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‘C4CPC’ Flash Cartridge For Amstrad CPC464 Plus / 6128 Plus / GX4000 Now Available

C4CPC GX4000 2

While both ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 owners have enjoyed the benefits of modern devices to boot classics into memory, Amstrad fans on the other hand have had to make do with makeshift solutions to flash cartridges. That’s all about to change though following the release of an all new flash cartridge dubbed the C4CPC.

Last Updated ( 15 April 2015 )

New ZX Spectrum Arcade Platformer ‘Little Dragon 2’ Released


Drawing plenty of inspiration from the likes of Bubble Bobble and Teddy Boy, and all new arcade platformer has hit the ZX Spectrum. Little Dragon 2 is the newest release from homebrew developer Gabriele Amore, one which has been released online for free.

Last Updated ( 14 April 2015 )

Cancelled Game Boy Advance Shooter ‘Dune: Ornithopter Assault’ ROM Released


Over the last few years we’ve seen an incredible amount of unreleased video games surfacing online through community efforts, developers coming forward with code, and generous donations from collectors. One of the more recent additions is a complete prototype of Dune: Ornithopter Assault for the Game Boy Advance, another entry in Frank Herbert’s fi [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 April 2015 )

Alex Kidd In Miracle World Gets An Unofficial Sequel In ‘Radaxian Rumble’ For The Master System


Alex Kidd In Miracle World was one of those classic games you couldn’t believe was given away for free. Bundled inside just about every Master System console out there, the platformer became an instant hit and a memorable one at that. Knowing that the games which followed his Miracle World debut lacked the same magic, ROM hackers have created a rev [ … ]


Official ‘Age Of Empires II HD’ Expansion Pack Due For Release Via Steam This Year


Believe it or not but the Windows classic strategy title Age Of Empires II is set to receive an all new expansion pack fifteen years after its initial release. Following the game’s successful release on Steam through a HD revival, the team behind the reboot have proudly announced that new units and maps will be shipping in later this year.

Last Updated ( 09 April 2015 )

Custom Built ‘Big Steel Battalion Box’ Turns The Mech-Simulator Into An Environmental Experience


As Xbox collectors will tell you, Steel Battalion is a rather unique experience for the dated platform worth tracking down. Featuring its very own large sized cockpit controller, the 40 plus buttons, acceleration pedals and two flight stick control method was intended to provide a realistic experience for fans of the mech genre. That said, someone [ … ]


Unreleased ‘Sonic Xtreme’ Now Playable On Sega Saturn


Late last month Sega fans were finally treated to a playable version of Sonic Xtreme, a long lost title in the blue hedgehog’s history. Although arriving as a Windows port, the team behind the project have finally figured out how to get the dated code running on the Saturn - something which you can now experience yourself.


Sega Dreamcast Emulation Arrives On The Raspberry Pi 2


With the recent release of the enhanced Raspberry Pi, it was only a matter of time before gamers pushed the pocket-sized computer to its limits. Taking the source code from the popular emulator Reicast, talented developers have managed to get Sega Dreamcast classics up and running on the Raspberry Pi 2.


Long Lost Super Nintendo Mouse Interactive ‘Sound Factory’ ROM Released


Get ready to dust off that unloved and unused Super Nintendo Mouse that sits beside Mario Paint! Interactive-guru Toshio Iwai’s unreleased 16-bit debut Sound Factory has finally been made available to the masses - a creative and easy to use music studio for anyone with a SNES.

Last Updated ( 09 April 2015 )

[Event] RetroCollect Competitions At Play Blackpool May 2015


Time flies when you’re playing retro games, so much so it’s that time of year again where we gear ourselves up for a pixel-packed weekend at the seaside. Once again RetroCollect will be making a proud appearance at Replay Events’ Play Blackpool event next month, with plenty of gaming challenges on offer.

Last Updated ( 09 April 2015 )

'20XX' Memory Card Mod Updates Super Smash Bros Melee With New Features & Tournament Mode


Upon arrival on the Nintendo 64 in 1999, nobody really expected Super Smash Bros to become such a big hit amongst fighting game communities. With its later sequels become staple inclusions in tournaments worldwide, gamers have been fine tuning their fighting skills to become the best Nintendo brawler around. With the rules ever changing and challen [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 April 2015 )
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