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HDMIboy: Output The Nintendo Game Boy To A HDTV


Let’s face it... plugging in classic consoles to modern televisions is a real disappointment. From blurry visuals to syncing issues, just about everything that could go wrong usually does. Various solutions, however, have been popping up as of recent such as the Nintendo NES and Nintendo 64 HDMI out modifications, something which also seems to be h [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 September 2014 )

Krikzz Releases More Powerful Nintendo 64 Flash Cartridge: Everdrive V3


Hopefully by now the retro gaming community will mostly be equipped with Krikzz’s range of Everdrive flash cartridges. These stunning devices which allow you to load any game cartridge into memory via an SD card have become integral parts of our gaming lives - so much so we’ll always welcome a boost of power to the likes of the Nintendo 64 Everdriv [ … ]


Lemmings: The Ports - Brand New Book Set To Celebrate 25 Years Of DMA Design's Puzzler


For many years now, one corner of the internet has quietly been documenting everything you’d ever need to know about the timeless puzzler Lemmings. From obvious releases such as the Commodore Amiga classic, all the way to obscure ports such as the PC-98 version, and unofficial offerings, Lemmings Ports has been the definitive source for info on the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 September 2014 )

Brand New Adventure 'Pokémon Psychic Seeds' Hits The Nintendo Pokémon Mini Handheld


While the Pokémon Mini may have been a short lived system with few games made available, the charm of the pocket-sized handheld was more than enough to keep fans glued to its tiny screen. 13 years after its initial release, a brand new platforming adventure has hit the system known as Pokémon Psychic Seeds.


Sonic 3 Complete: The Definitive Way To Play Sega’s 16-bit Masterpiece


Believe it or not but Sega’s final output on their 1994 release Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is a slightly jumbled up mess. The whole process of splitting the game up into two halves with Sonic & Knuckles left some of the flagship stages in the incorrect order, missing visuals, and various other oddities. Knowing this, ROM hackers have sculpted togethe [ … ]


Another Unofficial Resident Evil 2 HD Remake In Development With Co-Op Multiplayer


It’s safe to say that fans of Resident Evil really want to see the second title in the series remade in HD. Not only has their been community efforts online to get this message across to Capcom, but also a small team of die-hard fans have been recreating the game from scratch using modern tools. This team, however, aren’t the only ones working behi [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 September 2014 )

Timeless Super Nintendo Soundtracks Adapted For The Sega Mega Drive Sound Chip


While the console wars continue to rage on with more modern contenders, the ferocity of the fight is nothing like it used to be. Given that just about every game released today arrives on every platform going, there’s not really much to battle over. Several decades ago the exclusive titles hitting both the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive respect [ … ]


US Equivalent Of GamesMaster ‘Starcade’ Airs Again Online


A good decade before the Brits were enjoying Dominik Diamond’s raunchy humour on GamesMaster, North American gamers had their very own video game TV show known as Starcade. Three decades after its original air date in back in 1982, the production company behind the show has decided to gift the series an online home with every episode ready for watc [ … ]


Sega Dreamcast SD Card ISO Loader GDEmu Gets Menu Driven Interface


The days of discs are long gone. The Sega Dreamcast has been leading the way in this retro-revolution with an after-market solution to loading games on the original hardware using SD cards. While the initial release of the GDEmu may have done the job just fine, it left a few things to be desired - the biggest of which has just been addressed.


Custom Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance SP Takes Nintendo's Handheld Back To The Jungle


Unsurprisingly, after a mere few weeks since his last offering, the talented console modder Vadu Amka has returned with yet another stunning creation. Next up on our list of handhelds we’ll never own is a jungle themed bananarific take on the Game Boy Advance SP which celebrates the Donkey Kong series in style.

Last Updated ( 18 September 2014 )

Hardcore Gaming 101 Release The Ultimate Guide To Castlevania


If there's anyone that knows retro games inside out, it's Hardcore Gaming 101. Having earned a reputation for their extensive research, accurate facts, and expansive information, the team behind the website have been working together to create the definitive anthology of the Castlevania series. Not only does this compendium cover every single game [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 September 2014 )
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