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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Re-imagined In High Definition


Although Nintendo has already proved it has no issue with remaking its classics for the Wii U, the closest gamers have got to playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in high definition is through its 3DS remake. In an attempt to remedy this, one fan of the series has begun recreating the game in the Unreal Engine 4 with stunning results.

Last Updated ( 21 September 2015 )

Panasonic 3DO Emulation Comes To Android Devices In 'Real3DOPlayer' App


We've all enjoyed carrying around our favourite Mega Drive and Super Nintendo classics in our pocket thanks to the various Android apps and jailbroken equivalents for Apple iOS. As of today though, those interested in the more obscure side of gaming will be pleased to know that Panasonic 3DO emulation has arrived on the Google Play Store.

Last Updated ( 21 September 2015 )

Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide Book Out Now


Nintendo’s early history into the gaming world is a fascinating one. From unusual kids toys to LCD games and beyond, there was plenty of action available before a certain red plumber arrived on the scene. To document this time period, an all new book titled The Unofficial Game & Watch Collector's Guide is available now as the definitive compani [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 October 2015 )

Microsoft to End Xbox Live Indie Games by 2017

After almost 10 years, Microsoft will soon be shutting down its Xbox Live Indie Games service, but luckily you've got a heads-up- in late 2017, it's gone for good.

Last Updated ( 11 September 2015 )

Shigeru Miyamoto Debunks Super Mario Bros Myths & Legends


Over the years we’ve seen a wide range of theories, ideas and suggestions to fill in the various gaps in the Super Mario Bros world. From fierce debates over coin blocks being punched or headbutted, to the screenshot on the 1985 game’s box supposedly depicting Mario’s demise, Shigeru Miyamoto has taken to YouTube to put the lid on these never endin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 September 2015 )

New Nintendo NES Adventure ‘Quest Forge by Order of Kings’ In Stock At Piko Interactive


Completely out of the blue retro publishers Piko Interactive have released a brand new title for Nintendo’s 8-bit system. Quest Forge by Order of Kings is the newly announced sequel to the Atari 2600 homebrew of the same name - now available on physical cartridge in both standard and limited editions.


Super Mario Hits The Sega Mega Drive In ‘Somari’ - A Sonic The Hedgehog ROM Hack


One of the most infamous unofficial video game releases to date saw the all famous Italian plumber racing through Sonic The Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone. This unusual mix of games was built from scratch for the Nintendo Famicom under the new name Somari, a title often found on dodgy multi-cartridges hailing from the Far East. With plenty of fans of t [ … ]


New Atari Jaguar Controller In Development

Jag Pad Profile

One of the main criticisms levelled at Atari's Jaguar system is that the controller is an absolute mess. Waiting in line behind the lack of decent software, unconvincing 64-bit graphics (even though it is a true 64-bit system on a technical level) and poorly marketed CD add-on, the controller takes a lot of unwarranted flack.

Last Updated ( 05 September 2015 )

Long Lost Commodore 64 Platformer 'Daffy Duck And The Great Paint Caper' Recovered & Released


Once again the retro gaming world has been gifted another previously thought to be lost adventure through the continued efforts of enthusiastic retro gamers. Archival group and video game historians Games That Weren't recently managed to track down the team behind the missing Commodore 64 release Daffy Duck And The Great Paint Caper. After sev [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 September 2015 )

Full Motion Video Comes To The Nintendo Game Boy Color With Pokemon's Iconic TV Intro


Just because the Mega CD and Sega Saturn offer full motion video doesn't mean that Nintendo's consoles have to miss out. Following in the footsteps of the FMV enabled homebrew MSU-1 chip for the Super Nintendo, the Game Boy Color is now also capable of playing back video files at full speed. To demonstrate this new feat, one retro developer has bro [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 September 2015 )

Unofficial Sequel ‘Alex Kidd On Miracle Island’ Adventures Onto Texas Instruments 99 Computers


Alex Kidd may be remembered fondly for his antics on the Master System, but sadly that’s about as far as it goes for the Radaxian hero, albeit officially. Fans of both the shortlived series and the Texas Instruments 99 / 4A computers have decided to make amends for Sega’s lack of faith in the protagonist, by creating an all new sequel known as Alex [ … ]

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