k1ngarth3r's friends


Hey guys! New here...im just starting a snes collectionb Looking to buy heaps of CIB Snes games to add to it, so If your selling for reasonable prices just let me know!


I think a Charity shop run is needed getting retro withdrawals i have not bought any retro games for a few weeks now :)

Nintendo Arcade

My name is alex and I thought it was about time I joined this cool site.
I am the proud owner of 10 Nintendo arcade machines and and a growing super famicom collection.
Looking to trade and swap games for jap imports

T Moleman

Will be buying another system in the near future, so the question is Mega CD1 or 3DO?

90s Video Game Dude

Cracking day today at Play, cheers guys of Retro Collect your proper diamonds :)


The cat crept into the crypt crapped and crept out again...:)


great video discussing modern games using the term 8 bit as a selling point http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaIoW1aL9GE


X, Y and Z done on the PAL PS2 list, onto W :-)


Added quite a few SNES games recently. Pilotwings, Urban Strike, Plok, Bubsy, Alien 3, Super Street Fighter II, Ahhh Real Monsters and currently winning Doom (which is a replacement for my less than mint copy)


Happy to announce that i'm going to have a stall at the next Retro Collect video game market at Leeds town hall next February. Please check out my YouTube channel to find out what i'm bringing to the event :-D


Also, advice from any of you guys would be great. Any and all feedback is welcome :-D


Any of you lot from youtube!

The Saint

Message to all members

Anyone selling on the community feed and circumnavigating the rules WILL BE BANNED. End of

No further warnings will be given


Strange that I've decided to downsize my collection again, but it's for future life plans I'm prepping for, so can't complain! Means I get to expplore collecting again in the future :)


Just popping back to see if I wanna use this to keep track of my collection? Add me people if you know me ;)
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