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Become a retro gaming expert with these indispensable retro gaming guides. Find out about the rarest and most valuable retro games around or get your hands on the best gaming action possible for as cheap as possible with our budget retro game guide. Get ready to also take control of your retro gaming gear... With guides on how to modify your classic consoles, backup your cartridge save games and much more, everything you ever need to know about retro games is right here.

Collector's Guide: Classic Disney Video Games Vol. 1


Not too long ago, released the Genesis versions of Disney’s Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King (more info about the releases can be found here). This was a very welcome surprise, and I encourage anyone to check these games out (especially Aladdin). These releases had me thinking about some of the other great Disney video game relea [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 September 2016 )

Ultimate Collector's Guide To Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP)


The PSP (Playstation Portable) was Sony’s first attempt to enter the handheld gaming market back in September 1st 2005 (European market), it was competing back then with the Nintendo DS handheld. It had several re-designed models on later years usually aiming to have a sleeker design than the previous version while trying to retain as much featur [ … ]

Last Updated ( 23 July 2016 )

The Beginners Guide To Buying Retro Games In Japan (Without Knowing The Language)


Shopping for video games in Japan can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but the language barrier and incredibly wide selection can make it overwhelming, intimidating or even frustrating for some. If you have you heart set on something, it can be difficult to know where to even start. With this in mind it's time to put your minds at ease and p [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 June 2016 )

Ultimate Collector's Guide To Sonic The Hedgehog Video Games


In the start of this series of articles, I hope to raise awareness of the many different places you can find one game in a popular series. My intent is to make it as easy as possible to figure out if you have the right platform for the game you’re looking for. As for how much you’d have to spend for each release of one game, it’s tough for me to sa [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 June 2016 )

Audio Distortion Fix Arrives For Radica / AT Games Sega Mega Drive Plug ‘N’ Play Systems


Although the arrival of brand new retro gaming systems seemed like a great idea at the time, the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis aftermarket consoles have been anything but decent. The most crippling aspect to these all-in-one systems is their horrific audio output, giving countless 16-bit classics an awful and unfamiliar tone. With a quick soldering j [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 May 2016 )

Ultimate Guide To Retro Gaming Flash Cards, Cartridges & Backup Devices


While retro games in their physical form are still incredibly desirable and our first port of call for gaming action, flash cartridges have begun paving the way for much quicker and easier access to the games we love. With countless options on offer at varying costs, RetroCollect has compiled the ultimate and comprehensive guide to flash cards, car [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 October 2015 )

Guide: How To Avoid Fake & Bootleg Retro Games On eBay


It's the nightmare we have all battled. You've successfully sniped, battled with PayPal, waited for the item to arrive in the post and pulled it from the box that you paid extra to have it delivered in. It was worth the extra expense as this is a game you've wanted for years - something you never thought you would be able to get. It was certainly w [ … ]

Last Updated ( 04 December 2014 )

The Most Valuable & Rarest Sega Master System Games


Although the Master System may not attract as many retro gamers as its younger 16-bit sibling, its impressive library of exclusives, rarities and valuable titles are often the centre of bidding wars from the Sega die-hards. It’s time to get acquainted with these in-demand titles with RetroCollect’s definitive list of the rarest and most valuable Ma [ … ]

Last Updated ( 11 January 2014 )

Collector's Guide To The Sony PlayStation Vita


The succesor to the PlayStation Portable was released on the 22nd February 2012 on British shores.  A marked improvement on the much maligned PSP, the PS Vita has already inspired a number of video gamers to start collecting for this console.  While initially the reception for the console was muted to say the least, the PlayStation Vita [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 August 2014 )

Is The Recent Rise In Value Of Classic Video Games Here To Stay?


Over the last few years, both retro gamers and collectors have seen their favourite past time go through both ups and downs. As the very games we know and love have begun bordering a fine line between titles to enjoy and fragile investments, it's no surprise to see a Sega Game Gear release fetching a massive near four figure sum on eBay.

Last Updated ( 27 June 2013 )

The Most Valuable & Rarest Super Nintendo (SNES) Games


Over the last few years Super Nintendo games have begun skyrocketing in value. With even the more common titles demanding a large sum, RetroCollect aims to put your collecting worries at ease by giving you the definitive list of the rarest and most valuable Super Nintendo (SNES) games around.

Last Updated ( 09 February 2013 )
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