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Capcom's Arcade Classic 'Ghosts'n Goblins' Gets Unofficial Remake For Commodore 64


Back in the day gamers always found themselves unsure on whether or not they should be buying a home conversions of arcade machines for 8-bit computers. Although promising as much action as their respective coin-ops, some of these offerings were sloppy conversions either lacking key features or similarities to their source. One of the more notable [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 June 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Turn-Based Strategy 'King of Kings' Fan Translated Into English


Many gamer's first experiences with the turn-based strategy genre on consoles were had with the arrival of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars. Looking back though, there were plenty more strategy based battlers on offer, only the majority of them skipped out on worldwide releases. One of the most notable titles in the genre, King of [ … ]


Retro Gamer Recreates Super Mario Bros 3 Overworld Map As Crocheted Rug


One of the greatest aspects of the retro gaming community is seeing the various projects and creations its members undertake. From gender-balancing console variations (such as the Nintendo Virtual Girl) to even unofficial sequels to games like Donkey Kong Country, each and every week brings along a newly threaded mix of nostalgia and love for the h [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 June 2015 )

Super Mario Kart Re-imagined In Super Nintendo ROM Hack 'Super Baldy Kart'


From the Donut Plains to Rainbow Road, we've all mastered the twists and turns of the tracks on the original Super Mario Kart. Fans of the series now have another take on the 16-bit classic to put their foot through - Super Baldy Kart. This comprehensive ROM hack is set to give both the pros and 50cc-ers an all new selection of both circuits and ch [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 June 2015 )

Vintage Computer Emulator 'PCem' Now Running 3Dfx Based Windows Games


For many emulation fans, finding something capable of playing Windows based games from around 1998 onwards has been a bit of a chore. Some gamers have resorted to building their own vintage systems, however, there's a new solution now on offer known as PCem - an old computer emulator capable of running the more high-end early Windows titles.

Last Updated ( 20 June 2015 )

SNES Classic 'Super Mario World' Beaten With Artificial Intelligence


While we all know how to successfully clear the first few levels of any Super Mario title, how would a computer fare on its own with no prior knowledge of the game? Using self-learning artificial intelligence, one computer program has managed to successfully battle its way through Super Mario World - albeit with a lot of lost lives.

Last Updated ( 22 June 2015 )

E3 2015 Round-Up: The Year Of Retro Revivals & Remakes


Although E3 may still have a day to go, the gaming exhibition has already pulled out all the stops and left plenty to look forward to. The more surprising aspect to this year’s show though, is that more has been promised to the retro fanatics amongst us than next-gen gamers.


Shenmue 3 Announced at E3 2015


THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  Sony's Playstation press conference at E3 is always full of delicious surprises for the modern gamer, but nobody was prepared for them to announce the long-awaited Shenmue 3.

Last Updated ( 16 June 2015 )

Nintendo 64DD Exclusive Games Now Playable On Everdrive & 64drive Flash Carts - Without The Add-On


The Nintendo 64DD is often regarded as being one of those highly collectible items we’d all love to own, but in reality the lack of available games for the add-on make it a tough purchase to justify. Although the lure of an F-Zero X Expansion Pack, Sim City 64 and the first appearance of Doshin The Giant may be tempting, there’s finally an alternat [ … ]

Last Updated ( 13 June 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Platformer ‘Pocket Zaurus: Swords of the Ten Kings’ Translated


Monsters In My Pocket and Micro Machines were two hugely successful franchises that started out as toys, but soon found themselves in the video game world. Japan also adapted many of its products into video games, with one of the more unusual offerings being a Famicom title based upon a range of school stationery disguised as dinosaurs. As you’d ex [ … ]

Last Updated ( 13 June 2015 )

Brand New Unofficial Game Boy Advance Clone 'Retrospex 32' Announced & Available To Pre-Order


We’ve all seen the flood of Nintendo Famicom clones over the years - all of which coming bundled with a huge selection of games built in. The Sega Mega Drive has also been subject to a rerelease through the likes of Blaze and AT Games with new versions of the 16-bit classic in both handheld and console form. Next up it would appear the Game Boy Adv [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 June 2015 )
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