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Transport Tycoon Due For Android & iOS Remake This Year


In 1994 Chris Sawyer unleashed a highly addictive transport management simulator on the PC known as Transport Tycoon. While the sound of managing bus routes and the transportation of goods seems somewhat dull, those who grew up with this engaging sim will be please to hear about its upcoming Android and iOS remake due for release soon.

Last Updated ( 15 July 2013 )

Sega Dreamcast's 'Crazy Taxi' Accelerates Onto Android Devices


With Sega currently revisiting their classics and reviving them on modern platforms, it was only a matter of time before Crazy Taxi would arrive on Android based devices. having already been ported to modern platforms and Apple iOS, Android owners can now start their engines and go make some crazy money.

Last Updated ( 11 July 2013 )

EA Sports Reveal 'NHL '94 Anniversary' Remake In NHL '14


If for whatever reason you weren't glued to Electronic Arts' FIFA Soccer upon its début in 1993, you were most likely instead enjoying its ice rink counterpart. If so, you'll be pleased to know that much to our surprise, the software giant has just revealed all new plans for the latest instalment in the ice hockey series to also include a HD remast [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 July 2013 )

SquareEnix's Final Fantasy VII PC Released On Steam


If you didn't already download the PC port of Final Fantasy VII upon its recent re-release, you'll be pleased to know it has just arrived on Steam - bringing along 36 achievements to scout out and partial controller support.

Last Updated ( 04 July 2013 )

Don't Miss SEGA's Retro Blowout Sale On Xbox LIVE


If you're a fan of SEGA's classic 16bit generation titles then you're in luck - as a plethora of Sonic and SEGA games have had their prices slashed on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Last Updated ( 20 June 2013 )

Galaxy Force II & Ecco The Dolphin Are Sega's Next 3D Classics To Hit The Nintendo 3DS


After releasing updated 3D ports of Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Hang On and several other key titles from their back catalogue, Sega have just announced two more titles due for a Nintendo 3DS makeover. Ecco The Dolphin is up for release in 3D next, with Galaxy Force II to follow soon after.

Last Updated ( 19 June 2013 )

Commander Keen In Keen Dreams Blasts Onto Android


Remember those old PC shareware titles id Software used to create before the days of Quake and Doom? Well, one of the most iconic titles in the Commander Keen series, Keen Dreams, has just been revived. Modern Android devices can now enjoy this DOS classic on the go thanks to neo-retro publishers, Super Fighter Team.

Last Updated ( 16 June 2013 )

E3 2013 Round Up: Retro Gaming Heroes Make A Return


To think that Mega Man, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy, to name but a few, all made prominent appearances at E3 is quite something for any retro gamer. With plenty of mind-blowing revelations and announcements made at this year, we felt it was time to recap on the many neo-retro promises made.

Last Updated ( 13 June 2013 )

Rare's 'Killer Instinct' Fights Back With Xbox One Revival


While the majority of the buzz surrounding Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One may be negative, it does have something worth shouting about. Having not graced the arcades or a console in nearly seven years, Killer Instinct is set for an all new return on this new platform.

Last Updated ( 11 June 2013 )

New Gameplay Video Of DuckTales Remastered Shows Off Side-By-Side Comparison With Nintendo NES


Ever since the remake of the Nintendo NES classic DuckTales was announced, retro gamers worldwide have been sat in anticipation to see what WayForward will deliver. As of today though, we can have a sneak peek at the upcoming action in DuckTales Remastered - gameplay which appears to be a near identical replica of the original 8-bit epic.

Last Updated ( 05 June 2013 )

Square Enix's Final Fantasy IV Ventures Onto Android Devices


The fourth title in the Final Fantasy series - released back in 1991 on the Super Famicom - has returned, only this time round it's on modern devices. As of today owners of Android based devices will be able to relive the emotional storyline riddled with complex plot twists, on the go, in their pocket.

Last Updated ( 04 June 2013 )
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