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  • sechu added 2 new photos in Sets album
    • SuperStarWars_SNES
    • Zelda_NES
    Pics of sets or series of games even across platforms.
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  • sechu added a new photo in Gems album
    • Killer_Instinct_SNES
    Items from my collection regarded rare or special! :)
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  • Comment on the photo IMG_4478
    • Well. This is Pier Solar for the Sega Megadrive. It is one copy of the intitial production of 800 copies. I'm happy to have it in my collection! :)
    photos 1783 days ago
  • I think you wont be disappointed with Jaguar.
    It is great console! :)
    profile 1790 days ago
  • I was thinking of gold plated cables, but in the end they are so much more expensive that I just could not justify that at the moment. I do want those gold plated ones, but at the moment standard quality cables do just fine for me (and my wallet).
    profile 1791 days ago
  • CRT gives back the retro feeling best, imho.
    I also use a very good CRT with great connectivity (SCART, SVIDEO, etc) to get a superb picture quality. I also recommend gold plated cables that can be purchased from retro gaming stores.
    profile 1792 days ago
  • The latest additions to my Neo Geo Pocket Color game collections are: Neo Dragon's Wild (NEOP00015) and Neo Mystery Bonus (NEOP00016). Both games are easy to find ("C" category), but ther were not part of my collection until now! :-)
    profile 1792 days ago
  • Awesome collection! :)
    profile 1811 days ago

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