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RetroClarity Kickstarter Launched: HDTV Adapter For Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, TurboGrafx-16 & More


If for whatever reason you’re still looking for a more modern solution to playing your favourites on a HDTV then look no further. The newly launched RetroClarity Kickstarter is raising funds for a lag-free adapter to play the likes of the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive on modern displays.

Last Updated ( 08 June 2015 )

Arcade Exclusive 'Breakers Revenge' Gets Official Neo Geo AES Home Cartridge Release


In 1998 Visco released a follow up to their vibrant arcade fighter Breakers under the new title Breakers Revenge. Arriving exclusively on the MVS arcade platform, both Neo Geo AES and CD owners missed out on this sequel which balanced out the game's mechanics and introduced new playable characters. As of 2015 though, Visco are set to finally releas [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 June 2015 )

Sega Announce Streets Of Rage & Shenmue Remastered Vinyl Soundtracks


Aside from the bare knuckled action on offer, when Streets of Rage is mentioned you’ll no doubt hear fans of the series rave about its floor-filling music. Yuzo Koshiro’s stunning soundtrack to the game is a timeless creation, and now one you’ll be able to own on vinyl too.

Last Updated ( 03 June 2015 )

Jim Bagley’s Sinclair ZX81 Port Of Dragon’s Lair Now Available


For a computer with a mere 1kb of available memory and an incredibly limited black and white display, it’s fair to assume that few advanced video games (other than Monster Maze) hit the Sinclair ZX81. Knowing its limitations though, veteran games developer Jim Bagley decided to do the impossible - port the full motion video arcade hit Dragon’s Lair [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 June 2015 )

Nintendo NES ROM Hack ‘Super Wario Bros’ Gives Mario’s Antagonist An Adventure


If you’re done with Super Mario Bros and always playing the hero, prepare to experience something slightly different. A Nintendo NES ROM hacker has decided to spruce up the 1985 classic, not only with a new lick of paint, but by also throwing Wario into the leading role.

Last Updated ( 03 June 2015 )

Mega Drive & Super Nintendo Platformer 'Mr Nutz' Set For HD Remix?


In the early nineties Ocean released a quirky platformer for the 16-bit consoles known as Mr Nutz. Although a great game in its own right, its timing was somewhat unfortunate due to the flood of hero based platformers already on the market. As of today though, Mr Nutz could be making a comeback as the game's original producer is currently gauging i [ … ]


Nintendo Launches Celebrations For 'Super Mario Bros' Upcoming 30th Anniversary


It's sobering to think that one of the most popular video games of all time, the very one that got many of us into gaming, is about to turn thirty. Originally released on the 13th September 1985, Super Mario Bros has given all of us countless memories through the years - something Nintendo intends to celebrate in style.

Last Updated ( 31 May 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Super Nintendo RPG ‘Dark Half’ Fan Translated Into English


Published by RPG-powerhouse Enix in 1996, Dark Half for the Super Nintendo was a Japanese exclusive release that left many import gamers lusting for a localisation. Having never ventured outside of Japan presumably due to its questionable content, this tactical RPG has finally been fan translated and made playable in English.

Last Updated ( 27 May 2015 )

Unreleased Nintendo NES 'Fighting Simulator World Champ' Gets Reproduction Run


In 1991 Japanese developers Culture Brain released their latest entry in the Hiryuu no Ken series on the Famicom, better known as Flying Warriors in North America. Although Hiryuu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars was scheduled to be released on the Nintendo NES under the new name Fighting Simulator World Champ, it sadly ended up as yet another cancell [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 May 2015 )

Explore The World Of WipEout

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 08.33.24

Back in 1995 Psygnosis' futuristic racer WipEout represented a generational leap in graphics and music and was the game that heralded the start of PlayStation's domination of the 32-bit era. The realistic graphical style and techno soundtrack, fused with the ultra-cool concept of anti-gravity racing, was a perfect showcase for what the new PlaySt [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 May 2015 )

Arcade Urban Legend ‘Polybius’ Set For Documentary Via Kickstarter


According to various sources online, an unusual arcade machine found itself in the depths of a North American town in the 1980s. Unlike other cabinets, Polybius was reported to have given gamers side effects from night terrors to sudden death. As farfetched as this may round, the urban legend lives on and it’s about to see its very own documentary. [ … ]

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