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Found this one on eBay a few weeks ago.  It's pretty awful.  It reads like someone has just patched a few Wikipedia articles together and (probably) self published.
Retro Review fanzine - Issue 1 - Jan/Feb 2002<br />Retro Review fanzine - Issue 2 - March/April 2002
Retro Review fanzine - Issue 3 - May/June 2002<br />Retro Review fanzine - Issue 4 - Sep/Oct 2002
Corish's Computer Games Guide 3rd edition from 1992.
Vintage Games - Insider look.....fantastic, well written book - highly recommended!!
Guinness World Records 2009 - Gamers Edition.
A book that doesn't get an awful lot of good reviews.  I kind off like it.  There's certainly a lot of reading there and it's good value for your hard earned cash.
Halo 3 - XBox 360 - Official Guide.
Picked up a few gaming related books in the Black Friday sales recently.  Very impressed with this one.
Generation 64 book.  Very specialised book covering the Swedish C64 scene. (Pic 1).
Generation 64 book.  (Pic 2).
Final Fantasy 9 - Strat Guide.
Playing with Power - Nintendo NES Classics Hardback (Pic 1).
Playing with Power - Nintendo NES Classics (Pic 2).
New Book by Hardcore Gaming 101.
New 'Bookazine' from PC Gamer mag.
New Book added this week.  The Secret History of Mac Gaming by Richard Moss.
FALLOUT 3 Strategy Guide.
CD32 Scene Magazine - Issue 1
Playstation Anthology Hardback.  Excellent stuff.
Eight Bit Magazine Issue 6
Another little book i picked up in one of those 'bargain books' type shops this week.  Nothing to get excited about. <br /> Standard stuff.
Fusion Magazine Issue 3 out now.
Christmas is unfortunately very much like any other day in my world. I live alone and don't have any family that give a second thought to me.<br />What it does do is give me the chance to do a little tiding up of my little hoarding problem that i call a collection.<br />This year has been particularly fruitful and i've managed to unearth a lot of things (including some clones) that i'd completely forgotten that i actually had.<br />First off is this early Retrogamer fanzine that was produced by Keith Ainsworth. It ran for around 26 issues, i have them all somewhere, and was (and is) an excellent effort. In Black and White and normally about 16 pages. It's written with all the enthusiasm and charm that these sorts of productions always seem to have.<br />You can still find Keith somewhere in the webisphere and i'm sure he still has copies available and would be glad to let you have some.<br />It comes highly recommended.
Another small lot rediscovered during my Christmas tidy up is this one. Revival magazine of which i just have these 4 copies from a few years ago. <br />I think i got these from Atari Age but not 100% sure about that.<br />There is a major problem with them although they are a great effort.<br />They were originally French and have been translated into English. Unfortunately, the English translation leaves a lot to be desired and makes a lot of the articles pretty much unreadable.<br />How many issues it ran for etc i don't know.
Issue 2 of the CD32 Scene fanzine is out now for all things Amiga CD32.<br />Just flicked through it so far but looks like excellent stuff especially the main article on CD32 expansion modules that are available.<br />Disappointed that there are some printing errors on page 1 and i find myself disagreeing strongly with the marks given on the game reviews. There is no excuse in 2019 that games can be released without save states or at least a password continue system implemented?
Fusion Magazine Issue 4 available now.

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