 2014 )

Atari 7800's 30th Anniversary Celebrated With Brand New 8 Game Multi-Cartridge


Although the Atari 7800 may not be the most talked about console, it certainly has some fans. With the console's 30th birthday fast approaching, eight fantastic homebrew titles created by 7800 enthusiast Bob DeCrescenzo have been crushed into one cartridge, with a limited run now available for $65.

Last Updated ( 15 May 2014 )

British Microcomputer Jupiter Ace's Unsold Stock, Software & Name Go Up For Auction


In 1982 a duo of designers who worked on the ZX Spectrum broke away from the Sinclair name to create their very own microcomputer, the Jupiter Ace. With both of the computer's creators now heading into retirement, the entire company - including unsold stock, master tapes, unreleased software, and even the Jupiter Ace name - have been put on eBay in [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 May 2014 )

Video Game Themed 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' Homebrew Comes To The Nintendo NES in 'MilioNESy'


We've all watched those cringeworthy moments on Who Wants To be A Millionaire where contestants fail to answer the most simple video game trivia around, more than often leading many of us to declaring how we'd do better. At long last we have the chance to finally prove our vast gaming knowledge through a new Nintendo NES homebrew challenge.

Last Updated ( 14 May 2014 )

Pre-Orders Open For Commodore Amiga Homebrew RPG 'Tales Of Gorluth' With Downloadable Demo


Over a year ago an all new adventure was announced for the Amiga, Tales of Gorluth. While the developers behind this project have remained somewhat quiet since their first reveal, this all new Commodore homebrew is now available to pre-order - with a demo also available for those wanting to check it out.

Last Updated ( 12 May 2014 )

Homebrew 'Leisure Suit Larry' Nintendo NES Port In Development


Over the last few years, homebrew developers Khan Games have raised the bar high for new Nintendo NES releases after creating several stand-out after-market titles. Their latest work is also set to follow this ambitious path, with the team unofficially porting the home computer sleeze-n-click adventure Leisure Suit Larry to the 8-bit system.

Last Updated ( 09 May 2014 )
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