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Unreleased Nintendo NES 'Fighting Simulator World Champ' Gets Reproduction Run


In 1991 Japanese developers Culture Brain released their latest entry in the Hiryuu no Ken series on the Famicom, better known as Flying Warriors in North America. Although Hiryuu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars was scheduled to be released on the Nintendo NES under the new name Fighting Simulator World Champ, it sadly ended up as yet another cancell [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 May 2015 )

Explore The World Of WipEout

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 08.33.24

Back in 1995 Psygnosis' futuristic racer WipEout represented a generational leap in graphics and music and was the game that heralded the start of PlayStation's domination of the 32-bit era. The realistic graphical style and techno soundtrack, fused with the ultra-cool concept of anti-gravity racing, was a perfect showcase for what the new PlaySt [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 May 2015 )

Arcade Urban Legend ‘Polybius’ Set For Documentary Via Kickstarter


According to various sources online, an unusual arcade machine found itself in the depths of a North American town in the 1980s. Unlike other cabinets, Polybius was reported to have given gamers side effects from night terrors to sudden death. As farfetched as this may round, the urban legend lives on and it’s about to see its very own documentary. [ … ]


Japanese Exclusive Super Famicom RPG ‘Super Shell Monsters Story’ ROM Fan Translated Into English


Originally released back in 1994, Super Shell Monsters Story (also known as Daikaijū Monogatari) was a Japanese exclusive adventure for the Super Nintendo published by Hudson Soft. Although proving popular enough to see its very own manga series, the title never left the Far East - at least until now. ROM hackers have finally released a patch for S [ … ]

Last Updated ( 19 May 2015 )

Cyber Gadget’s Multi-Console System ‘Retro Freak’ Set To Rival RetroN 5 With PC Engine Support


If you’re yet to experience the RetroN 5, Hyperkin’s all-in-one system is a fantastic offering for retro gamers with limited space. Although equipped with five different cartridge slots compatible with up to nine different systems, it would appear a newer system on the horizon is about to go one better. The newly announced Retro Freak from Cyber Ga [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 May 2015 )

Unofficial Nintendo NES Metroid Prequel ‘Rogue Dawn’ In Development


In a similar style to the recently announced Banjo-Kazooie sequel, Metroid also looks set to receive yet another entry in the series, albeit an unofficial one. Metroid: Rogue Dawn is a newly announced prequel built from the ground up by hacking the Nintendo NES original and adding in some stunning new visuals and fantastic features.

Last Updated ( 18 May 2015 )

Unofficial Sequel 'Banjo-Kazooie Returns' In Development For Nintendo 64


For many the likes of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie are the definitive 3D platformers. While the genre may no longer be as popular as it once was, various projects such as the recent Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter are hoping to revive those magical moments - as are Nintendo 64 ROM hackers too. The recently announced Banjo-Kazooie Returns is an un [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 May 2015 )

Sega Releases New Limited Edition Art Prints Of Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe, Shinobi & More


We've all played the games, but do you have them on your wall? Sega recently teamed up with next-gen art dealers Cook & Becker to release a limited edition print run of new artwork celebrating some of their much loved titles. Capturing the essence of Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, and even Jet Set Radio in an artistic form, those of you lookin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 May 2015 )

Bitmap Books Return To Kickstarter With 'ZX Spectrum: A Visual Compendium' Book


Following on from two very successful Kickstarter projects, the team behind Bitmap Books are back and gearing up yet another retro gaming fundraiser. Having already covered both the Commodore 64 and Amiga at great length through detailed screenshots, mini reviews, and exclusive interviews, it would appear another classic home computer is due the wo [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 May 2015 )

[Event] Retrospelsmässan - May 16th (Gothenburg, Sweden)

retrospelsmassan 2014

While the United Kingdom has been enjoying a vast array of retro gaming events, it would also appear that the rest of Europe has been too. Since 2010 there has been a yearly retro gaming convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, called Retrospelsmässan (“Retrospel” means retro games and “Mässa” means exhibition in Swedish) which has grown bigger and b [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 May 2015 )

Hucast Games Announce Shmup Sequel 'Redux 2' For Dreamcast


Having already released a selection of new titles for the Dreamcast, Hucast Games are back with yet another promising announcement. Following on from their 2014 release of Redux: Dark Matters, the retro developer has just confirmed that the scrolling shooter series is back with an all new sequel for Sega's console.

Last Updated ( 12 May 2015 )
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