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Retro VGS Console Cancelled After It Fails To Prove Its Worth On Indiegogo

Retro VGS Fails

Both Indiegogo and Kickstarter have proved to be invaluable sources for retro-themed projects over the coming years, allowing both small ideas to flourish and industry veterans to revive brands such as Shenmue. One of the more ambitious projects as of late though has fallen flat on its face after an embarrassing campaign.


Unreleased Free-roaming 'South Park' Game Discovered On Xbox Development Kit


Despite having a great potential for video game releases, the South Park license was hardly used to great effect in its prime. Behind the scenes though a killer title was in the works for the Microsoft Xbox by Buzz Monkey, one that not only drew upon the free-roaming experience of Grand Theft Auto. Although never seeing release, a prototype of the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 September 2015 )

Steam & Xbox One Platformer ‘Völgarr The Viking’ Ported To Sega Dreamcast & Released For Free


If you’ve ever once felt that the classic consoles were missing out on brand new titles, think again. The impressive Steam and Xbox One retro-platformer Völgarr The Viking has just been given an official port to the Sega Dreamcast and released online for free as a downloadable game disc.


RetroCollect Video Game Database Update: Looking Across the Pond (6000+ American Games Added)


It's finally time for another update of the RetroCollect Video Game Database, and it's the most massive one yet as we look across the pond and fill the gaps in our US database, adding over 6000 titles. Continue reading to find out which US systems were added exactly and what else was changed.

Last Updated ( 05 October 2015 )

Unofficial Chinese 'Pokemon Yellow' Remake For Nintendo NES Fan Translated Into English


Several years ago saw the arrival of Final Fantasy VII on the NES. This unusual and mostly unexpected Chinese release from Shenzhen Nanjing was soon flooding the bootleg cartridge markets, with countless games sporting Advent Children style packaging entering Nintendo collections worldwide. Another title hailing from the same developers was a Pokem [ … ]


MSU-1 ROM Hack Brings Symphonic CD Soundtrack To Super Nintendo Classic ‘Chrono Trigger’


No matter how old the hardware may be, the Super Nintendo is capable of producing some absolutely stunning sounds and melodies. Of the many titles utilising this powerful audio range, Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack is often regarded as holding some of the best 16-bit compositions ever made. In an attempt to expand this game’s music, ROM hackers have i [ … ]


80’s Anime ‘Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs’ Set For Licensed PC Engine & Sega Dreamcast Game


In 1984 animation gurus Studio Pierrot released a space-western styled anime which would go on to hit US audiences under the name Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. Although only lasting a year and fading into obscurity, the series is finally set to receive a video game adaptation 30 years later - one set for the Sega Dreamcast and PC Engine CD sys [ … ]

Last Updated ( 25 September 2015 )

Homebrew Nintendo NES Platformer ‘Jet Paco’ Heading For Cartridge Release Via Crowdfunding Campaign


At the start of the year the incredibly talented homebrew developers The Mojon Twins released a brand new action-adventure for the Nintendo NES. Like many of their prior releases, Jet Paco was put online for free as a downloadable ROM, however, the Spanish coders have decided to give their title what it truly deserves - a run on physical cartridge. [ … ]


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Re-imagined In High Definition


Although Nintendo has already proved it has no issue with remaking its classics for the Wii U, the closest gamers have got to playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in high definition is through its 3DS remake. In an attempt to remedy this, one fan of the series has begun recreating the game in the Unreal Engine 4 with stunning results.

Last Updated ( 21 September 2015 )

Panasonic 3DO Emulation Comes To Android Devices In 'Real3DOPlayer' App


We've all enjoyed carrying around our favourite Mega Drive and Super Nintendo classics in our pocket thanks to the various Android apps and jailbroken equivalents for Apple iOS. As of today though, those interested in the more obscure side of gaming will be pleased to know that Panasonic 3DO emulation has arrived on the Google Play Store.

Last Updated ( 21 September 2015 )

Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide Book Out Now


Nintendo’s early history into the gaming world is a fascinating one. From unusual kids toys to LCD games and beyond, there was plenty of action available before a certain red plumber arrived on the scene. To document this time period, an all new book titled The Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide is available now as the definitive compani [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 October 2015 )
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