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E.T Excavation Documentary 'Atari: Game Over' Official Trailer


Back in April excavators successfully unearthed an urban legend after digging at Atari's legendary landfill site. Not only was the team behind the upcoming documentary Atari: Game Over able to locate numerous copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial underground, but also countless other 2600 games and accessories. Since this discovery, the documentary [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

Cinemaware's Unreleased Mega Drive Shooter 'It Came From The Desert' Due For Cartridge Debut


In 1990 Cinemaware were due to release a top-down action alternative to their home computer adventure It Came From The Desert on Sega Mega Drive. While this title may have skipped out on release back then, the original developers have teamed up with Watermelon to give this long lost title its debut on cartridge 24 years later.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

New Platformer 'Kyd Cadet 3' Blasts Onto ZX Spectrum


Grown tired of the selection of ZX Spectrum platformers out there? Well, you're in luck! Homebrew developer Random Kak has recently released an all new adventure set in space for the classic microcomputer. Kyd Cadet III is a long awaited follow up set to gift you galactic gameplay from another dimension.

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

Fan Mod 'Brutal Doom' Ups The Gore In Id Software's Classic FPS


Doom may be well over two decades old now, but that doesn't mean the fun's over - if anything it's just getting started. Brutal Doom is a fan made modification to the game which brings the violence filled planet to life with better 3D visuals, added gore and over the top action.

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

Super Mario Bros Goes Underwater In This Awesome Aquarium


Just because aquatic beings have no way of gripping a joypad doesn't mean they have to miss out on gaming. One blogger decided it was about time her fishy friends got a taste of the action in Super Mario Bros, and recreated the iconic World 1-1 underwater for her aquarium.

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

Unofficial NES30 Bluetooth Gamepad Brings Back The 8-Bit Style


Let's face it, modern gamepads just don't have the same feel to them any more. While they may be the most comfortable controllers to date, long gone is that feeling of holding a blocky and somewhat uncomfortable accessory. The newly released NES30 Gamepad, however, intends to fix this...

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

SNK's King of Fighters ’98 Announced For Smartphones


SNK Playmore has announced on its official site that a port of King of Fighters ’98 is arriving on iOS and Android ‘very soon’, joining the likes of Metal Slug's touchscreen adaptation.

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

Learn To Drive With The Atari Lynx’s PITS Training Cartridge


We all love a good rarity and obscurity in our collection - so how about the rather unusual driving school assistant for the Atari Lynx? In 1994 a German based company created PITS (Portables Informations und Trainings System) to help guide learner drivers to success, using the fabled handheld.

Last Updated ( 24 July 2014 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Game Boy RPG 'Wizardry Gaiden III: Scripture of the Dark' Fan Translated


Over the last year talented ROM hackers have been hard at work to gift Western gamers access to the Japanese exclusive Wizardry Gaiden series on the Nintendo Game Boy. Those hoping to tackle these hardcore text-heavy adventures can finally rejoice as yet another title in the series has finally been fan translated.

Last Updated ( 22 July 2014 )

Unreleased Sonic Adventure Windy Valley Beta Level Restored


Back in May last year a user of the SonicRetro forums discovered an auto-rolling demo of Sonic Adventure. This early build of the game was nothing more than a demonstration of what was set to hit the Dreamcast, however, deep within were many uncovered secrets - one of which has now been recovered and made playable.

Last Updated ( 22 July 2014 )

New Book 'Memoirs Of A Virtual Caveman' Captures The Early Years Of Our Gaming Past


While there's already a fantastic selection of video game books to dive into discussing the colourful history our favourite past time has had, we'll never refuse another. Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman is the latest title to hit the shelves, one packed to the brim with anecdotes and interviews surrounding one author's memories in the gaming world.

Last Updated ( 22 July 2014 )
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