pingo's friends


attending this foum has taught me a lot such as a tip i learned from someone else. Don't beat your games like it's a chore or because the only one watching is yourself in most cases


milk was a bad choice


My collection has now been put in permanent storage and I look forward to the day I can play my games once again. I have never bought to sell or gloat, I only pay to play and that was my driving force in collecting games. I have everything I would like and that my friends is where my collecting now stops. I shall still keep up to date with the collecting scene but for now, I wish you all the best.


started a new website and got some gaming challenges happening every month... simple to enter and simple to win...


First ps4 limited run game arrived. Pixeljunk Monsters 2 special edition. Almost 1 year to come out. A gift from my wife.


Just came on here to read a message from another user and I find out that people are saying what I said nearly a year ago, that the owners don't care or pay attention.

This site has been dead for a while and everyone has spent their time poking it with a stick hoping it will do something; I stated a long time ago with NO back up how I felt about the site and I get it smashed back in my face!


is a safe place to buy RGB cables thanks :)


Jeez, I've been gone for SO LONG! Did I miss anything?

T Moleman

Will be buying another system in the near future, so the question is Mega CD1 or 3DO?


is there a possibility of blocking the guy with the -mto....- website. polish language in the posts is without sense (some random book quotations)


I'm playing X-Com 2 on Rookie difficulty and still losing badly.


Happy to see the nintendo ds section! Added my humble 39 games... 2000 collection wow. Hoping for 360 & ps3 *fingers crossed*


Gonna start saving up for an apartment. Then I can build a proper collection in a place with more space!


Message from above - image uploader is being worked on.

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Been offline for few weeks, so I forgot to post this. Bought Balloon fight(nes) and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon(n64) for 50€. Had a voucher to the store, so the price didn't hurt :D


Hello people, looking to clean up my sega megadrive collection. Can anyone me the best product to use ? Will be cleaning the cartridge and box.
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