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United Kingdom
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Big time gamer for 20+ years.

Collect modern sealed, retro complete in box.

Looking to regain my MS & MD collections i reluctantly sold off when i moved out. Had a near complete mint pal MS set.

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Tales Of Vesperia
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Nintendo 64
Sega Master System

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Tryinh to find some info on a pal uk copy of Ghost Vibration for the PS2.
- 7 years ago
  • Member since
  • 17 January 2012
  • Last online
  • 2 months ago
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  • Tryinh to find some info on a pal uk copy of Ghost Vibration for the PS2.
    profile 2409 days ago
  • PSP collection stands at 442 titles, with 124 of those being factory sealed.
    profile 2456 days ago
  • That's an impressive PSP library ^_^ I just got my first PSP on my birthday this June, and I have 23 games for it so far. Do you know if there are any good rhythm/music games for the PSP? Except for Patapon, already found that one, and the sequels :D
    profile 2555 days ago
  • PSP collection sitting at over 350 now, bought 300 games since february :O
    profile 2555 days ago
  • gamesgaryjp added 20 new photos in PSP Collection album
    • 2012-05-31 16.09.43
    • 2012-05-31 16.09.30
    • 2012-05-31 16.07.38
    • 2012-05-31 16.07.27
    • 2012-05-31 16.07.17
    My psp collection so far :)
    Norwich UK View larger map
    photos 2555 days ago View location
  • PSP collection is sitting at 222 pal uk games!
    profile 2595 days ago
  • Etrian Odyssey red nintendo strip is a nice DS title to have, i wouldnt open it if i were you :)

    I mainly collect all the rpg's for 360 and the NIS America for PS3.
    profile 2643 days ago
  • The few I have collected are sealed (some are grey seals which I found out recently for Nintendo games are a big no for some people) but apart from that they are all mint sealed. I'd most likely sell them off in the future - or keep them and buy an opened copy. There's a few sealed games I want to play like Etrian Oddysey. I think I'll keep it sealed for now though. I've got a backlog to play :)
    profile 2643 days ago
  • I collect sealed modern games like psp, 360 and ps3. Even when you buy them from GAME or zavvi they have small rips and scuffs so it kinda takes the fun out of collecting. If you are keeping modern gen sealed for the future, they need to be pretty much flawless otherwise no one will touch them :P
    profile 2643 days ago
  • Yeah I agree - received a sealed GBA game last month and it was split. Still havent opened it. I've gone to collecting sealed games only because I dont have time to play them - and keep them sealed. After a few years I dont want to open them lol. Bit of an OCD thing I think.
    profile 2643 days ago
  • There are some very impressive sealed collections on there yes. Im back onto used collecting though, get fed up with receiving split seals :D
    profile 2643 days ago
  • Yeah I agree - they're not the most welcoming :) Been on there a few months - only found it out of luck. Still amazed at some people's sealed games collection!
    profile 2643 days ago
  • Yes im on sealedgameheaven, not too friendly around those parts, i much prefer here :D
    profile 2643 days ago
  • friends Tyron and gamesgaryjp are now friends
  • I loved creating items, took me forever to unlock them all!
    profile 2644 days ago
  • Gotta agree with Power Stone 2 - fantastic game :)
    profile 2644 days ago

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