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Sequel To Sega Mega Drive 'Mutant Football League' Touches Down On Kickstarter


Instead of settling for realistic American football simulators in the nineties, many will recall picking up the abstract and gruesome take on the sport known as Mutant Football League. The creator behind this EA published Mega Drive / Genesis title, Michael Mendheim, is now hoping to call upon fans of the series to help fund a long-over due follow- [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 September 2013 )

16-Bit Aquatic Hero 'James Pond' Set For Kickstarter Return


Two decades ago the gaming world didn't rely on over-powered digital weaponry, high definition visuals and online multiplayer - instead, all you needed was a flagship character coupled with platforming action. While this formula didn't always work, one British offering - James Pond - captivated countless gamers, many of which will be pleased to hea [ … ]

Last Updated ( 12 September 2013 )

Kickstarter Opens To Fund Sequel To Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Satirical Strategy 'General Chaos'


Before forming studio Game Refuge Inc, Brian Colin was best known for his arcade hits Rampage and Arch Rivals whilst working at Midway. One of his more notable releases was General Chaos on the Sega Mega Drive, a quick and dirty war strategy title which could put any friendship on the line. As of today, nearly twenty years later, Colin has decided [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 September 2013 )

Commodore 64 RPG Classic 'Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar' Ported To Apple iOS Devices


By 1985 Ultima had already become a well established entry in the RPG gaming world, with the fourth title in the series hitting the shelves. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar arrived on countless systems around the world including the Commodore 64, and as of today, 28 years later, it has just been ported to Apple iOS devices.

Last Updated ( 06 September 2013 )

Keiji Inafune Launches Kickstarter To Fund Mega Man Spiritual Successor 'Mighty No. 9'


If you've been feeling a little lost where Mega Man is concerned since Keiji Inafune left Capcom, then there is some good news in store for you. In an attempt to continue forward with his robot-boy action-platforming series, Inafune has turned to Kickstarter to help fund his next creation, one heavily inspired by his blue bomber past, Mighty No. 9. [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 September 2013 )

Adventure Soft's Classic 'Simon The Sorcerer' Revived In HD Android Port For 20th Anniversary


To think so many games are now celebrating birthdays into their twenties and thirties is a sobering thought - we're aging fast. The latest of these titles is Simon the Sorcerer and its creator, Adventure Soft, has decided to celebrate in style. The 1993 point and click adventure has just been revived with a HD port for Android based devices.

Last Updated ( 28 August 2013 )

Shadow of The Beast Reboot Heading To PlayStation 4


For over two decades Reflections Interactive's parallax-happy Shadow of the Beast series has been lurking in the depths awaiting a much deserved return. Fans of the Commodore Amiga originals will be pleased to hear that Aarbron's adventures are due to resume following Sony's recent Gamescom reveal of a teaser trailer showcasing the game's upcoming [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 August 2013 )

Street Fighter II Trilogy Heading To Wii U Virtual Console


Get your arcade sticks at the ready! Capcom has just confirmed that their highly acclaimed fighting series is heading to the Nintendo Wii U's Virtual Console this week. Not only is the 1992 classic which started it all due to arrive, but also the incredible follow ups Street Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter II!

Last Updated ( 20 August 2013 )

Sega Announces Release Date For Castle Of Illusion HD Remake


After several months of anticipation, retro gamers can finally rejoice as Sega have announced the release date for their upcoming re-imagining of Castle of Illusion. Set to hit the PlayStation 3 first and Xbox 360 a day later, fans of the original can look towards revisiting the world of illusion next month.

Last Updated ( 16 August 2013 )

Sega To Release 3D Streets Of Rage On Nintendo 3DS This Month


As much as we're excited to announce that Sega are due to release a 3D version of their all time classic side scroller, Streets of Rage, it's yet another title in their range of updated remakes which are yet to step outside of Japan. Nevertheless this updated port of the 1991 Mega Drive release is something we're eager to get our hands on.

Last Updated ( 09 August 2013 )

PaperDude VR - Atari's 1984 Arcade Classic Paperboy Recreated In 3D Using Oculus Rift, Kinect & A Fitness Bike


Re-enacting the antics of our favourite paper-delivering simulator in our local neighbourhood would no doubt land us in hot water. Thankfully our desires to take control of the wheel and launch papers up and down the street have been answered. Globacore have combined the futuristic virtual reality headset Oculus Rift with both Kinect and a KickR ex [ … ]

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