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Coleco Pulls Out Of Faltering Chameleon Console (RetroVGS) Project

coleco chameleon hero-ed

After the recent furore surrounding the alleged use of a Super Nintendo Mini board inside an Atari Jaguar shell to demonstrate a working prototype at the New York Toy Fair; the use of an archaic video capture board to show the inner workings of the system; and the revelations of the director tasked with creating the Kickstarter promotional videos [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 March 2016 )

Nintendo NES ROM Hack ‘Mega Man Redux’ Out Now With Graphical Overhaul


Although Capcom’s long-lasting platform series Mega Man has stood the test of time, we’ve often wondered how the blue bomber would fare in a Super Mario All-Stars style remake. While there may already be the chibi Mega Man Powered Up on offer for the Sony PlayStation Portable, one fan of the series has taken the game back to its roots and produced [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 March 2016 )

Konami’s Cancelled ‘Salamander’ HD Android Remaster Leaked Online


In 1986 Konami released a hugely popular spin-off to the Gradius in the arcade. Building upon its inspiration, Salamander introduced co-operative gameplay and a simplified power-up system - all whilst providing the much loved shoot-em-up action. Three decades on it would appear that Konami originally hoped to celebrate this milestone with a HD rema [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 March 2016 )

Unreleased Super Nintendo CD “Nintendo PlayStation” Boot ROM Discovered


Since the first arrival of news on the unreleased Super Nintendo CD collaboration with Sony, we've closely watched the hidden past between the two companies unfold. With more than enough to be talking about, the last thing we ever expected to be reporting on was the SNES CD’s boot ROM landing at our headquarters.

Last Updated ( 01 March 2016 )

Nintendo 64 Control Pad Stick Replacements Hit Kickstarter


Although a fantastic controller in its own right, the Nintendo 64 control pad often falls victim to overuse. Whether it be down to the excessive force applied during Mario Party sessions, or wear and tear through Goldenye 007 tournaments, the analog stick can occasionally come loose and lose its responsiveness. Before you cast any of these defected [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 February 2016 )

Streets Of Rage II Soundtrack Set For Vinyl Re-Release Via Data Discs

SOR2 Full Offer

If you have an old record player gathering dust in the loft, get read to give it another spin. Soundtrack supremos Data Discs are back with yet another retro re-release on vinyl, this time with the hard hitting euro-beat inspired Streets of Rage II.


[Event] GameBlast16 (26 - 28th February - Online)


GameBlast16 is a charity event run by you! Yes you! Calling all internet streamers and players – gamers' charity Special Effect want you to join up with them between 26-28 February to help raise money for gamers with disabilities. They supply people with the equipment and means so they can do what we take for granted every time we switch on our con [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 March 2016 )

Japanese Exclusive Super Famicom Satellaview Download ‘Golf Daisuki! Out of Bounds Club’ Translated


While the arrival of an English fan translation for a Japanese exclusive golf game might not sound too appealing at first, you’d be foolish to look away just yet. BS Golf Daisuki! - Out of Bounds Club is often regarded as one of the most enjoyable hidden gems on the Super Nintendo, and one you can finally enjoy thanks to Dynamic Designs.

Last Updated ( 19 February 2016 )

Unofficial Resident Evil 2 Episodic Spin-Off ‘Mortal Night’ Released


If there’s any retro gaming community that’s completely devoted to their cause, it’s the Resident Evil fan base. From the preservation of unreleased titles to fan-made restorations of long lost content, the collective community have put forward some incredible offerings to retro gamers. The latest arrival is an all new episodic spin-off to Resident [ … ]


Aftermarket ZX Spectrum Vega Returns To IndieGoGo To Crowdfund Plus Model


In late 2014 Sir Clive Sinclair of ZX Spectrum fame returned to the gaming industry with the aim of reviving the famous British computer. Taking to IndieGoGo, Sinclair and his team managed to smash their fundraising target and release a portable version of the computer with countless games pre-installed. Fast forward to today, the ZX Vega team are [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 February 2016 )

Unreleased Super Nintendo Fighter ‘Lobo’ Prototype ROM Leaks Online


In 1996 Ocean of America were developing an all new fighting game for both the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. Lobo was based upon the DC comic series of the same name, however, for whatever reason the game was unfortunately canned. While the Sega Mega Drive version of the game has since become available online, fans of the Super Nintendo can f [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 February 2016 )
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