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BT's Long Lost Super Nintendo ‘Interactive TV’ Service Trial Cartridge Discovered


Although there seems to be little mention of BT’s involvement with Nintendo in the mid-nineties, it would appear the tele-communications company was trialling a United Kingdom equivalent of Japan’s Satellaview service. Despite little record of BT's testing, one retro gamer has uncovered the Super Nintendo cartridge which would have served a di [ … ]


Sega Saturn Copy Protection Broken & New Flash Cartridge In Development


It wasn't long after the Dreamcast's arrival that we began to see unauthorised methods towards booting game backups with ease. Despite this quick turnaround, Sega's prior console, the Saturn, still remained uncracked and has done up until now. Two decades after the Saturn's debut the underloved 32-bit powerhouse has finally been broken into, with p [ … ]


Homebrew Brawler ‘Super Boss Gaiden’ Playable ROM Released For SNES-CD Prototype Hardware


The arrival of both the SNES-CD prototype hardware and accompanying BIOS files have amazed countless retro gamers within the community, but more importantly inspired homebrew developers too. While very little appears to be known regarding the true power and capabilities of the unreleased hardware, that hasn’t stopped a team of Super Nintendo progra [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 July 2016 )

Homebrew Heroes The Mojon Twins Release ‘Yun’ Brand New Nintendo NES Platformer


Once again hailing from the depths of Spain, The Mojon Twins are back with another stellar homebrew release. Yun is the newest platformer to hit the Nintendo NES, and best of all it has been released online for free.


Renowned Independent Title ‘Wind and Water Puzzle Battles’ Re-Released On Dreamcast


One of the most prolific indie titles for the Sega Dreamcast is getting a re-release - which is pretty incredible news for retro gamers who are still collecting for the console. Wind and Water Puzzle Battles is a fantastic game by Yuan Works that was featured in the 2008 Independent Video Game Festival. Its incredible gameplay and plentiful co [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 July 2016 )

Super NES Satellaview ‘BS Zelda no Densetsu’ Gets Live Audio Restoration Patch Via MSU-1 ROM Hack


In 1995 Nintendo released a spin-off to the NES classic The Legend of Zelda through their satellite steaming service on the Super Nintendo’s Satellaview. This downloadable title made use of the SoundLink functionality, which allowed gamers to enjoy live audio broadcasts from voice-actors to complement the on-screen action. Although the game has sin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 July 2016 )

Retro Gaming Homebrew Contest bitbitJAM #3’ Brings 20 New Games For Classic Systems


If you’re in need of another adventure or high speed thrill on your vintage hardware, then look no further. The hugely popular annual contest bitbitJAM is back and brings along a massive twenty new titles for a wide range of systems, including the ultra fast racer Downforce, and the arcade-inspired single screen platformer Where’s My Cake?

Last Updated ( 06 July 2016 )

Retro Inspired Indie Hit ‘Cave Story’ Port In Development For Sega Mega Drive With Playable Demo


If you haven’t already experienced the masterpiece that is Cave Story, you really owe it to yourself to. Also known as D?kutsu Monogatari, this 2004 indie release for Windows based PCs is a critically acclaimed hit which pulls in everything that made the likes of Castlevania, Metroid and Mega Man great. While it is already available on a wide range [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 July 2016 )

System Shock Remake Hits Kickstarter & Meets Fundraising Target


Just under a week ago the recently announced System Shock Remake hit Kickstarter, smashing its massive $900,000 fundraising target within days. With the estimated release date of December 2017, fans of the series eager to get going need not worry - a playable demo is available right now.

Last Updated ( 10 July 2016 )

Krikzz Opens Orders For ‘Everdrive GBA X5’ Game Boy Advance Flash Cartridge


The moment Nintendo Game Boy Advance fans have all been waiting for is finally here. Flash cartridge manufacturer Krikzz has finally unveiled the Everdrive GBA X5 and opened up pre-orders for the feature packed device. Best of all, those lucky enough to secure their place on the list will hopefully have their cartridges towards the end of the month [ … ]


Brand New Game Boy Platformer ‘Rocket Man’ Gets Playable Demo ROM


Drawing inspiration from Capcom’s finest Mega Man series, an all new homebrew platformer has been born from the depths of Spain. Rocket Man is the latest development to hit the Nintendo Game Boy and one that is already showing plenty of promise.

Last Updated ( 29 June 2016 )
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