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ZX Spectum Hardware Clone 'ZX-Uno' In Development


It's amazing to think that a computer that was once one of the most powerful systems around can easily be cloned and condensed into a compact unit today. This is exactly what the ZX-Uno is, a fan-made clone of the ZX Spectrum hardware, set to offer retro gamers an alternative to getting their 8-bit game-on!

Last Updated ( 06 June 2014 )

NG:DEV.TEAM Announce Brand New Neo Geo & Sega Dreamcast Shmup 'Razion' Due For Autumn 2014 Release


Hot on the heels of their last creation, NG:DEV.TEAM are already back in action with yet another scrolling shooter in development. Their newly announced title Razion is set to hit the Sega Dreamcast and Neo Geo later this year, promising stunning visuals, a belting soundtrack and arcade gameplay to boot.

Last Updated ( 03 June 2014 )

Nintendo NES ROM Hack 'Super Mario Bros 3Mix' Enhances The 1988 Mushroom Kingdom Adventure

SUper Mario Bros 3Mix Released

There's no doubt that you've all played Super Mario Bros 3 over and over into early hours, but believe it or not there's new adventure awaiting you in the Mushroom Kingdom. A talented game modifier has been hard at work over the last three years creating his own take on Mario's third outing, one every retro gamer has to experience.

Last Updated ( 03 June 2014 )

Homebrew Platformer Marco Gregorio's Adventures To Unusual Places Arrives On Commodore Amiga & CD32


Traversing through spider filled caves and lush landscapes is no easy job, unless of course you're Marco Gregorio! Fans of the Commodore Amiga will pleased to know that their beloved computer, and console - the CD32 - has been gifted a new quest to tackle in Marco Gregorio's Adventures To Unusual Places.

Last Updated ( 02 June 2014 )

Unreleased Super Nintendo Platformer 'Dorke And Imp' Due For Release On Cartridge


While there may be thousands of classic games on offer to us already, it's amazing to think that there were also countless other titles in development, unfinished and unreleased that never reached our favourite consoles. One of these which remained somewhat unknown for quite sometime is Dorke and Imp for the Super Nintendo - a platformer which is n [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 June 2014 )

How To Attach A Hard Drive To The Sega Dreamcast & Load Games Via Dreamshell


Over the last few weeks a plethora of tutorials, software and new devices have surfaced - all of which promising the ability to connect a IDE hard drive to a Sega Dreamcast, and boot games from it. While there is already a SD Card solution out there known as the GDEmu, those confident with a soldering iron can now open up their console and get read [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 June 2014 )

New eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Amiga PD Games Released


While the internet has revolutionised the term homebrew and brought various new releases to everyone's attention, it was difficult locating homemade games available for classic systems back in the day. The Commodore Amiga for one had a thriving PD (Public Domain) scene where countless new games - many of commercial quality - were made available. Ev [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 June 2014 )

Sneak Peek At Nintendo NES Homebrew 'Sydney Hunter & The Mayan's Revenge'


Back in March, homebrew developers Collectorvision announced that they were gifting the ever-active adventurer, Sydney Hunter, an all new quest on the Nintendo NES. After releasing some screenshots on how the flash game hero's antics would look on the 8-bit console, Collectorvision have returned to showcase in-game action of Sydney Hunter & [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 May 2014 )

Éric Chahi's 'Another World' Adapted Into Live Action Movie


If there's one thing retro gamers are good at, it's being creative with their nostalgia. Polish based director Bartek Hławka recently uploaded to Vimeo his very own futuristic live-action take on Éric Chahi's Another World - something even the game's creator should be proud of. Although the short-film only lasts a few minutes, Hławka has potential [ … ]


Angry Video Game Nerd Celebrates 10 Years Of 'Taking Us Back To The Past' With Desert Bus


Whether you love him or hate him, it's safe to say that the YouTube celebrity The Angry Video Game Nerd very much inspired a generation of video bloggers with his timeless rants, raves and reviews. With a movie in development and countless videos already under his stage name, James Rolfe has decided to celebrate his impressive decade of entertainin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 May 2014 )

SquareEnix Brings PlayStation 2 RPG 'Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King' To Apple iOS Devices


Seeing so many of our classic gaming favourites arrive on modern devices at pocket prices is something none of us can complain about. Square Enix, who are undoubtedly the most active in the touchscreen re-releases realm have just gifted the massive PlayStation 2 adventure, Dragon Quest VIII, a new breath of life on Apple iOS devices.

Last Updated ( 28 May 2014 )
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