100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience Documentary Out Now

100-Yen-The-Japanese-Arcade-Experience-DVD-Documentary-ReleasedAround this time last year we delivered the all important news to you about an upcoming documentary on the wonderful world of arcade gaming in Japan. While the arcade lifestyle may be non-existent to ourselves in the Western world, the newly released 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is set to take us on tour through the evolution and culture behind the coin-op dream on the other side of the world.

Knowing there was once a time when we could expect to see Track & Field, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Street Fighter II illuminating our local arcade in large quantities is a very difficult memory to move on from. Japan, however, has managed to keep the tradition of pay-to-play public gaming going all these years through various evolutions.

As much as we'd love to be able to venture over to Japan and enjoy their coin-op offerings, it's not exactly an easy option to get our arcade fix. 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience, however, will hopefully fill the void our own arcades have created, by showcasing and talking us through the fact that the arcade is anything but dead elsewhere in our world.

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience Trailer

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience Press Release

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it - from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today. With a predominant focus on the three major arcade genres, Shooting games, Fighting games and Rhythm games, 100 Yen explores the culture and evolution of arcades through the past and present.

Filmed on location in Japan, Canada, and the USA featuring interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, casual gamers and gaming icons, 100 Yen tells a story that is remarkably converging with the rebirth of arcades worldwide. As arcades rapidly emerge all over the world, our film is ready for release at a point in time that could not be better - right as this renewed cultural phenomenon regains traction.

100 Yen was funded succussfully through two IndieGoGo campaigns reaching nearly $50,000. It world premiered at the 2012 PAX PRIME in Seattle, WA.

The DVD of 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is now on sale online for $24.99 CAD, with the Blu-Ray arriving later this year.

Link: Buy 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience DVD

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(Link to this comment) Megatrons_Fury 2013-04-30 23:05
Almost every arcade i ever went to as a kid was closed due to problems with drugs, they carried a terrible stigma around here, such a shame as i loved playing on the superb cabinets in them.

UK culture right now is not geared towards good community spirit when it comes to gaming, if you dont believe me spend an evening playing cod or fifa or anything online and watch people go mental when you beat them at something, jap culture is completely different in that complete strangers will cheer for you just as long as your doing the same hobby they also love.

Watching this trailer is just another clear indicator i live in the completely wrong country, the only thing i would miss about here would be the nice weather, the hot women and such nice youngsters you meet on public transport.....

Oh hold on....wait that's not right is it? he he

Great trailer, superb article, gonna have to get this asap.
(Link to this comment) RetroSnatcher 2013-05-01 01:22
Megatron sir, you've hit the nail on the head, an exact ditto of what I wanted to say :). Here in Japan we have 1000's of machines to choose from, all in great condition and NEVER once have I seen any person, abusing any of the rules or even looking like a scag lol. For example a lot of the fighting games here (there's loads of them) even have the original paper move manuals just left on the side near the machines, sometimes not even attached to anything. If you did that back at home it would be pinched in hours or defaced.

Loved the trailer too, it makes me want to go to my usual arcade which I go to here and sit there all day.....

It's full of retro arcades from the 90's...................

Ok, I'm going to get on the train and go.

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