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Nintendo Virtual Boy Gets A Sister: The Virtual Girl


Throughout Nintendo's colourful past, their handheld systems have usually been given a masculine name. While there may have been pink versions of the Game Boy, Nintendo have never referred to any of these as being a Game Girl. Having said that, one retro gamer is about to rewrite history by modifying a Nintendo Virtual Boy into a Virtual Girl.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2014 )

Ocean's 'Where Time Stood Still' Unofficially Ported To Commodore Amiga


In 1988 British powerhouse Ocean released a unique looking isometric 3D adventure for both the ZX Spectrum and Atari ST known as Where Time Stood Still. While many Amiga gamers were patiently awaiting their version of the game, it sadly never reached the Commodore platform - at least until now. Twenty six years later, Commodore Amiga aficionados ha [ … ]

Last Updated ( 31 July 2014 )

Overclocked Remix's 'Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary' Album


The Nintendo Game Boy is very much enjoying its 25th year in the gaming world, with North America also celebrating its birthday this week. With so many good memories to be found on the handheld, Overclocked Remix have just released a free collaborative arrangement of music from some of the greatest portable titles ever made.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2014 )

db-elec’s Upcoming Power Base Converter Brings The FM Sound Back To Sega’s 8-bit Classics


We've all used Sega's impressive Power Base Converter to enjoy 8-bit classics on the Mega Drive - but believe it or not we've only been sampling half of the Master System's true output. db-elec's all new clone of the Master System to Mega Drive converter aims to remedy this with FM Sound compatibility.

Last Updated ( 30 July 2014 )

ATM Cash Machine Hacked To Run id Software's Doom


We’ve all heard about hacked cash machines awaiting to steal your credentials, but how about one that’s modified to run retro games? Believe it or not but a bunch of Australian hardware hackers have brought id Software's classic first-person shooter Doom to ATM machines.


New Homebrew Puzzle-Platformer 'The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle' Heading To Nintendo NES


The aftermarket library on the Nintendo NES keeps going from strength to strength, with countless new titles hitting the system on a regular basis. The latest of these - The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle - is a rather unusual mix of Mega Man, Solomon's Key and Dizzy, featuring a fantastic blend of platforming puzzle action.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

Unreleased Nintendo Virtual Boy Link Cable Surfaces On Yahoo Auctions Japan


While the Nintendo Virtual Boy library may be limited to a mere 22 official releases, several of the unfinished and unreleased titles which were due to hit the system have since surfaced online. Now joining these elusive prototypes is the long lost Link Cable - something which has appeared for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

Super Mario World Central Release Collaborative 86 Level Super Nintendo ROM Hack


If you've beaten Super Mario World over and over again, you'll no doubt be craving some all new adventures to plunge our beloved red plumber into. With countless fan made alternatives out there, it's often hard to know where to start. The biggest Super Mario World hacking community online, however, may have the answer for you - 86 entries from thei [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Space-Sim 'Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia' Fan Translated Into English


In 1986 Toshiba EMI released the sixth title in the seven part series of DAIVA Story on the Nintendo Famicom. Each entry in this collection of action-meets-war-simulation titles allowed you to take part in an on-going space war from the perspective of different armies. Despite each of the seven releases spanning different consoles and computers, no [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

NECA Announce Nintendo NES Inspired Batman Action Figure


Twenty five years ago saw both Michael Keaton’s iconic portrayal as Batman and the release of the Nintendo NES action game tie-in. To celebrate this anniversary, collectible toy manufacturers NECA have decided to merge these two avenues and release an all new Batman figure inspired by the 1989 classics.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )

Sneak Peek At Kenji Inafune's Spiritual Successor To Mega Man, Mighty No. 9


Almost a year ago the father of Mega Man, Kenji Inafune, launched a Kickstarter to help create Mighty No. 9 - the spiritual successor to Capcom's neglected blue bomber. Fast forward today and the first few clips of what countless gamers funded can be seen in all it's retro-flavoured glory.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2014 )
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