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Mario Kart 8 Gets Super Nintendo Demake ROM Hack


Mario Kart 8 is amazing, there's no questioning that! But how would the twist and turns of the brand new courses handle if they were taken back to the 16-bit era? Well, you're about to find out as the ever active Super Mario Kart community have released a Mario Kart 8 demake for the Super Nintendo.

Last Updated ( 21 June 2014 )

Retro Gaming News Round-Up (20/06/14): Barbie Corvette Consoles & Duke Nukem Demakes


From modified Barbie Corvette Consoles to retro demakes of first person shooters, it’s time to catch up on all the retro gaming news from earlier this week - that didn’t make the frontpage. With plenty of homebrew releases to also keep an eye on and a Game of Thrones introduction using Zelda sprites, it’s time for the Retro Gaming New Round-Up!

Last Updated ( 20 June 2014 )

Long Lost Sharp X68000 Shmup 'Illumination LASER' Discovered & Released Online


For countless years now, owners of Japanese Sharp X68000 computers have been lusting over a scrolling shooter which has been presumed missing. Although footage of Illumination LASER in action was available on YouTube, this obscure title's data was nowhere to be found online - at least until now.

Last Updated ( 20 June 2014 )

[Event] RetroCollect at London Anime & Gaming Con 5-6th July 2014


Keeping up with appearances, RetroCollect will once again be in force for another gaming event taking place in the UK next month. Having already made a prominent name for ourselves at London Anime & Gaming Con last year, your favourite retro gaming community is set to storm the convention again on the 5th and 6th of July with a plethora of chal [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 June 2014 )

RetroCollect's E3 2014 Retro Gaming Round-Up: Upcoming Classics To Keep An Eye On


When you think of E3, you probably think mainly of all that’s new in gaming - but that isn’t actually the case. After all retro gaming is gathering an increasingly sizeable fanbase, and this is demonstrated at the show. RetroCollect's reporter Simon Reed was lucky enough to be at E3 this year, and took the opportunity to look at all that is retro o [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 June 2014 )

Infinite 1UP Glitch Discovered In Nintendo NES 'Super Mario Bros' Nearly Three Decades Later


As bizarre as it sounds, new discoveries are still being made today with old video games. The latest of these amazing finds involves the timeless 1985 Nintendo platformer, Super Mario Bros, and a game manipulating bug that will leave Bowser furious and Princess Peach flustered.

Last Updated ( 16 June 2014 )

Fan Translation Released For Nintendo DS Japanese Exclusive 'Ace Attorney Investigations 2'


Despite starting life on the Game Boy Advance in Japan, Phoenix Wright's international big break didn't come until his arrival on the Nintendo DS. Now spanning seven titles and a spin-off, the Japanese exclusive entry Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutors Path has now been translated into English.

Last Updated ( 16 June 2014 )

Nintendo Announces 'Mario Maker' Level Designer For Wii U


Also arriving from E3 this year is quite possibly the best idea to ever come out of a classic game - Mario Maker. If you've ever dreamed of tackling a level flooded with Koopa Troopers, or one involving near impossible jumps, now's your chance. Nintendo's latest title starring our favourite plumber is a fully fledge level designing utility for Wii [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 June 2014 )

Square Enix Announce 'Final Fantasy VII G-Bike' For iOS / Android


One of the greatest things about being a retro gamer whilst E3 is under way is that there is almost always the guarantee that one of our favourite titles of yesteryear will be getting the remake treatment. Although most of us will be hoping for Final Fantasy VII, we'll never turn our noses up at some of the Gold Saucer mini-games hitting mobile pla [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 June 2014 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Naval Battle Sim 'Fleet Commander' Fan Translated Into English


Stepping aside from the usual offerings of previously untranslated RPGs, Nintendo Famicom ROM hackers have tackled another Japanese exclusive title, only this time round it falls into the turn-based strategy genre. Fleet Commander is an incredible detailed, albeit slow paced, naval sim based on a crucial WW2 battle between the US and Japan.

Last Updated ( 11 June 2014 )

Celebrate Konami's Cult Classic RPG Series On Suikoden Day '14


The Suikoden Series is very much a hidden gem in the world of RPG’s. Those of us who have been lucky enough to get our hands on one of these spectacular games have had the pleasure of being introduced to a fantastical world filled with rich and interesting characters.

Last Updated ( 11 June 2014 )
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