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by MegaDrive20XX . Updated: 7 years ago . Taken at Waco, Texas YEEE HAWWWW!

Yes, I own the original Mattel Intellivision from 1979. Now it's fixed up if you notice the controllers and it plays like a charm! B-17 BOMBER (B-O-O-O-M-B-ERRRR) awaits you! It's nickname? I call her, Helga.
Hyperkin FC Mobile II. Yes, that's CONTRA FORCE! :D
Yes, Sega has always been this sweet.
Let's Kick Shell
Mega Man Wily Wars. The Repro edition! :D
Mega Sonic
METAL FORCE. I am so proud to own this game.
1942 & 1943.
GRIND STORMER. A very excellent SCHUMP!
Sonic the Hedgehog 1991
Best Issue Ever!!! I so want a VIRTUAL BOY!
Blockbuster World VG Championship II. I am owner number 46, advertised this game last year. Only 100 copies were made and I was lucky enough to snag it before it disappeared forever.
Today has felt like a sense of completion. After 20 years, I finally obtain this game. Why is this one important? I have the entire collection since I was 12 years old still with me to this very day. "Monster in my Pocket" by Matchbox was the reason I got into Horror movies.
AVGN as me! No matter how many times I've watched his episodes, they still inspire me. James Rofle is really a pioneer among movie and video game lovers. I just happen to be one of those types of Nerds.
YOOOOOOOOOOO!! Trilogy is finally complete!
My 2 Favorite NES games of ALL time.
COWABUNGA! Fully modded the NES Top Loader about a week ago thanks to a special forum dealer.
My very first video game magazine I ever had. Vol. 1 Issue 2 of Game Player's Nintendo Strategy Guide. I was 8 years old, my mother bought this for me when we were at a Toys R Us...circa 1989. Oh if she only knew what it would turn me into...I'm sorry Mom, but I don't know if I'll ever grow up. Hahaha!
Oh everyone knows about Super Mario Bros., yet did you know there was a 4th game that was never released in America? Oh yeah, we never saw it until the Super Nintendo showed up with Mario All-Stars. Why? It was dubbed too difficult and too frustrating for American and European audiences. I give you the Americanized edition of THE REAL Super Mario Bros. 2. The most evilest Mario game ever made...
Look at that cartridge! Now that's art! Would you pick that game if you were 10 years old living in 1991? You damn right I would! Man this game is so badass! An unofficial sequel that just SCREAMS... "Guess who, Bat Boy!? HAHAHAHAHA!"
SHINYA ARINO-SAN! My new Sensei! >.
SEEGGGGGGGAAA!! Pretty cool song right?! I ♥ Sonic!
THE SUPABOY! She came finally. It's so beautiful, so elegant, and so region-free.
This is the game that sold me on the idea of the SupaBoy on Day 1 back in April 2011.
Lovely. Lovely.
Oh, hello there gorgeous. Long time, no see. ;)
Can't have a 16-bit parade unless you throw in some Neo Geo love. No matter what port!
Oh I'd hate to see a portable Neo Geo, yet this will do.
And they're STILL Zany to the max!
The best picture to make you beg for it.
Adventures of Lolo 3. A lost and refined treasure indeed.
Long story behind this bag and trying to find one. Just came in the mail today.
An American set, finally completed. MEGA MAN!
Meet the MINI-ANGRY Video Game Nerd! He guards my games and you don't wanna mess with this Nerd! He's got a power glove and a dirty mouth!
TMNT Tournament Fighters on NES. Finally got a copy after loosing it years ago.

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