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Break Damage Limit Patch Released For Super Nintendo RPG 'Final Fantasy IV'


As seasoned RPG gamers will tell you, one of the most frustrating aspects of the earlier Final Fantasy titles is the limit on how much damage can be dealt to enemies. No matter how much effort you've placed into leveling up your party, you'll never be able to beat more than 9999 hit points out of your target. An all new ROM hack for Final Fantasy I [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 March 2015 )

Dizzy Inspired Adventure 'Dylan The Spaceman' Heading To Commodore Amiga


If you grew up in the United Kingdom during the home computer boom you'll no doubt remember the eggscellent 8-bt hero, Dizzy. Providing gamers with screens-upon-screens of platforming puzzles, Codemasters' classic is one that many of us hold close to our hearts. As of today though there's a real lack of titles drawing inspiration from the series - [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 March 2015 )

Bandai Wonderswan Flash Cartridge 'Flashmasta' In Development


To many retro gamers the Wonderswan is a rather obscure and inaccessible oddity. That, however, is all about to change. The brains behind the Neo Geo Pocket Flashmasta Flash Cartridge has announced that Bandai's Japanese exclusive handheld is set to get its very own equivalent.

Last Updated ( 10 March 2015 )

Homebrew Port Of 'F-Zero' Unofficially Speeds On To Mega Drive


It’s amazing what homebrew developers can now do. Not only have we seen all new titles hitting our favourite consoles from decades ago, but also exclusive titles venturing their way onto different platforms. Of the latter, the fast paced Super Nintendo racer F-Zero has somehow made its way onto the Mega Drive.

Last Updated ( 09 March 2015 )

Capcom’s Super Nintendo Platformer ‘Mega Man X3’ Upgraded With CD-Audio


Although the Super Nintendo CDRom add-on may have never seen the light of day, it hasn’t stopped homebrew developers from giving us a near identical equivalent. Using the custom built MSU-1 chip, a CD Audio upgrade has been released for Mega Man X3.

Last Updated ( 09 March 2015 )

First Footage Of Upcoming Mega Drive Brawler 'ProjectY'


Watermelon Games may have been in the retro gaming news an awful lot as of late, but there's a good reason for that - they're keeping the scene alive with high quality brand new releases for our beloved systems. Since late 2012 the retro developers have been working on a spiritual successor to Streets of Rage known as ProjectY. With only a few scre [ … ]

Last Updated ( 05 March 2015 )

Adorable 'Lemmings' Plush Toy Set To Hit The Shops


Despite being one of the most popular video games of all time, and one that spanned countless platforms through the years, there's always been a real lack of Lemmings merchandise available. With many of us eager to declare our love for the careless critters, we can finally take home one of DMA Design and Psygnosis's proudest creations in plush form [ … ]

Last Updated ( 04 March 2015 )

Mega Drive Horror Adventure ‘Sacred Line’ Released On Cartridge


Back in 2013 a brand new title hit the Mega Drive, bring the visual novel genre to the 16-bit console. Following the success of their previous homebrew releases, Watermelon Games have secured the rights to Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line, with a physical cartridge of the horror adventure now available.


Nintendo NES Classic 'Mega Man 2' Gets Survival Mode


With just a single life on offer, how far do you think you could get through Capcom's memorable hit Mega Man 2? Your retro gaming skills are about to be put to the test as ROM hackers have created their very own survival mode in the Nintendo NES classic, tasking you with clearing as many areas of the platformer as possible, all without dying.

Last Updated ( 24 February 2015 )

SD Card Loading 'UK1541' Adapter Announced For Commodore 64


Over the last few years we've seen the arrival of countless flash cartridges for classic consoles, many of which allowing gamers to boot up their many favourites on the original hardware using just SD cards. Similar solutions have also been available for the likes of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 too, however, the later of these is about to get [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 February 2015 )

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers Brawl In 'Streets Of Rage 2' ROM Hack


Not too long ago we featured a rather unusual ROM hack that placed a the most unlikely of Pokemon heroes into the dark and dingy streets of a 16-bit classic. As it appears, game hackers seem to have Streets of Rage 2 sussed out, so much so they can freely drop in just about any character they please to replace the familiar line up. With that in min [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 February 2015 )
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