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I am an aspiring animator at uni, and one of my my hobbies is collecting retro games.Retro collecting is precious to me because I have so much more fun playing on my Mega Drive than any new games.

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Jeez, I've been gone for SO LONG! Did I miss anything?
- 2 years ago
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  • 01 June 2013
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  • 2 years ago
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  • Jeez, I've been gone for SO LONG! Did I miss anything?
    profile 833 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1088 days ago
  • So, has anyone near or in the Bristol Area been into the 8 Bit Planet yet? I have, and it's absolutely fantastic! :D
    profile 1088 days ago
  • Hi all. I've been out for a while. Did I miss anything?

    My deadlines are nearly finished so now I'll hopefully be able to be active again.

    I'll be loading an unboxing video soon.
    profile 1123 days ago
  • friends pingo and suedehatbats are now friends
  • friends rossellanot and suedehatbats are now friends
  • I'm not a Gumtree user. But if anything is like Ebay but potentially not as draconian as they are, it is open for scammers. I'd stick with this site and Ebay. Or try to trade in with some decent stores - I've sold to Press Start Games, they are very good.
    profile 1187 days ago
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll look at the selling forum and maybe set up something over there.

    I also considered Gumtree. Is there any benefit or danger to that?
    profile 1187 days ago
  • This one! Just make sure that you read the rules for selling first but this is probably the best place I know.....beats fleabay and facebook.....you know you can trust people here.
    profile 1193 days ago
  • If I was to sell off some extra games I have, what would you guys is the best method/site to do so?
    profile 1193 days ago
  • Thanks very much. :D
    profile 1207 days ago
  • nice pickups
    profile 1208 days ago
  • It goes without saying, my car boot sale hunting session last Sunday was very successful. :)
    profile 1208 days ago
    • Game Boy Games at a car boot? Ooooh, yes please! :D
    • Some of the best and classic PS2 games.
    • Needless to say, Sunday's car boot, although, rainy was a nice little success. And all the games work. :D
    PS2 games - £2 GBA Games - £5 Lunch Box - (Gifted to me by a friend but costed £1)
    Standerwick, Somerset View larger map
    photos 1208 days ago View location
  • Will have a chance to go to a car boot tomorrow. It will be nice to get back into the mode of game hunting. :)

    As for today, hope everyone is having fun at the Retro Game Market. I would have loved to been there, but my family needed me home for an emergency, and Leeds is way too far for me to travel. :(
    profile 1212 days ago
  • So, it turns out I could have extended my YouTube video length all along by verifying my account?

    So there was no need for all those constant uploads. Wow, do I feel dumb!
    profile 1215 days ago
  • suedehatbats added a new photo in Photos album
    • Met some fellow RetroCollect members at Weston Super Sonic last week. If anyone knows these two peeps, let me know where I can find them. I would like to get to know them on here. :)
    photos 1218 days ago
  • As of now, my YouTube channel is in temporary shutdown while I work on improving my content and thinking of new ways to make my channel appeal to a wide audience.

    Big changes are coming.
    Stay tuned for new content, and better quality videos.
    profile 1218 days ago
  • I'm making major changes to my online displays.

    I'll also try to be more active in the forums and the site. :D
    profile 1230 days ago
  • Happy holidays everyone. I hope your days are gaming oriented and full of coin collecting madness...

    ...and turkey. We must never forget the turkey. ;)
    profile 1248 days ago
  • That's awfully kind. Thanks. I'll think about it. :)

    Why can't I use the AV? Is it something to do with the NTSC to 50hz hook up?
    profile 1253 days ago
  • No worries then mate. I'll read more into it.
    profile 1253 days ago
  • Just so happens that I have an NTSC-U console spare(Just console). I got it for nothing and am willing to let you have it for just the price of postage. you can use the UK power supply quite safely too. Not sure about av lead though.
    profile 1258 days ago
  • sorry unsure about n64 passport games, was more curious what n64 game it was... great game btw. PS not 100% sure but someone told me cheat carts can be used to passport games?
    profile 1258 days ago
  • It's Conker's Bad Fur Day. Why? Is there a cart by cart region lock thing?
    profile 1258 days ago

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