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Adorable Sega Mega Drive Console Plush Due For Release In September


Put down the control pads and get ready to… cuddle? As much as we love to hold onto our tough gaming exteriors, we have to admit we’re all suckers for our favourite gaming characters in plush form. As of September this year, it won’t be a soft version of Sonic or Mario we’ll be holding, but instead an anthropomorphic Sega Mega Drive console.

Last Updated ( 26 July 2015 )

Nintendo Virtual Boy Celebrates 20th Birthday This Week


Not a lot of people remember Nintendo’s biggest flop, the Virtual Boy. First of all if was never released in Europe or the PAL region, and secondly it did not have a very long life span, but the console still shows the innovative spirit of Nintendo.

Last Updated ( 25 July 2015 )

Atari 2600 RGB Out Modification Kit ‘2600RGB’ Due For Release This Month


Despite scart sockets making their first apperance on TV sets around the time of the Atari 2600's launch, the California made console shipped with nothing more than a RF-out port for its visuals. Although serving it's purpose in the day, gamers have since been longing for a more crisp alternative - and one that plays nice with modern displays today [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 July 2015 )

Japanese Exclusive Super Nintendo Strategy ‘GalaxyRobo’ Fan Translated Into English


In 1994 Copya Systems released a detailed strategy title for Nintendo’s 16-bit platform which drew inspiration from the likes of Fire Emblem and Famicom Wars. Despite the turn-based tactical warfare gameplay being rather impressive, GalaxyRobo remained a Japanese exclusive Super Famicom release - one which has since been fan translated into English [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 July 2015 )

Kickstarter Launches For ‘Insert Coin: Inside Midway's '90s Revolution’ Arcade Documentary


Despite producing countless coin-op hits, Midway’s history in the video game world is somewhat undocumented. From Smash TV to Mortal Kombat and beyond we’ve all at some point in our gaming lives experienced one of the studio’s hard-hitting releases. Looking back with fond memories, it’s now time to hear all of the colourful behind-the-scenes storie [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 July 2015 )

New 'Doom' Mod Adds 'Doom' To 'Doom'


The sheer number of Doom mods available is bewildering. No other game has been manipulated and transformed as much as this seminal and genre-defining first person shooter. But now, you can finally play this masterpiece...inside the masterpiece. Thanks to YouTuber and modder TheZombieKiller, you can now approach a crude arcade cabinet, activate it [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 July 2015 )

Sega Announces ‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2 3D’ For Nintendo 3DS With Local Co-Op Multiplayer


It’s safe to say that an updated port of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Nintendo 3DS has been on the cards ever since the original title hit Sega’s 3D Classics range. Confirming this, the Japanese software developer recently updated their Archives website to feature this new release, along with adding a few snazzy extra details on the upcoming port.

Last Updated ( 15 July 2015 )

Upcoming ‘Shenmue III’ Gameplay Video Teaser Surfaces: Lake Of The Lantern Bugs


With just mere hours left until the Shenmue III Kickstarter finishes, fans of the series will no doubt be ecstatic that the long awaited finale to the trilogy is all but guaranteed. Having smashed the original target and on track to surpass a massive $5 million, the team behind the project have released a small clip of the game in action.


Satoru Iwata Immortalised As Playable Character In Nintendo NES 'Balloon Fight' ROM Hack


One of the earliest games the late Satoru Iwata worked on was the Nintendo NES classic float-em-up Balloon Fight. The 1985 release went on to inspire gameplay elements within the likes of Super Mario Bros through its advanced programming methods, and as they say the rest is history. In act of remembrance, one mourning fan of Iwata has modified Ball [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 July 2015 )

Touhou’s Lotus Land Story ‘Bad Apple’ AMV Ported To Vectrex


In 1998 Lotus Land Story, the fourth game in the Touhou series was released for the Japanese PC-98 range of computers. Highly renowned for its incredible gameplay and visuals at the time, the Touhou Project has since gained a cult following and is often enjoyed in many different forms. One of these is an anime-style music video using the audio from [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 July 2015 )

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Passes Away At 55


Japanese Gaming giant Nintendo issued a statement early this morning confirming the passing of CEO Satoru Iwata.  It's been well documented that Mr. Iwata had battled with ill health in recent years, even missing last year's E3 event. 

Last Updated ( 13 July 2015 )
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