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Become a retro gaming expert with these indispensable retro gaming guides. Find out about the rarest and most valuable retro games around or get your hands on the best gaming action possible for as cheap as possible with our budget retro game guide. Get ready to also take control of your retro gaming gear... With guides on how to modify your classic consoles, backup your cartridge save games and much more, everything you ever need to know about retro games is right here.

Guide: How To Transfer Your Wii's Virtual Console Retro Games & Other Data Onto Your Nintendo Wii U


The Wii's Virtual console is chock-full of retro goodness. Platformers, RPGs and all manner of puzzlers are right there for the taking - and most all Wii owners have done just that. But how do you move all these retro games over to the Wii U? Something you're about to find out...

Last Updated ( 01 December 2012 )

10 Of The Rarest, Elusive & Unusual Special / Limited Edition Retro Game Consoles Ever Released


Although we’re all happy getting our retro gaming fix on just about anything we can find, nothing beats the allure of limited edition classic gaming hardware. With so much of so little on offer, we take a look at five of the rarest and most desirable items of special edition retro gaming hardware.

Last Updated ( 17 January 2013 )

Must Have eBay Tips For Retro Gamers & Collectors


The retro community is ever increasing and with that new collectors start looking towards expanding their collections. While the novice collector could survive on boot sales, markets and second-hand shops, if they have a serious desire to complete any given consoles catalogue of games then they will eventually have to sell their soul to the devil a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 January 2013 )

Guide: Expand Your Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit's Save Game Capacity By An Additional 44 Blocks


With the likes of Shenmue taking up a massive 80 blocks on the Sega Dreamcast VMU's already tiny storage space, is there any way to make room for more vital saves? Well believe it or not there is actually a hidden 44 available blocks alongside the already present 200 blocks, which can easily be enabled and allocated to hold more save games.

Last Updated ( 20 August 2012 )

Guide: How To Backup Sega Saturn Internal Memory Save Games To The PC


Whilst the Sega Saturn’s internal memory proved rather useful in comparison to a handful of memory cards, its biggest downfall was how quickly precious save games were lost due to the diminishing battery. Today we look at how to archive these Sega Saturn game saves before it’s too late.

Last Updated ( 15 July 2012 )

Super Nintendo Game List Extravaganza (Release List PDF Downloads)


Our database contains a plethora of data of all kinds. All of this is accessible through the game detail pages, but maybe you've been longing for a condensed view of certain information. Well, If you are a fan of the SNES you are in luck.

Last Updated ( 05 July 2012 )

Guide: How To Backup Save Games From Original Nintendo Game Boy Cartridges To The PC (As .SAV Files)


Should you have a perfect Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening save game or even a Pokemon Gold cartridge containing all 251 pocket monsters, sooner or later your hard work will be lost due to the dwindling life of battery backed saves. Today we will show you how to beat the clock and make a backup of your Nintendo Game Boy game saves to the PC.

Last Updated ( 24 June 2012 )

The Best & Cheapest Sega Mega Drive Games Available


One of the most daunting aspects to retro gaming can be the overall cost to amassing a collection of stand-out titles. Although some of the best releases will dent your wallet considerably, there is still a wealth of superior Sega Mega Drive titles which can be had for just pennies.

Last Updated ( 17 January 2013 )

5 Top Tips For Retro Gamers On How to Get The Best Bargains At Car Boot Sales & Flea Markets


As the winter days draw to a close, lazy Sunday lie-ins are no longer an option for many a retro gamer. Instead, they’re up at the crack of dawn trudging through a muddy field.

Last Updated ( 17 January 2013 )

Ultimate Guide To Retro Game Emulators on Android Mobile Phones


Got an Android phone? Well you're in for a treat! With over 25 game consoles waiting to be emulated on your mobile phone, get ready to bring the likes of Sonic, Mario, Final Fantasy, Bubble Bobble and just about any game you can think of to your device. This exclusive RetroCollect guide dives into the deep end with a full list of Android Emulators. [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 February 2012 )

Guide: Replacing a Dead Nintendo Game Boy Cartridge Save Battery


Unfortunately we've hit that point in time where the likes of our completed Pokedex on Pokemon has disappeared due to the lifeless save battery inside. Today RetroCollect looks at replacing the save battery within a Nintendo Game Boy cartridge, allowing us to once again save those precious games.

Last Updated ( 14 August 2011 )
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