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Finished brothers a tale of two sons on the ps4 yesterday. It was heavier than I anticipated... Had to check online to see if I didn't just get the bad end.
- 10 months ago
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  • 14 April 2014
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  • 3 months ago
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    • New arrivals! Finally managed to get saint and sinner and zombie hunters 2. All games are Italian. Now lets see how many messages i get to ask if I'm
    photos 286 days ago
  • okami added a new photo in new pickups album
    • new pickup saint and sinner etc
    photos 286 days ago
  • Finished brothers a tale of two sons on the ps4 yesterday. It was heavier than I anticipated... Had to check online to see if I didn't just get the bad end.
    profile 288 days ago
  • Anybody from Italy that could help me buy some games?
    profile 338 days ago
  • A hair clip is better than damage inside :)
    profile 369 days ago
  • The third birthday is a good shooter. Adventures to go was a bit on the simple side but fun. Popolocrois is really story driven, it does get tedious with all the random encounters but nevertheless really hard to put down. Most of the JRPG's on the psp are rather good so you won't be disappointed.
    profile 374 days ago
  • Hi chap
    For me, any console is about the exclusives first that are awesome, then games in general worth picking up. I love a shooter and RPG so I'll probably be well catered for. Not too worried about rarity, I'm not full setting this so as long as it's decent, I'd be up for trying it....
    profile 374 days ago
  • Kingdom hearts birth by sleep, popolocrois, adventures to go, persona 1,2 and 3, tekken and medievil. It depends on taste. Or did you mean the more rare games?
    profile 374 days ago
  • Bagged gurumin reseald and valkyrie profile lenneth sealed. Took a chance on a foreign website and it paid off.
    profile 383 days ago
  • It's been a while. I stopped collecting for a while due to circumstances. With those on their way out I'm slowly starting back up. Got boktai 2 on the way.
    profile 393 days ago
  • It's not only you. The community page takes ages to load for me too.
    profile 548 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Phonics Fun subset
    • Is there an entire series of these with the same people on the cover? If so, you could make a gif out of it :) maybe we'll learn what she is saying to
    photos 570 days ago
  • Got my hands on the splatterhouse press kit for the ps3. I check it out and the press disc itself is missing. the seller doesn't have it any more either. Anybody got the press disc and is willing to sell or trade it or can point me in the general direction of where I could get my hands on it?
    profile 572 days ago
  • Well if I have to rate kingsley then: I like the graphics it reminded me of Klonoa so 7/10 it would be more but the black fog that obscures the view all around you is annoying. The controls get a 4/10, so fidgety that it's hard to control Kingsley well. As for the story I haven't made it far enough to accurately rate it :). I played it for an hour or two but then gave up on account of the controls
    profile 573 days ago
  • Kingsley's Adventure is definitely a good game, but I agree with the controls. They just feel slippery especially in the maze section.
    profile 574 days ago

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