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Unreleased Japanese Famicom Platformer 'Parody World: Monster Party' ROM Released

After many years of remaining a mystery, the Japanese version of NES curiosity Monster Party has finally been found and preserved, answering a lot of questions about the game in the process!

Last Updated ( 03 July 2014 )

Move Over Super Smash Bros: Homebrew 'Sega Master System Brawl' Hits The Mega Drive


We've all dreamed of a day where Alex Kidd and Psycho Fox would enter the ring to take on Mario and Donkey Kong. While this is an unlikely scenario, the next nearest thing has arrived via a homebrew release. Sega Master System Brawl is an all new Mega Drive fighter which puts various 8-bit heroes up against each other... Super Smash Bros style.

Last Updated ( 02 July 2014 )

Nilsen Reveals Sega's Scrapped Holographic Sonic 2 Cart Labels


If you thought Sonic The Hedgehog 2 couldn't get any better, you're wrong. Sega of America's ex-Director of Market Al Nilsen recently took to Twitter to showcase something which was planned for Sonic 2sday which unfortunately got left behind. Believe it or not but Sega actually planned to give the 1992 release snazzy hologram labels.

Last Updated ( 02 July 2014 )

Brand New Homebrew Mega Drive, MSX & ZX Spectrum Games Arrive Via BITBIT Jam 2014 Coding Competition


If the last year has proved anything, it's that we're never going to run out of brand new experiences on classic gaming hardware. The ever prevalent efforts of homebrew developers have brought us brand new RPGs, platformers and scrolling shooters to name but a few, with many more now arriving through the BITBIT Jam coding competition.

Last Updated ( 02 July 2014 )

Exclusive: Official Trailer For Khan Games Homebrew 'Leisure Suit Larry' Nintendo NES Port


Not too long ago homebrew developers Khan Games announced that they were unofficially bringing the Sierra sleeze 'em up Leisure Suit Larry to the Nintendo NES. After several months finalising the game's code, Larry and the Long Look For A Luscious Lover is just about ready for release - with its official trailer promising plenty of loved up action. [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 July 2014 )

Official Taito 'Bubble Bobble' Plush Toys Out This Week


Despite being some of the most adorable video game icons of all time, both Bub and Bob of Bubble Bobble fame have been somewhat neglected where merchandise is concerned. As of recent though, an online shop which specialises in licensed merch, 1UP2P, has confirmed that Taito's Bubble Dragon duo can soon be had in plush form.

Last Updated ( 30 June 2014 )

Amstrad CPC 464 DDI-1 Clone Brings Modern Disk Drives & More To The Classic Microcomputer


As technology has progressed, we've long since waved goodbye to video games on cassette tapes - and their unbearable load times. With this in mind, anyone returning to the Amstrad CPC in 2014 will be pleased to know that a newly created add-on device known as the DDI-1 Clone can open up the classic microcomputer to more modern alternatives to booti [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 June 2014 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom RPG 'Ninjara Hoi' Fan Translated Into English


Originally released in Japan back in 1990, Ninjara Hoi was yet another RPG to hit the Famicom following the Dragon Quest boom. Given that very few RPGs of this era made it abroad, this classic Nintendo adventure remained an import exclusive... at least until fan translators got a hold of it.

Last Updated ( 28 June 2014 )

Property Purchase In Japan Uncovers Disused Classic Arcade


Retro gamers take note, the real bargains and steals in our hobby are not on eBay or car boot sales, but in... property? As of recent one gamer's relative invested in a Japanese building, only to uncover a time capsule of arcade gaming. Once inside, the new owners were shocked to find two floors of decade long neglected arcade machines.

Last Updated ( 27 June 2014 )

Stunning Custom Painted 'Yoshi's Island' Themed Super Nintendo


Move over Luigi, it's the year of Yoshi! To help push along the celebrations, an incredibly talented console modder has decided to give the Super Nintendo a new lick of paint. Now sporting a vibrant green and white theme, this custom 16-bit console does our favourite dinosaur proud - despite being a one of a kind.

Last Updated ( 27 June 2014 )

Watermelon Games Release 'Pier Solar HD' Official Trailer


For those of you that have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Watermelon Games' traditional adventure Pier Solar HD are in luck. The developers behind the Kickstarter funded revival have released an all new trailer of the game in action, along with details discussing the many new features that have been added.

Last Updated ( 27 June 2014 )
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