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First Gameplay Demo Revealed For Upcoming Homebrew Mega Drive Platformer ‘Mega Cheril Perils’


If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of an all new Mega Drive title to kickstart the new year, you’re in luck. The Mojon Twins appear to be progressing well with their upcoming platformer Mega Cheril Perils, with their publisher 1985 Alternativo suggesting a release date is imminent.


New Retro Gaming Emulation Console ‘IndieGO!’ Hits Kickstarter


If the failings of the RetroVGS campaign left you wanting more than its recently announced rebranding with Coleco, then look no further. A true retro gaming console focused on the games we know and love has been revealed through Kickstarter. The IndieGO is an all-in-one solution for enjoying the classics on the big screen through emulation.


Shadowgate Remake Released For iOS & Android Devices


Back in 2014 the hugely popular point and click adventure Shadowgate was gifted a HD remake and released for the PC via Steam. This rich reimagining featured all the same locations as the home computer and console classic, only this time in stunning detail. Fast forward to today and this updated version of the game has just become available on mobi [ … ]


New 'WipEout' Music CD Ch'illout'' Available To Pre-Order


WipEout is a series that is as famous for its soundtrack as it is for its uber-cool, futuristic setting and premise. Back in the mid ‘90s when the WipEout series first emerged, games featuring bonafide artistes on their soundtracks were almost unheard of, but these days such practice is de rigueur.


John Romero Reveals Unofficial PC DOS Port Of ‘Super Mario Bros 3’


Believe it or not but one of id Software’s earliest projects was to remake Nintendo’s hugely popular Super Mario Bros 3 for the PC. Although this was anything but a commission from the gaming giant in Japan, John Romero attempted to get Nintendo to license the game for release, only to find they wanted to keep it as a console exclusive. Despite bei [ … ]


Unofficial ‘Resident Evil 1.5: Battle Coliseum’ Demo Released For PlayStation 1


In recent times fans of the Resident Evil series were treated to a playable leak of Capcom’s unfinished Resident Evil 2 prototype. Dubbed Resident Evil 1.5 due to being scrapped in favour of the game we all know and love, preservationists have been working behind the scenes to resculpt the game from the ground up to provide a more playable and comp [ … ]


Block Sliding Cute-Em-Up ‘Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga’ Released For Sega Master System


In 1982 Sega released a rather addictive block sliding puzzle known as Pengo in the arcades. Although arriving just a mere few years before the Master System, Sega didn’t port the coin-op to the 8-bit platform - something which has taken over three decades to arrive in an unofficial fan-made alternative, Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga.


Unreleased ‘Star Raiders II’ For Atari 8-Bit Shared Online By Original Developer Aric Wilmunder


Many fans of the Atari 8-Bit computer range will not doubt be familiar with Star Raiders II. This deep space adventure was a graphical take on a much earlier text-based Star Trek game from the 70s. Having said that though, an ex-Atari developer recently surfaced online to announce that the Star Raiders II which saw release was anything but what it [ … ]


All New Metroid Clone ‘Life On Mars’ Out Now For MSX 2 Computers


If you’re looking for an all new adventure this Christmas, the obscure range of MSX computers might have the answer for you. Life On Mars is the latest addition to the homebrew lineup on the MSX which draws plenty of inspiration from Nintendo’s timeless Metroid series - a release which is now available on physical cartridge.


Japanese RetroN 5 Killer ‘Retro Freak’ Due For Game Gear, Sega Mark III & SG-1000 Compatible Add-On


If you haven’t already seen, there’s a new alternative to the RetroN 5 which is making waves in the retro gaming world: the Retro Freak. Cyber Gadget’s recently released system not only matches what Hyperkin’s all-in-one console does, but it also offers support for additional systems like the PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 - with compatibility with th [ … ]


SquareEnix Reveal First Gameplay Trailer Of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake


Following on from SquareEnix’s announcement earlier this year that Final Fantasy VII would be revamped for next-gen consoles, it’s safe to say the remake we’ve all been waiting for is coming. The very first gameplay footage of this upcoming epic was recently revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event over in California.

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