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Now living in Northern Ireland, I work as an IT support analyst and have always been interested in computers from a young age. I care a lot about the computers and game systems I grew up with.

I now have enough space to start collecting the machines, the games and anything else of interest. I love the music in video games as much as the games themselves. Game msuic is definitely among my favourite 'genres' of music. Genre is quite a loose term for Game Music because it covers so many styles, but genre will do until I think of a better word.

Retro collecting has given me a chance to own machines and games that my family couldn't afford and I would never have had a chance to play. In my opinion, modern machines and gaming, while often technically impressive, lack soul, fun, originality or any sense of pushing the boundary the way they did in the past.

Love Emulation and ultimately it will be emulators that preserve 'retro' gaming digitally in the long term, but no matter how good the emulator seems to be, when I fire up the real thing, the experience is like night and day! I think it is important that these machines and games be maintained in their original forms for as long as possible, so, for example, my children and others can see how home computers/consoles developed.

I think you can consider me to be a potential fairly 'broad spectrum' collector if I possibly can be. All the diverse machines and games I remember first of all and then I will build on from there. Its a great hobby and I'm pretty happy to find this online community and the tracking tool!

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    Pretty happy with this one... oh yes
    albums 2099 days ago
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  • Thanks for stopping by. Wow, you have a very nice collection and impressed by complete SMS set! - congrats
    profile 2327 days ago
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    • Physical DOSBox comprises a Pentium II 400 underclocked to 266MHz, 64MB PC100 SDRAM, Creative Labs AWE32 Full Edition, Orchid Righteous 3D (3dfx Voodo
    photos 2328 days ago
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    • DOSBox
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    This is a large sliderobe I have set up as my retro gaming cabinet. Games and consoles on one side and purpose built DOSBox on the other. Should keep
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    Eek! That is a nice collection. Will take me many a year to catch up on that methinks. Very nice ;)
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