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great video discussing modern games using the term 8 bit as a selling point http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaIoW1aL9GE
- 4 years ago
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  • 23 May 2013
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  • 3 years ago
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  • Hi Mate, I was told you recently got a JXD s7800b and was wondering what you though of it as im thinking of buying? trying to find reviews and feedback on games I want to play on the system is hard aswell?

    Thanks for your time
    profile 1336 days ago
  • great video discussing modern games using the term 8 bit as a selling point http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaIoW1aL9GE
    profile 1362 days ago
  • I understand the ds database is well underway here
    profile 1405 days ago
  • Those just happen every now and then usually unnoticed :).
    profile 1417 days ago
  • yes priorities changing is a big one for me anyway
    profile 1417 days ago
  • The idea to sell parts of my collection strikes me every time I go into the game room.
    It is mainly playstation thats never gets any love from me. Will try to reorganize the games room today, I got 6.5 billy bookcases, but no space and no order ..
    profile 1418 days ago
  • I haven't thought about it yet but I don't see it as something bad if someone else wants to sell his collection. It just means you outgrew your collection or your priorities changed. If it isn't any fun anymore then what is the point of continuing a rather expensive hobby :)
    profile 1418 days ago
  • This may go down like a lead balloon here but how often do you think about selling your collection or most of it on? I've been pondering this a lot.
    profile 1419 days ago
  • Any one going to the splat and smash competition in gloucester today?
    profile 1423 days ago
  • that's true, there were more action parts than in the first one and less repetitive level design. i've played through ME2 at least 5 times on pc and ps3. it' simply the best out of all three in my opinion. although ME3 is also awesome...damn now i want to play it again ;P
    profile 1437 days ago
  • im playing on wii u and its very smooth. I have played nearly 4 hours and feels like only one has been actual gameplay, I loved ME2 i think it had a much better balance
    profile 1437 days ago
  • that's because you're experiencing a space opera and not "generic halo-esque shooter #23". i like it a lot, though i wish it wouldn't lag so much on ps3. haven't played it in a while maybe they fixed it. ME2 runs MUCH smoother after the update.
    profile 1437 days ago
  • mass effect 3 is a lot of cutscenes....
    profile 1437 days ago
  • been a while since i posted a vid here so this is my limited edition of splatoon and thoughts on the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP5ISc4xnds
    profile 1448 days ago
  • Fingers crossed my splatoon special edition will be in my post box in about 3 hours....
    profile 1452 days ago
  • friends ps1mad247 and ollie809 are now friends

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