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Enjoying PC Engine emulator on Android
- 5 years ago
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  • 02 June 2014
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  • 5 years ago
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  • Enjoying PC Engine emulator on Android
    profile 1783 days ago
  • friends misterbiglee and piginapoke are now friends
  • friends DemonicNinja and piginapoke are now friends
  • Well I recently picked up a neo geo x and absolutely love it!!
    profile 1792 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_20140929_074304
    • Added PC Engine and Neo Geo X since. More to come no doubt
    photos 1792 days ago
  • really does not appeal to me paying that much for the console and then having barely any games to play
    profile 1809 days ago
  • Games are top notch, faithful recreations. Battery life seems good. Could benefit from more of a manual and less King of Fighter games but im pleased with it.
    profile 1809 days ago
  • im glad someone else thinks its a great console/handheld everyone else slates it
    profile 1809 days ago
  • Neo Geo X is excellent. Buttons are a bit clicky and docking station just seems odd, especially having to open up the original Neo Geo base to connect the handheld but its an excellent recreation.
    profile 1809 days ago
  • PC Engine now at home with its retro console friends
    profile 1809 days ago
  • Bayonetta 2 and guide off my partner. Unexpected lovely surprise
    profile 1809 days ago
  • Youtube on PS4. Finally
    profile 1814 days ago
  • blasted wolfenstein on PS4. motion sickness. ironic given that it started with the original wolfenstein on PC
    profile 1835 days ago
  • piginapoke added 5 new photos in our collection album
    • IMG_20140929_074455
    • IMG_20140929_074437
    • IMG_20140929_074420
    • IMG_20140929_074406
    • IMG_20140929_074304
    Kallax storage from ikea (formerly Expedit) 52 consoles and handhelds.
    Lichfield View larger map
    photos 1847 days ago View location
  • Yaaaay. LOADS of retro goodness consoles and handhelds arrived this week for us
    profile 1863 days ago

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