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Started to sort out what games and consoles I'm getting rid of. End of an era.......
- 6 years ago
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  • 25 July 2012
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  • Started to sort out what games and consoles I'm getting rid of. End of an era.......
    profile 2240 days ago
  • I liked the Leon mission but it goes downhill faster than a nissan with dodgy brakes. Got to say that everything i have played this year on 360 has felt the same. Just generic releases with the same old same old feel.
    profile 2264 days ago
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  • Spot on about Resi 6... struggling to get through the Chris missions not cos its difficult but because of the incredible yawn factor!
    profile 2264 days ago
  • Well played Resident Evil 6 and it was shite. Playing Dead Space 3 and its shite. Got to be thinking current gen gaming is dead for me. Back to Zombies Ate My Neighbours :)
    profile 2264 days ago
  • Watching the missus play Aliens Colonial Marines on Xbox 360. Absolutely shit looks like Aliens for kids. Glad I've got Alien Trilogy back home ;)
    profile 2283 days ago
  • Classic dude. I think i might have to go rainbow islands and bubble bobble crazy later now lol. I remember rainbow islands on the speccy, got mine from the paper shop for £2.99. The good old days.....
    profile 2283 days ago
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  • i had that and new zealand story on the spectrum thats why i bought thenm on the megadrive along with a few others that were realeased by ocean on the speccy back in the day i had 128+2 and collected al the ocean games they did a lot on movie games wish i still had :)
    profile 2283 days ago
  • Worth every penny dude :)
    profile 2283 days ago
  • i have rainbow islands was it pricey for just a cart though i think i paid about £20 or 30 but that was some years back :)
    profile 2283 days ago
  • No rainbow islands sadly. Its on my to get list, but somehow managed to have 2 copies of New Zealand Story on MD lol. Think I might have Rainbow Islands on Master System.
    profile 2283 days ago
  • love new zealand story do you have rainbow islands aswell :)
    profile 2283 days ago
  • Loving the Jap MD at the moment. Just bashed Wani Wani World and Megapanel now time for The New Zealand Story.....
    profile 2283 days ago

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