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Become a retro gaming expert with these indispensable retro gaming guides. Find out about the rarest and most valuable retro games around or get your hands on the best gaming action possible for as cheap as possible with our budget retro game guide. Get ready to also take control of your retro gaming gear... With guides on how to modify your classic consoles, backup your cartridge save games and much more, everything you ever need to know about retro games is right here.

Guide: Playing Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in High Definition Mode


While the video game world's focus is currently on the soon to be released remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, we felt it was time to cast more light upon a cheaper high definition alternative for those without a Nintendo 3DS. RetroCollect gets ready to push a Nintendo 64 emulator to its upper limits.

Last Updated ( 02 June 2011 )

Guide: Making your own Nintendo NES Reproduction Cartridges


Over time we have featured the fantastic Nintendo NES reproduction cartridges from RetroUSB. Bringing the unreleased and untranslated games home on custom built cartridges, it's now time to dive into the deep end and attempt to build your own thanks to a newly written step by step guide.

Last Updated ( 11 April 2011 )

Collector's Guide to the Bitcorp Gamate Handheld


In 1990 a small company from Taiwan decided to combat the Nintendo Game Boy with their own handheld game system. While their plans didn't quite follow through, what they left behind was an obscure memory of a forgotten handheld collectors can't get enough of. RetroCollect investigates the Gamate.

Last Updated ( 21 March 2011 )

Collector's Guide to the Nintendo Virtual Boy


With the release of the Nintendo 3DS fast approaching, it’s about time RetroCollect stepped back to look at Nintendo's first 3D venture. Deemed as a commercial failure, the Nintendo Virtual Boy holds a rich history with a highly collectible library of games.

Last Updated ( 29 January 2011 )

Guide: Build your own Sega Game Gear Flash Cartridge

Custom-Sega-Game-Gear-Flash-CartridgeShould you fancy a challenge in the electrical department or already hold a range of soldering skills, you might want to read through this guide. A retro gamer has posted up a step by step tutorial to building your own Sega Game Gear flash cartridge.
Last Updated ( 15 December 2010 )

Guide: Download Gameboy Camera Photos onto your Computer


Using a special cable and software to simulate the Gameboy Printer, we will be explaining how to get those classic black and white photos from your Nintendo Gameboy Camera backed up onto your computer. 

Last Updated ( 17 January 2013 )

Guide: Transfer PS1 save game files from PC to a PS1 Memory Card


Today’s guide will quickly run you through writing your Playstation 1 save game files onto a physical memory card. This method is perfect if you have downloaded save games from the internet or even if you have save games from an emulator.

Last Updated ( 04 December 2010 )

Thunder Force III (PAL) and the Controversial Sega Megadrive Releases

Thunder-Force-III-PALAs the RetroCollect database continues to grow with the hard working efforts of it's contributors, the occasional title arrives that has not yet been documented or become common knowledge in collectors circles. The PAL version of Thunder Force III is one of those we will now uncover.
Last Updated ( 23 April 2012 )

Complete Collectors Guide to the Nintendo Pokemon Mini


Despite it's small size and even smaller sized library of games, Nintendo's Pokemon Mini sure does pack a powerful 8-bit punch. Today, RetroCollect jumps into Pikachu's world to give you a full guide to collecting Pokemon Mini, while showcasing the hidden gem's within the Pokemon themed catalogue.

Last Updated ( 13 February 2017 )
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