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Just picked up ten rare master system games
- 3 years ago
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  • 22 March 2013
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  • Just picked up ten rare master system games
    profile 1051 days ago
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  • At last east Lindsey council have taken me seriously about
    setting up a museum in mablethorps but i only have until the 7th of march to get my ideas and funding cost to them
    but they have agreed to turn the building for use as a museum.
    i have so much to do and any help from anybody on here would be really helpful and appreciated.
    p.s sorry if i was supposed to put this on a chat forum.
    profile 1245 days ago
  • Games room now full and need another room to fill with the new stuff i collected over the last 3 months. lol
    profile 1325 days ago
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  • There are certain titles that have been a struggle for all of us, I reckon. One key thing is to identify the rarities and start looking for reasonably priced copies. The earlier you look for these the more chance of getting them before they start going for really silly money. Should you need advice or tips (and I'm not saying you do) I'm sure there are many here who'll be willing to help.
    profile 1375 days ago
  • well you seem to be doing well :) so far keep up the good work i enjoy seeing what other PS2 Collectors have collected :)
    profile 1375 days ago
  • Yes i am going for a full set of ps2 but i think i am going to struggle lol
    profile 1375 days ago
  • Congrats :) are you also going for a full set?
    profile 1375 days ago
  • Finally reached 500 PS2 games today yay
    profile 1375 days ago
  • Only 22 ps2 games until I reach 500 phew its been along time as I also collect every other platforms too and its starting to get expensive now lol but I like everyone on here I just keep looking and get excited every time I find a new find
    profile 1421 days ago
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