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Apogee's MS-DOS Mario Kart Clone 'Wacky Wheels' Set For HD Remake


If you found yourself without a gaming console growing up in the early nineties, you could always rely on Apogee to provide equally as exciting releases on the PC. Of all their greats, Wacky Wheels was without a doubt one of their finest releases: a Mode 7 racer which mimicked everything we know and love about Mario Kart.

Last Updated ( 28 August 2014 )

Unlicensed Russian PlayStation Release 'Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars' Gets English Translation


In late 2000, Russian developers unofficially ported the live-action laserdisc video game Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars to the Sony PlayStation. This recreation of the arcade title – one which also hit the 3DO – has just been translated into English, allowing those addicted to light gun games such as the likes of Mad Dog McCree to get shooting.

Last Updated ( 28 August 2014 )

Unofficial Sega Mega Drive Port Of Wolfenstein 3D Blows Away The Retail Super Nintendo Version


Exactly a year ago this week it was announced that an unofficial port of id Software's Wolfenstein 3D was in development for the Sega Mega Drive. As of today a considerable amount of progress has been made in bringing the first person shooter to the 16-bit console, all of which is now ready to blast through yourself.

Last Updated ( 28 August 2014 )

Kickstarter Funded Shadowgate HD Remake Released On Steam


In 1987 an eerie and enticing point and click adventure arrived on the Apple Macintosh known as Shadowgate. This death-ridden classic would soon become a widespread fan favourite following its release onto the Nintendo NES a couple years later. As of today, both fans of the original and newcomers to the title can finally experience the game in all [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 August 2014 )

GoldenEye 007 Gets Two New Classic Nintendo 64 Deathmatch Maps From Pilotwings & Bomberman


We’ve all memorised each and every turn of the Complex and Temple, but don’t consider yourself a GoldenEye 007 pro just yet. The ever active bond-hacker Sogun has brought along two more maps to the 1997 shooter from two other classic Nintendo 64 titles - Pilotwings 64 and Bomberman 64.


Broken Nintendo DS Handhelds Converted Into Modern Game Boy Advances: The GBALite


As retro gamers always out on the hunt for more bargains, we’ve all spotted those broken handhelds crying out for a loving owner. Of these, the Nintendo DS has just been given a new lease of life, allowing all those systems with broken hinges to be converted into a classic custom handheld - GBALite.


Unreleased Super Nintendo Port Of Commodore Amiga Platformer Pinkie Surfaces Online


In 1995 Data Design Systems developed a Commodore Amiga adventure which sadly sunk into the vast sea of platformers available at the time. Although Pinkie was actually a decent platformer, it never quite managed to reach any of the consoles - at least until now. 

Last Updated ( 21 August 2014 )

Upcoming Sega Dreamcast Kickstarter RPG 'Elysian Shadows' Closes In On Required Funding


Who can say no to a brand new retro-inspired adventure? If you're yet to catch the news, a team of retro gaming fanatics have bunched together with the aim of producing a brand new RPG known as Elysian Shadows, not only for modern consoles, but also the fabled Sega Dreamcast.


James Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan Takes On GoldenEye 007 On Nintendo 64


During the late nineties - before the likes of Halo and Call of Duty - gaming respect was won through GoldenEye 007 deathmatches on the Nintendo 64. The multiplayer mayhem provided many of us with arenas to memorise and weapons to fight over, but when put to the test, how well would the movie's leading actor Pierce Brosnan hold up playing the game? [ … ]


Live Fish Tank Duo Fight It Out On Street Fighter II


We've all seen the incredible match ups between Street Fighter II pros, but for the first time ever the spotlight has been taken from their corner and cast upon... a fish tank. In a similar vein to TwitchPlaysPokemon, one retro gamer has left his webcam filming his two pet fish - with each quadrant of the tank they swim into controlling the on-scre [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 August 2014 )

Upcoming Project Hermes: Expand Your Commodore CD32 Into An Amiga A1200 Equivalent


As Amiga gamers will tell you, the CD32 console has plenty going for it where games are concerned, but when it comes to actually getting the most out of a Commodore system, you really need an A1200. While there are adapters out there that bring the home computer's advantages over to the console like the Paravision SX1, they don't come cheap. Knowin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 August 2014 )
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