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X, Y and Z done on the PAL PS2 list, onto W :-)
- 3 years ago
  • Member since
  • 19 February 2014
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  • 2 years ago
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  • For titles, I imagine World and WWE would come up a lot.

    Are you going for a full PAL PS2 set?
    profile 1009 days ago
    • Up to 1700 now and cracking through the letter W, learning a lot about WWE Wrestling at the moment ;-)
    photos 1009 days ago
  • kentgames added a new photo in Collection Update album
    • 14203300_10157374693825471_3594960572052741698_n
    London View larger map
    photos 1009 days ago View location
  • X, Y and Z done on the PAL PS2 list, onto W :-)
    profile 1009 days ago
  • Not much Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul what's sup with you?
    profile 1130 days ago
  • Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben sup dude
    profile 1130 days ago
  • Managed to get an interview with the publishers of Alien Hominid and some of the rare PS2 games

    profile 1172 days ago
  • Ruff Trigger just turned up, get it before it gets expensive :-)
    profile 1179 days ago
  • I understand what Shlimpole is saying, a fair few collectors have been given the heads up on certain games only to then start selling them on eBay. It's really detrimental to the hobby to have someone build up trust and then gain a profit from that trust and someone else's time and knowledge.
    profile 1185 days ago
  • Just picked up a Final Fantasy II Wonderswan to go with my Final Fantasy Wonderswan, that makes me feel all warm inside... Also is anyone Saturday RPG vita for £50ish?
    profile 1208 days ago
  • Letters Z, Y, and now X, are complete in my hunt for a complete PAL PS2 collection, overall up to 1500 PS2 games now, 900 to go :-)
    profile 1263 days ago
  • The games room is moving...onto it's 6th house now (me and family will be moving with it obvs..)
    profile 1263 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_0363
    • Such an awesome name for a game!
    photos 1285 days ago
    • Monster Eggs
    Some of my recent pick ups and rare games, my collection tends to look like a wall of black and white PS2 games but these add some colour! Also three
    photos 1288 days ago

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