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If you see 403 errors on the community page or other pages, please clear your browser cache. That should solve it.
- 2 years ago
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  • 30 November 2009
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  • 3 weeks ago
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  • Hi, no email as yet
    profile 603 days ago
  • I have added an experimental account activation feature. gunstarhero and T Moleman, both of you should have received a test activation mail for a new account. Please let me know if you didn't. Had to manually code this right into the core code of our community plug-in, so if anyone notices any new weirdness, please get in touch ;)
    system 604 days ago
  • Hey guys,

    please, everyone, don't spread baseless rumors like "site owners have appeared to have lost interest" before even trying to get in touch directly, thanks. It's hurtful to both the site as well as everyone working hard publically and behind the scenes. We've always been quick to respond to any direct message to us, be it via e-mail, contact form or social media. We handle several support mails per day behind the scenes as well, not to mention things like the hacking attack earlier this year. There's no lack of interest on our side. As you know we've been busily working on both a completely new main site (which will fix lots of problems like the community feed) as well as a completely redesigned game database. We wish we could already share either of those with you, but please understand that they're not ready for public use yet.
    The fact that there have been no new games added does not mean there's no work on the database. There have been unannounced fixes to data. The simple fact is that the only retro platforms missing are the US PSP and Wii. Wii is far along thanks to Atsumer, but we had to focus our efforts on getting the new database format up and running. Please understand that any time spent on patching the outdated solution online right now is time lost to invest into the new site. Cauterize has been focusing on designing the new main site, which is why there have been less news items than usual. Unfortunately, no efforts to get writers from the community have improved this situation.

    We also understand the spam problems but as those involved in handling those know, we have already exhausted any reasonable options to prevent sign-ups The system we are using it outdated and flawed, but the only way to improve that is to get rid of it, which is exactly what we're focused on. I'll look into manual account activation again (there is no official support for this in the systems we use) but understand that you will then have to handle all the sign-ups request per day instead of handling the spam deletions. There is no way that results in stopping these people without manual input by all of the hardworking mods.

    So please try to take comfort in the fact that the current situation is just temporary and things will get a whole lot better once the new site goes live.
    system 619 days ago
  • Yup! That solved it. Thanks very much! :)
    profile 800 days ago
  • If you see 403 errors on the community page or other pages, please clear your browser cache. That should solve it.
    profile 800 days ago
  • Comment on the album Retro Gaming Adverts 2000s
    You will actually be able to add adverts like this directly to games in our database with the new database. That specific functionality might not be added before 2018 though I'm afraid :(
    albums 852 days ago
  • That's some serious promotion of your twitter account on this community page.... pitchforks! ;)
    profile 909 days ago
  • Feel free to follow me directly on Twitter (@RetroCollectJan) to stay up to date during situations like this (or if you want to see my ramblings and retweets about all kinds of stuff!)
    profile 909 days ago
  • Sorry for the long downtime guys, our host wasn't able to resolve some problems as fast as we would have hoped. Everything should be up and working again now :)
    profile 909 days ago
  • friends Faalagorn and hydr0x are now friends

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