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Just obtained an Intellivision, Intellivoice and some CIB games, courtesy of @Fluganox :)
- 4 years ago
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  • 01 September 2013
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  • 3 years ago
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  • Just obtained an Intellivision, Intellivoice and some CIB games, courtesy of @Fluganox :)
    profile 1542 days ago
  • I was curious about the Ouya too, but I decided to buy it anyway with it being relatively cheap. It seems okay, the whole try before you buy aspect is nice :)
    I also had a go at backloading emulators and services like OnLive and Netflix onto it, which has worked pretty well :)
    I'd recommend getting one even if nothing more than to have a fiddle around on :)
    profile 1746 days ago
  • friends TheScaredPeasant and reecesk8 are now friends
  • You have an Ouya? What do you think of it? Is it a good console? Is it worth $100? I've always been very curious about it.. What games do you have for it?
    profile 1755 days ago
  • Spent about 6 hours trying to get my Ouya to update... -.-
    profile 1755 days ago
  • don't do it
    profile 1764 days ago
  • Happy birthday mate :) hope you've had a good one!
    profile 1824 days ago
  • friends DemonicNinja and reecesk8 are now friends
  • I'll look into that, I know a guy in the market who fixed old consoles, I'll see what he thinks about it :) or if he'll sell me a cheap replacement haha
    Thanks :)
    profile 1829 days ago
  • I've tried that a few times to no avail :( but thank you for helping :)
    profile 1829 days ago
  • Your Pac Man score is just ridiculous. I have gone up a few places in the scores but you must have been dropping acid to do that. A very well done!
    profile 1829 days ago
  • read this buddy worked for me, although every couple of months i need to do it again:
    profile 1830 days ago
  • Random Dreamcast resets sounds like faulty door switch mate, that is what was wrong with mine. It can also be bad capacitors. Blatant tout for business again but If you want it looked at anyway just give us a shout.
    profile 1830 days ago
  • Thanks mate :)
    it's probably some kind of disc-reading problem. It's one of the consoles with the crappy Samsung drive in it... :p
    profile 1830 days ago
  • Any luck on the Dreamcast?
    profile 1831 days ago
  • Ah sorry that didn't work, not sure why else the Dreamcast would be resetting so much otherwise. If I think of anything else I'll let ya know :)
    profile 1831 days ago
  • Yeah mate I gave everything a once-over while it was apart :/ I have no idea why it still throws all of its toys out of the pram!
    Thanks for the suggestion though! :)
    profile 1831 days ago

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