The Most Valuable & Rarest Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

Ultra-Rare-and-Expensive-SNES-GamesOver the last few years Super Nintendo games have begun skyrocketing in value. With even the more common titles demanding a large sum, RetroCollect aims to put your collecting worries at ease by giving you the definitive list of the rarest and most valuable Super Nintendo (SNES) games around.

With over 500 different PAL Super Nintendo games up for grabs, there are plenty of stand out titles up for grabs - Super Mario World, Starwing, Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country and Ardy Lightfoot, to name a few. Then we have countless offerings from abroad too, all of which make up a collection of 16-bit gems.

What is rather interesting about this large selection though, is that despite a lot of titles selling for considerable amounts, not all of them are as rare as their price tag suggests. This fluctuation in prices is often down to whether or not a game is boxed, how popular it is, if the game is any good and of course, how minty it is.

So without further ado, we present to you the ultimate list of Super Nintendo rarities, valuable games and elusive titles.

Rarest PAL (European / Australian) Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

Soul Blazer (Scandinavian English Version)

Soul-Blazer-ScandinavianRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Unrated due to different versions

Over the last few decades, Enix have provided gamers with long lasting and engaging RPG adventures on a whole host of different systems. Soul Blazer is one of these, one which before its European release, captivated both Japanese and American gamers.

Upon bringing it to European shores, publisher Ubi Soft felt that this impressive adventure was not worthy of translation and release across the entire continent. If that wasn’t odd enough, alongside the German release, the already available English translation was brought to Scandinavia, but not the United Kingdom. Needless to say, the British have since been fighting for this blue box rarity that should have been theirs in the first place.

Link: Find Soul Blazer (Super Nintendo) on eBay

X Zone

X-Zone-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Extremely Rare

Making the most of the underappreciated and rarely used Super Scope accessory, X-Zone is an incredible rare Scandinavia exclusive. The game itself is a rather basic light gun affair with not a great deal to offer over the likes of Battleclash, making this title desirable for nothing more than its rarity.

Collectors hoping to seek this title out are advised to head on over to the Scandinavian equivalent of eBay, Tradera, to locate this obscurity.

Link: Find X Zone (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Cool World

Cool-World-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Extremely Rare

The 16-bit movie tie-in video game for Cool World was something of a disappointment. Having said that, the movie was nothing special either. Unlike most movie-to-game conversions, Cool World on the Super Nintendo was very different to its Nintendo Game Boy and Commodore Amiga counterparts, despite Ocean publishing all three titles.

Where collecting Super Nintendo rarities is concerned, Cool World has become quite the headache for SNES enthusiasts. Not only is this title extremely rare, it is also a Spanish exclusive which commands insane prices at auction.

Link: Find Cool World (Super Nintendo) on eBay


Whirlo-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

Whirlo, for many, is quite the troublesome title. Not only is its cute exterior a cover-up for a dangerously difficult platform adventure, but actually securing this title has proved a strenuous task. While it isn’t the rarest game on the 16-bit system, it’s still up there with the hardest titles to find. What makes Namco’s 1992 title more difficult to pin down is the fact that it’s quite enjoyable - which of course only goes on to create more demand for this already incredibly expensive retro game.

Oh and did we forget to mention? This too is another Spanish exclusive treat that will have you hunting eBay Spain in desperation.

Link: Find Whirlo (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Space Invaders

Space-Invaders-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

Space Invaders is very much the last titled you’d expect to be on a video game rarity list. While the 1978 arcade hit made its way onto the Super Nintendo, it was only released in limited quantities throughout Australia.

By the time it hit the shops, gamers worldwide had already experienced the game in many different forms. What didn’t help either was that the Nintendo Game Boy release of Space Invaders actually contained the Super Nintendo version, only waiting to be unleashed by the Super Game Boy accessory.

Link: Find Space Invaders (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Brawl Brothers: Rival Turf! 2

Brawl-Brothers-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

Many will recall the sub-par Super Nintendo side scrolling beat-em-up under the name Rival Turf. What few manage to make note of though, is that Jaleco released a sequel to this lackluster brawler under the name Brawl Brothers.

By the time this sequel emerged in 1993, most gamers had grown tired of the over populated genre, leaving Brawl Brothers to become a German only release. Although it isn’t the rarest SNES game out there, most collectors have already cottoned on to this valuable title making it a real pain to pin down.

Link: Find Brawl Brothers: Rival Turf! 2 (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Aero the Acro-Bat 2

Aero-The-Acro-Bat-2-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

Aero the Acro-Bat was one of the many failed mascots of the mid-nineties. Having struggled to fight back the likes of Sonic and Mario - much like Zool, Mr Nutz, Havoc and Cosmic Spacehead - this flexible chiroptera only managed to make an appearance in a mere two titles.

Of these two, however, the latter, Aero the Acro-Bat 2, is a rather rare release spanning both the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. With an incredibly small print run made available for France and the Benelux region, Aero the Acro-Bat 2 is not only an expensive purchase, but a hard one to make too.

Link: Find Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper!

Beethoven-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

For a Super Nintendo game sporting a handful of St. Bernard dogs on the front cover, you’d be wrong to dismiss this title as being a common kids’ title. Behind the innocent canine faces lies both a woeful game and a devilish rarity.

Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper was a licensed movie tie-in release loosely depicting the 1993 film, Beethoven's 2nd. Despite being a success at cinemas, the Super Nintendo adventure was only sold in Germany and has since become a real pain in the cartridge slot for SNES collectors.

Link: Find Beethoven The Ultimate Canine Caper (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Daze Before Christmas

Daze-Before-Christmas-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

It’s safe to say that any game released for the small marketing window that is Christmas is going to be a rarity. Having only been sold during the Christmas of 1994, this festive platformer is quite the oddity for the seasonal period. Sporting fiendish foes all out to destroy Santa whilst he swings his sack, this Sunsoft adventure is very far from the Christmas cheer we all know and love.

Clearly undesirable all those years ago, today Daze Before Christmas is a considerable rarity and an expensive one at that.

Link: Find Daze Before Christmas (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Super Chase HQ

Super-Chase-HQ-PALRetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Clearly Taito had not heard this saying before, as their once timeless arcade classic was poorly converted into a first person driver.

While the charm of the original Chase HQ remained, it just didn’t quite work when played from the different first-person perspective offered.

Although there are far worse driving games out there, this Australian exclusive is now one of the most sought after Super Nintendo games around.

Link: Find Super Chase HQ (Super Nintendo) on eBay

Other notable PAL Super Nintendo valuables and rarities

Rarest and Most Valuable Import (American / Japanese) SNES Games

Earthbound (US)

Earthbound-NTSCShigesato Itoi’s Super Nintendo adventure is without a doubt one of the most desirable RPGs around. While it isn’t the rarest import available, the desirability combined with how well it stood the test of time has accelerated its inevitable value.

Although the price tag might be off putting for most Super Nintendo fans, anyone who has played this 1995 release will be able to convince you to part with your cash.

Just make sure you secure the gorgeous manual-come-strategy-guide disguised as an Earthbound travel guide.

Link: Find Earthbound (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Rendering Ranger R2 (JAP)

Rendering-Ranger-R2-JAPBeing a spiritual successor to the hugely popular-in-Europe run ‘n’ gun shooter Turrican, Rendering Ranger R2 is understandably a desirable title. Having been created by Turrican's mastermind, Manfred Trenz, the only disappointing aspect to Rendering Ranger R2 was that Chris Hülsbeck did not create the soundtrack for it.

Although it lacks the finesse that the original presented, Rendering Ranger R2 is high in demand due to it being both a Japanese exclusive release and considerable rarity.

Don’t be too alarmed when its going price blasts you away.

Link: Find Rendering Ranger (Super Famicom) on eBay

Chrono Trigger (US)

Chrono-Trigger-NTSCOnce again, Europeans managed to miss out on one of the most ground-breaking role playing games of all time. Squaresoft’s 1995 smash hit was not brought to European shores until its eventual re-release on the Nintendo DS in 2009.

Needless to say with the American release being the only English language version of the game available, the entire worldwide community of retro gamers have been battling it out to secure a slice of Crono, Marle and Lucca’s adventure.

Then again, if you're not up for the challenge you can look towards the readily available iOS and Android touch screen port that was recently released.

Link: Find Chrono Trigger (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Super Mario RPG (US)

Super-Mario-RPG-NTSCDespite Mario being a worldwide success, his crossover adventure developed by Squaresoft never reached PAL gamers.

Super Mario RPG isn’t exactly the rarest title around, however, the appearance of Nintendo’s flagship character in an unusual combat driven journey with previously unseen characters is high in demand.

Those willing to shell out for the primitive foundations of the later Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga series will not be disappointed.

Link: Find Super Mario RPG (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Limited Edition Box Set (JP)

Fire-Emblem-Thracia-776-Limited-Edition-JAPSeveral decades ago the term ‘Limited Edition’ really meant limited edition. While most European gamers will remember Fire Emblem for its fantastic releases on the Game Boy Advance, the series has been long running since the days of the Nintendo Famicom.

To celebrate the success of the series and its third outing on the Super Famicom, Nintendo released a Japanese exclusive limited edition box set of the game packed with various goodies - plushes, a map, a video tape, cards and much more.

A centrepiece of any collection.

Link: Find Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Limited Edition Box Set on eBay

Aero Fighters (US)

Aero-Fighters-NTSCBeing a port of one of the greatest scrolling shooters of all time, you wouldn’t expect it to be quite the rarity.

The NTSC version of Aero Fighters is not only one of the most valuable titles from the US Super Nintendo library, but also one of the hardest to find complete-in-box.

Given how rare this title is, those hoping to enjoy this shmup on the cheap will be better of locating either the Japanese Super Famicom version of the game or the more unusual Sony PlayStation 2 compilation, Oretachi Game Center Zoku Sono 6: Sonic Wings.

Link: Find Aero Fighters (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally / Speed Racer

Exertainment-Mountain-Bike-Rally-Speed-Racer-NTSCThe duo team of Life Fitness and Nintendo created a rather unusual 16-bit accessory known as the Lifecycle trainer. This interactive fitness system allowed you to exercise as you would do normally, only this exercise bike was linked up to a video game. Pedalling faster in turn moved your onscreen character faster whilst offering the ability to steer using specially designed controllers that attached to the bike’s handlebars.

Despite being quite an interesting release, only two cartridges were made available for use with the exercise bike. Very much like the accompanying hardware, the Exertainment Bike Rally & Speed Racer double cartridge has become incredibly desirable and is rather rare.

Link: Find Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally / Speed Racer (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (US)

Ninja-Gaiden-Trilogy-NTSCIf beating a single Ninja Gaiden title on the Nintendo NES wasn’t a big enough challenge in itself, trying beating all three on the Super Nintendo.

Although this remake introduced more friendly offerings such as passwords and infinite lives, it’s safe to say that American gamers had been bruised enough already from the 8-bit versions of these games.

Having sold in small quantities, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is both a rarity and desirable title for NTSC US Super NES collectors.

Link: Find Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Super 3D Noah’s Ark (US)

Super-Noahs-Ark-3d-NTSCSimilar to how Codemasters managed to sneakily step around Nintendo’s strict licensing rules, the biblical video game producer Wisdom Tree released a laughably bad Super Nintendo clone of Wolfenstein 3D. This plug-thru cartridge that required another game to be attached in order to run removed every reference of violence and Nazis, only to replace them with hungry animals requiring your ammunition of ‘sleep’ inducing snacks.

The satirical effect this game has had on retro gamers has propelled its value to quite a considerable amount, making it quite the desirable collection piece. After all, how many of you can invite over your retro gaming buddies to have a Christian themed deathmatch?

Link: Find Super 3D Noah’s Ark (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Final Fantasy III (US)

Final-Fantasy-III-NTSCAlthough it was really Final Fantasy VI in disguise, this sixth entry in the series was instead marketed to Americans as being the third title. Theoretically speaking it was the third US release in the series, however, Squaresoft clearly didn’t want Americans to know they had missed out on another handful of adventures.

While this was bad enough for the US audience, Europeans didn’t even get a taste for the main Final Fantasy series until the release of the Sony PlayStation hit, Final Fantasy VII. Needless to say, deprived retro gamers worldwide are still trying to patch up holes in their Final Fantasy collections by fighting for the remaining highly desirable titles, such as this one.

Link: Find Final Fantasy III (US Super Nintendo) on eBay

Other notable import Super Nintendo valuables and rarities

US Super Nintendo releases

JAP Super Famicom releases

Other notable Super Nintendo rarities and valuables

Star Fox / Starwing Super Weekend Competition Cartridge

Starwing-CompetitionIn the mid-nineties Nintendo hosted competitions both in Europe and the United States to find the greatest Star Fox navigators around. The Star Fox Super Weekend cartridge featured a timed run of the first level, whereby gamers were given the challenge of amassing as many points as possible within the time limit.

Once the competition had run its course, the limited run of cartridges used to host the competition were sold off. With so few around today, this sought after slice of Nintendo history commands a very high price on the rare occasion it surfaces.

Link: Find Star Fox Super Weekend Competition Cartridge (US) on eBay
Link: Find Starwing Competition Cartridge (PAL) on eBay

M.A.C.S Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator

MACSThe Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (M.A.C.S.) was a shooting simulator developed for the US Army as a low cost alternative to target practice. The simulator was technologically similar to the Nintendo Super Scope, however, the light gun accessory in use here was a replica of a Jäger AP 74 (an M16A2 clone). The software included sadly didn’t feature a laughing dog and unfortunate ducks, but an array of dull grey figure targets.

Somehow a select few of these units and their accompanying cartridges have surfaced on eBay. This once in a blue moon moment is often met with a flurry of bidders and a rather high finishing price.

Link: Find the Super Nintendo M.A.C.S. Rifle Simulator on eBay

Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart

Donkey-Kong-Country-CompetitionSimilar to the Star Fox / Starwing competition, Nintendo hosted an event to also find the best Donkey Kong Country gamer around.

This competition cartridge gifted gamers five minutes to collect as many bananas possible - a task easier said than done.

After the competition, Nintendo sold the remaining cartridges through the Nintendo Power subscriber catalogue. Needless to say, this non-retail cartridge is highly sought after and a must have for US Super Nintendo collectors.

Link: Find the Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart (Super Nintendo) on eBay

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(Link to this comment) NickGhoulster 2013-02-15 16:00
Yes. Own Soul Blazer, Terranigma and Vampires Kiss.
+2 (Link to this comment) Ruudos 2013-03-12 11:52
Personally I don't consider the SNES version of Addams Family Values to be rare at all.
(Link to this comment) GuyFawkesRetro 2014-02-20 12:03
Quoting Ruudos:
Personally I don't consider the SNES version of Addams Family Values to be rare at all.

(Link to this comment) geobros 2013-12-01 15:35
a really interesting guide here!!
(Link to this comment) Fortysixter_UK 2015-01-01 05:36's amazing that so many bad games make it to be rare, but then, in a warped logic sort of way it makes sense. They were bad, they didn't sell, no one wanted them, so they only got one print run...
meanwhile.....**steals sideways glance at personal SNES collection"....

Soulblazer , Chronotrigger, Terranigma, FF3, Secret of Mana, Brain Lord, Breath of fire 1 &2, Super Mario name but a few....bwahaaaaa...ha.

Curious thing is, I didn't keep any sales receipts from those games, and I really can't remember how I came about getting them. I suppose it was mail order from the adverts importers placed in magazines at the time ( ACE, Super Play, C&VG etc etc ), and of course Computer Exchange when it only had 2 branches in London & when they were allowed to sell imports....well before they became the sell off point for druggies and robbers to drop off their stolen stuff that they seem to be these days !
(Link to this comment) supersmith2500 2015-09-10 22:53
Interesting guide. It's a pitter Europe never seen Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. Such great RPG's.
(Link to this comment) valquez 2016-05-13 02:11
I own Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III. I also own the US version of Soul Blazer, but must be not as rare
(Link to this comment) AIIIIIAIIIIIA 2018-06-16 20:43
That's really amazing! One of my friends owns a Super Nintendo and he has Earthbound in his collection. Really great article! :-)

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