okami's friends


I have Hand cramps after playing zynaps all night on my C64 !!
(no autofire)


Metal gear solid pc game mint condition for bargain price of £1 in charity shop.... BARGAIN


Just came on here to read a message from another user and I find out that people are saying what I said nearly a year ago, that the owners don't care or pay attention.

This site has been dead for a while and everyone has spent their time poking it with a stick hoping it will do something; I stated a long time ago with NO back up how I felt about the site and I get it smashed back in my face!


It's been a while since I've messaged here. Feels very empty, no offense. Still happy that the site is still around.


Merry Christmas. Hyvää Joulua. God Jul. Feliz Navidad. Fröhliche Weihnachten.


I think a Charity shop run is needed getting retro withdrawals i have not bought any retro games for a few weeks now :)


Merry Christmas people!


Happy to see the nintendo ds section! Added my humble 39 games... 2000 collection wow. Hoping for 360 & ps3 *fingers crossed*


Almost a full PAL dreamcast set. 14 more to go!


Finally started streaming games and my latest is hardest setting on wolfenstein the new order https://www.twitch.tv/maniacalgamerz/mobile?mwcc=redir_a


Since I was last on I've hoarded dupes and load of crap I can't seem to shift lol

pixel king

I got hold of the legacy of kain defiance for Xbox original seen some other games but I didn't buy them because either they were too pricey or were missing there booklets but I will be going on a rare game hunt in my town and the next town over so I can get the expensive games then


HI Gang! managed to pick up a Boxed Cart copy of Adventures of Batman and Robin. Does anyone know of a repro-manual or scan anywhere to rest my OCD and allow me to keep it in my collection?!

lost ruin

good evening everybody! How is everyone? Who is looking forward to Play Blackpool in a couple of weeks?

Adam Hoare

Not sure whats gone on here as havnt been on in so long what with getting out of collecting but it wud be very sad to see the site go to nothing as its the 1st time wen collecting the full megadrive set I realised how many theyre were to get and since discovering it the data bases came in very handy also met a lot of decent folk along the way who helped me on my journey. LONG LIVE RETROCOLLECT


Hi guy's hope you've not missed me to much :p been busy and personal issues but ill try and be more active now :)
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