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Anyone willing to sell gameboy games? I'm thinking to go for the complete set. Regards.
- 4 years ago
  • Member since
  • 23 January 2012
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  • 11 months ago
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  • I forgot to ask, are you after CIBs or cartridge only?
    profile 1506 days ago
  • Sorry, I don't have any of these but I'll be alert if I happen to see any on sale. Good luck!
    profile 1506 days ago
  • Championship Hocky
    CJ Elephant
    F1 - World Championship Edition
    F-15 Strike Eagle
    Fifa 96
    Galaga 2
    Kawasaki Superbikes
    Man Overboard
    Markos Magic Football
    Monster Truck Wars
    PGA Tour Golf 2
    Power Drive
    Robocop 3
    Sonic 2in1
    Sonic Blast
    Sonic Labyrinth
    Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    Wizard Pinball Instructions
    All hard to get games :(
    profile 1506 days ago
  • Which are the games you need?
    profile 1506 days ago
  • friends notjunk and Punisher are now friends
  • Anyone willing to sell gameboy games? I'm thinking to go for the complete set. Regards.
    profile 1509 days ago
  • Back on colecting:
    Prince of Persia + Rugrats Time Travelers [GBC]
    Rogue Galaxy + God of War [PS2]
    Devil May Cry 4 + Ninja Gaiden Sigma [PS3]
    profile 1509 days ago
  • After a (too) long iatus, new acquisitions: spiderman, speedball 2, man overboard and NHL 95 (mega drive); bugs bunny, tennis and arch rivals (NES); Atlantis portable famiclone console.
    profile 1727 days ago
  • friends Almeida and notjunk are now friends
  • Loaded and Alone in the Dark for Sega Saturn added
    profile 1819 days ago
  • new PS games: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (!) and Croc
    profile 1825 days ago
  • New acquisitions:
    MD: Kid Chameleon and Premier Manager; MS: Super Kick Off and Sonic 2; NES: Rescue.
    Hopping to post pictures soon...
    profile 1826 days ago
    • You did well no doubt. And was it expensive? (back in the days like about 1992/1993 I went to a shop to buy a mega drive. When I got there they had th
    photos 1836 days ago
    • Hi there! May I ask where did you find a turbografx in such a mint condition? Amazing...!
    photos 1837 days ago
  • has just received 7 snes games. Back on colecting!
    profile 1837 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Silent Hill (Portuguese 1)
    • Thank you for the info. Your Gamestation stores have gems like this one on the bargain bin? I must remember that next time I went to London...
    photos 1843 days ago

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