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Acclaim's RC Racer 'Re-Volt' Charges Onto Android Devices


Although Acclaim are no more, their diamonds in the rough live on. The fast paced RC racer, Re-Volt, which originally saw release on the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1 has been recharged and brought back to life on Android devices.

Last Updated ( 24 April 2013 )

Nintendo Announces New 'The Legend Of Zelda' Game For 3DS Based Upon SNES A Link To The Past


During this morning's Nintendo Direct conference, Nintendo announced a brand new entry in the Legend of Zelda franchise due to hit the 3DS this year - one which happens to be set in the same world as the SNES classic, A Link to the Past.


Classic Disney Mega Drive Platformer 'Castle of Illusion' Set To Receive A HD Re-Release?


Want to relive arguably Mickey Mouse's finest moment in the world of videogames? Well your luck may be in. The game I speak of is, of course, 1990's excellent Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on the Sega Mega Drive.


'Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame' Due For Touchscreen Device Remake


Flashback HD may well have been the most impressive announcement made by Ubisoft earlier today at Spring 2013 Digital Days, but there was another iconic classic getting the remake treatment that was sadly overshadowed - Jordan Mechner's 1993 cinematic platformer, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame.

Last Updated ( 11 April 2013 )

Delphine's Groundbreaking Flashback Set For HD Remake On Xbox LIVE Arcade & PSN


Every 90's gamer worth their salt will remember Delphine Software International's ground-breaking Flashback - and now thanks to Ubisoft even those who don't can experience it in a glorious HD re-imagining.

Last Updated ( 11 April 2013 )

Team 17's Invertebrate Epic 'Worms 2: Armageddon' Blasts On To Android Devices


Remember all those years spent with your closest gaming buddies huddled around the computer playing Worms Armageddon? Those kindled memories are all about to come flooding back as Team 17 have released their carnage-filled multiplayer classic, Worms 2: Armageddon on Android touchscreen devices.

Last Updated ( 12 April 2013 )

Updated Port Of Sega's 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Heading To Android & iOS Devices Later This Month


Yet another port of the Sonic The Hedgehog is heading your way, however, this time round this is one you want to keep your eye on. After successfully (and impressively) porting Sonic CD to touchscreen devices, Sega have once again called upon Christian Whitehead to give this timeless Mega Drive classic the port it deserves.

Last Updated ( 09 April 2013 )

Disney Closes Prolific Game Development Studio Lucasarts


Having only just acquired LucasArts from their recent acquisition of LucasFilm, Disney have already decided to close the doors on the once iconic development studio. While the studio may not have released quite as many hits in their more recent years, the news comes as a saddening surprise to those who grew up with their classics.

Last Updated ( 03 April 2013 )

Elite Systems & Manic Miner's Matthew Smith Join Forces To Create A Brand New Game


Three decades ago Matthew Smith set the home computer gaming world on fire with his run-away successive titles, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. Despite departing from the games industry for quite some time, Elite Systems have just announced that the pair will soon unite to create an all new title in the near future.

Last Updated ( 02 April 2013 )

Square Enix's Final Fantasy V Battles On To iOS Devices


The once Super Famicom exclusive adventure, Final Fantasy V, has been immortalised in iOS form. Square Enix's 1992 RPG, which has already seen countless other ports, arrives on the iPhone and iPad today featuring updated visuals, touch screen controls, new job classes and additional extra bosses.

Last Updated ( 28 March 2013 )

New Game From Ecco The Dolphin Creator On Kickstarter


Ecco the Dolphin remains one of the most beloved (and not to mention beautiful) games of the Mega Drive's entire back catalogue - so when we saw that it's original creator was crowdfunding his new "underwater action/adventure game", naturally we had to take a look.

Last Updated ( 25 March 2013 )
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