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RetroActive's 'Ultra HDMI' Adapter For Nintendo 64 Coming Soon


With so many displays today relying on the HDMI standard, classic consoles are slowly being forgotten by television manufacturers. While there are solutions available in the upscalers and converters out there, the simplicity of being able to plug and play is anything but present. This is where the Ultra HDMI steps in: a brand new modification kit f [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 May 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo NES RPG 'The Legend Of Double Moon' Fan Translated Into English


With a wealth of RPGs and adventures hitting the Japanese gaming market during Nintendo's heyday, gamers elsewhere around the world were lucky if any of these were then localised for release internationally. While many of the classics eventually made the trip overseas, countless other titles have remained Far East exclusives. In an attempt to make [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 May 2015 )

Vadu Amka's Stunning Custom 'Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Nintendo 64 Console


Ever felt that the limited edition consoles out there are a bit dull? Over the last few years console modder Vadu Amka has been giving the likes of Nintendo and Sega (of past) food for thought with his incredible creations. The latest of these is an incredibly detailed Nintendo 64 which has been modified to look like something straight out of The L [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 May 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive PlayStation Release 'Clock Tower: The First Fear' Fan Translated Into English


In 1997 Human Entertainment re-released their popular Super Famicom exclusive horror-adventure Clock Tower on the Sony PlayStation. Arriving as an enhanced port with additional scenes and FMV sequences, fans of the series could once again step into the suspense and make the most of the then advanced 32-bit hardware. Although the game's sequel was r [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 May 2015 )

Long Lost ‘Tom & Jerry: The Chase Is On’ Super Nintendo Prototype Discovered


Nothing quite beats the mystery of a video game that goes missing during its development. From the likes of Starfox 2 to Sonic Xtreme, the arrival of unreleased titles surfacing years later provides retro gamers with even more to enjoy on their favourite consoles. The latest title from the archives to surface is a Tom & Jerry game for the Super [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 April 2015 )

The Atari 2600 Encyclopaedia Volume One Book Announced


The Atari 2600 is without a doubt one of the most pivotal systems to have ever graced our gaming world. Having revolutionised the industry in the late seventies, its timeless design and releases have easily influenced many of the games we know and love today. With such a rich history on offer, one video game historian has decided to document the pl [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 April 2015 )

Brand New Homebrew Mode 7 Shooter 'Hind Strike' Announced For Super Nintendo


If for whatever reason you've ran out of Super Nintendo titles to be battling through, then worry no more. Piko Interactive recently revealed their plans for the rest of the year, something which included the announcement of an all new helicopter based shooter for the 16-bit system utilising the impressive Mode 7 graphics mode.

Last Updated ( 25 April 2015 )

Addictive PC Puzzler Chip’s Challenge Due For Re-Release & Sequel Via Steam


Chip’s Challenge for many is what we’d consider a nostalgic hit. The addictive puzzler was a well remembered title for various home computers, providing countless brain-twisters through a grid based environment. Although fondly remembered, it’s taken 25 years for the game to see a sequel - something which will soon be available via Steam.


Konami's Cult Classic 'Snatcher' Ported To Nintendo Virtual Boy


Although few have played it, some will argue that Hideo Kojima's greatest work isn't the Metal Gear series, but instead the cyberpunk thriller Snatcher. Starting out on various Japanese home computers before hitting the Sega Mega CD, this gripping visual novel is about to get one more port through homebrew efforts. Believe it or not but a playable [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 April 2015 )

Fantasy World Dizzy, Rick Dangerous & Other Atari ST Classics Ported To Atari Jaguar


The Atari Jaguar is a system that divides opinion like no other. Some people consider it a joke, while others are fascinated by the missed opportunity it represents and the outstanding mess Atari made in handling it’s final platform. Meanwhile, others still continue to debate (at length) whether the system really is a 64-bit console. One thing that [ … ]


Retro Book Publishers Read Only Memory Launch 'The Bitmap Brothers: Universe' Kickstarter


If you owned either a Mega Drive or Commodore Amiga in the nineties, chances are you experienced and loved the output of British developer The Bitmap Brothers. From the Chaos Engine to Speedball 2, the prolific studio produced countless hits one after the other - and that's something retro gaming book publishers Read Only Memory are hoping to immor [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 April 2015 )
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