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Nintendo NES 'Super Mario Bros 3' Beaten in 3 Minutes


If Cosmo's efforts beating Ocarina of Time in under twenty minutes weren't enough to amaze you, then cast your eyes over to the Nintendo NES. Glitch hunters and speedrunners have somehow discovered an invisible pipe within Super Mario Bros 3, one which allows the player to whisk themselves over to the very lair Peach is being held captive by Bowser [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 May 2014 )

ATGames To Release 'Intellivision Flashback' Plug 'n' Play


If you've ever wanted to delve into the Intellivision back catalogue without needing to start yet another classic collection, you're now in luck. The same manufacturers who brought us the Atari Flashback and Sega Mega Drive clones is back, with the Intellivision Flashback Plug 'n' Play System.

Last Updated ( 02 May 2014 )

Retro Fusion Announce 'The History Of US Gold' Book


In late 2012 Retro Fusion successfully funded the creation of their History of Ocean Software book through Kickstarter. This stunning write up on the British software house was well received due to its fantastic content, depth on the subject and celebration of our gaming past. Today though, it would appear the team behind this creation have now set [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 May 2014 )

'Metal Slug Defense' SNK Playmore Adapts Metal Slug Into A Touchscreen Strategy For iOS & Android


After just about running out of Metal Slug classics to port to modern devices, SNK Playmore have taken their memorable shooting franchise and given it the modern treatment. While Marco and the gang will still be blasting through countless enemies, the traditional run-n-gun gameplay has been cast aside in favour of tower defence style action.

Last Updated ( 02 May 2014 )

Team 17's Superfrog HD Springs Onto Apple iOS Devices


If you didn't already rekindle your love for Team 17's iconic 1993 platformer Superfrog upon his HD re-imagining, you've now been given another chance to spring into the amphibian's antics. After Superfrog's arrival on PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Steam and Mac, the British publisher behind this Amiga remake have finally ported the title to Apple iOS ra [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 April 2014 )

Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Release Date Pushed Back Again


It promised to be the dream solution to retro enthusiast who either had limited space or desired a crystal clear picture on their big TVs. Hyperkin's clone console the RetroN 5 was described as being able to play 9 systems out of the box, all from one unit. Be it the Japanese Famicom, NES, SNES, GameBoy, Game Boy Color, GBA, Mega Drive or Genesis y [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 April 2014 )

Super Mario Bros. Movie Alumni Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away


Bob Hoskins, the man who played Mario in the Super Mario Brothers Movie in the early 1990s passes away at the age of 71 due to complications of pnemonia.

Last Updated ( 30 April 2014 )

Speedrunner Cosmo Smashes 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time' in 18:32


RPG adventures such as The Legend of Zelda are usually safe purchases for those looking for lengthy quests and deep storylines. For most of us, our many journeys through video games will no doubt require countless hours of investment to even catch a glimpse of the final battle. Cosmo Wright on the other hand, prefers more condensed world record pla [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 April 2014 )

Documentary On Iconic SNES RPG 'Earthbound' In Production


Earthbound for many is one of the few RPGs which dared to be bold, different and unconventional. Over the years gamers worldwide have grown to love Itoi's masterpiece, so much so it has quickly become a highly sort after title worth triple figures. For those unaware of this classic, prepared to be schooled as a documentary is in the works titled: E [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 April 2014 )

Cinemaware's Defender Of The Crown Conquers Android Devices


Back in 2011, Apple iPhone and iPad users were gifted one of the most iconic home computer releases to date from Kellyn Beck, Defender of the Crown. Still sporting the Cinemaware name, albeit a different company, the publishers have finally decided to bring this Middle Age adventure over to Android devices.

Last Updated ( 28 April 2014 )

Legendary Atari Landfill Excavation Uncovers Carts & Hardware


After flooding the market with low quality products and contributing to the American 'Video Game Crash', Atari had a large bulk of unwanted stock they needed to get rid of. Rumour has it that they dumped millions of items into a New Mexico Desert landfill site, a location whereby a team of documentary diggers have begun an excavation.

Last Updated ( 27 April 2014 )
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