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Brand New Super Mario 64 Level Pack ROM Hack ‘Blast Off’ Coming Soon


The retro gaming community never ceases to amaze us. From custom built aftermarket hardware to brand new releases for old systems, there’s always something to talk about in the classic gaming world. The latest of these additions is a Super Mario 64 ROM hack known as Super Mario Blast Off which brings some brand new levels to the Nintendo 64 classic [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Bandai Wonderswan Flashmasta Flash Cartridge Nears Release With Added Features


Back in 2012 it was revealed that a flash cartridge was in development for the Japanese exclusive Bandai Wonderswan handheld. Created by the team behind the Neo Geo Pocket Flashmasta, further progress has now been made on the WonderSwan Flashmasta flash cartridge - the ability to cycle through multiple game ROMs on a single device.


MSX Cartridge to Sega Game Gear Adapter In Development


The MSX is one of those retro gaming systems that often attracts a lot of interest, but remains somewhat inaccessible due to there being a confusing amount of systems available and many games being import exclusives. This may be about to change though as an adapter known as the GGMSX is in development to play MSX 1 games on the Sega Game Gear.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Sega’s SatAM Bunnie Rabbot In Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Drive ROM Hack


In late 1993 Sonic The Hedgehog made his way onto national television in North America. The two season long series, often abbreviated to Sonic SatAM, focuses on the Freedom Fighters of Mobius - a group including Sonic The Hedgehog other anthropomorphic creatures - as they foil Dr Robotnik’s evil schemes. Although largely ignored outside of the TV s [ … ]


Bomberman Set To Blast Onto Colecovision In ‘RobeeBlaster’ Homebrew


Like Tetris and Pac-Man, it’s safe to say that every gaming console out there needs a helping of the manic multiplayer action Bomberman brings. Drawing inspiration from the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive releases from the series, a well known 16-bit developer is going back to his vintage gaming roots to port Hudson Soft’s bomb-em-up to the Colecovis [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Sega Game Gear LCD Replacement Screen ‘GGLCD’ Out Now


The days of blurry screens and poor illumination are over for the Game Gear. Sega’s handheld has just been given a much needed upgrade through a group of enthusiasts in Japan. The newly released GGLCD is a DIY upgrade for the system which not only provides a stunning and clear display, but also the ability to output RGB video onto both TVs and moni [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Adorable Sega Mega Drive Console Plush Due For Release In September


Put down the control pads and get ready to… cuddle? As much as we love to hold onto our tough gaming exteriors, we have to admit we’re all suckers for our favourite gaming characters in plush form. As of September this year, it won’t be a soft version of Sonic or Mario we’ll be holding, but instead an anthropomorphic Sega Mega Drive console.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Nintendo Virtual Boy Celebrates 20th Birthday This Week


Not a lot of people remember Nintendo’s biggest flop, the Virtual Boy. First of all if was never released in Europe or the PAL region, and secondly it did not have a very long life span, but the console still shows the innovative spirit of Nintendo.

Last Updated ( 25 July 2015 )

Atari 2600 RGB Out Modification Kit ‘2600RGB’ Due For Release This Month


Despite scart sockets making their first apperance on TV sets around the time of the Atari 2600's launch, the California made console shipped with nothing more than a RF-out port for its visuals. Although serving it's purpose in the day, gamers have since been longing for a more crisp alternative - and one that plays nice with modern displays today [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 July 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Super Nintendo Strategy ‘GalaxyRobo’ Fan Translated Into English


In 1994 Copya Systems released a detailed strategy title for Nintendo’s 16-bit platform which drew inspiration from the likes of Fire Emblem and Famicom Wars. Despite the turn-based tactical warfare gameplay being rather impressive, GalaxyRobo remained a Japanese exclusive Super Famicom release - one which has since been fan translated into English [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 July 2015 )

Kickstarter Launches For ‘Insert Coin: Inside Midway's '90s Revolution’ Arcade Documentary


Despite producing countless coin-op hits, Midway’s history in the video game world is somewhat undocumented. From Smash TV to Mortal Kombat and beyond we’ve all at some point in our gaming lives experienced one of the studio’s hard-hitting releases. Looking back with fond memories, it’s now time to hear all of the colourful behind-the-scenes storie [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 July 2015 )
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