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1985 Alternativo Release Gameplay Trailer For Upcoming Mega Drive Shmup 'Antarex'


Back in May 2013, homebrew developers 1985 Alternativo announced they were creating a new scrolling shooter for the Mega Drive. After a year and a half's silence, the team has released a stunning new trailer showcasing the fully charged action we'll soon be enjoying in Antarex on Sega's classic console.

Last Updated ( 04 January 2015 )

HuCast Games Announce Brand New 2D Platformer 'Alice's Mom's Rescue' Heading To Sega Dreamcast


Starting the year in style, HuCast Games - the publishers behind various brand new releases for the Dreamcast - have announced that an all new platformer is heading to Sega's fabled console. Alice's Mom's Rescue is a traditional 2D adventure featuring the gameplay we all know and love wrapped up in a pixelated package.

Last Updated ( 04 January 2015 )

Team 17's Worms Unofficially Blasts Onto Commodore 64 In 'Grubz'


Everyone loves the rocket-clad creepy crawlies and cape-wearing sheep, right? Well it would appear that a team of Commodore 64 developers are working hard on recreating Team 17's classic Worms for the vintage computer under the new title Grubz.

Last Updated ( 04 January 2015 )

id Software's Classic FPS 'Quake' Recreated On An Oscilloscope

speed comparison

Recently, we've seen the seminal id Software first person shooter Doom ported to all sorts of weird and wonderful hardware, from calculators and mp3 players; to printers and ATM/cash machines. The latest attempt to make a shooter run on hardware that was never intended to play games has gone one step further though, as Finnish software developer Pe [ … ]

Last Updated ( 31 December 2014 )

Homebrew Basketball Release 'Jam It' Dunks Onto Commodore 64


Despite there being a wealth of brand new releases available for older systems, very few of these homebrew offerings are sports titles. Throwback Games, however, are set to break the mould with their upcoming 2-on-2 style basketball game Jam It for the Commodore 64.

Last Updated ( 30 December 2014 )

Super Nintendo 'Mega Man X' Updated With CD Quality Soundtrack


Not too long ago we were made aware of an unofficial modification to Zelda: A Link to the Past where ROM hackers had injected CD quality audio and FMV support. On a similar note, it would now appear that Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo has received a similar update - one where all of the game's music has been enhanced with a charged-mega-busters- [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 December 2014 )

Commodore Amiga Gets New FPS 'Did It Come From The Desert?'


Inspired by Cinemaware's upcoming release of the long lost Mega Drive version of It Came From The Desert, one Amiga fan has decided to recreate the ant blasting action in a first person shooter for the Commodore computer. Available as a free download, Did It Come From The Desert is one action packed 3D adventure Amiga gamers don't want to miss.

Last Updated ( 29 December 2014 )

Handmade NES Clone 'Super 8-Bit' Enhances The Nintendo Experience


We've all seen the surge of clone consoles that have flooded the markets over the last few years, but do any of them really come close to the real thing? From audio differences to incompatibility issues, most of the time you're better off finding the original machines to get the best experience - or are you? The newly revised Super 8-Bit is a NES c [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 December 2014 )

OutRun Gets Upgraded With Full 360 Force Feedback Driving Simulator


As much as we love our older games and feel that our imaginations can bring on-screen pixels to life, we've often wondered how to make our favourites feel more realistic. While companies such as Aura attempted to bridge the gap decades ago with their body-worm Interactor rumble pack, such efforts left a lot to be desired. As of today though, tradit [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 December 2014 )

Brand New Commodore Amiga Arcade Platformer 'Love Dungeon' Released


If you've run short of games to tackle on your Amiga then look no further. The questionably named Love Dungeon is the latest title to hit Commodore's home computer, an arcade platformer drawing inspiration from the 1984 release Bruce Lee - one which is ready to take your Amiga to second base and beyond.

Last Updated ( 19 December 2014 )

Aetherbyte Release Christmas Themed PC Engine & TurboGrafx-16 Homebrew Shmup 'Santatlantean'


Just days after discussing how few festive titles are out there for retro gamers, it would appear that a scrolling shooter starring the much loved Santa has just blasted onto the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16. Built using the same engine as the homebrew hit Atlantean, the pun-errificly titled Santatlantean is now available as a free to downlo [ … ]

Last Updated ( 19 December 2014 )
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