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Nearly at the 20k members! (I know there will be a fair few inactive members etc but still!)
- 2 months ago
  • Member since
  • 23 October 2011
  • Last online
  • 12 hours 43 minutes ago
  • Profile views
  • Nearly at the 20k members! (I know there will be a fair few inactive members etc but still!)
    profile 52 days ago
  • Dreamer especially
    profile 63 days ago
  • Is there a better sound track than Streets of Rage 2?
    profile 63 days ago
  • friends StuMotor33na3rd and ewjim are now friends
  • Ok so I'm going to be abusing the "featured" tab ---> on the user panel! Feel free to send some love to some old and new RC community members!
    profile 87 days ago
  • A sad day... I no longer own any Jaguar stuff. On the plus side I no longer own any Jaguar stuff
    profile 89 days ago
  • Always nice just logging on and seeing familiar avatars online too :) and obviously it's great seeing loads of new peoples too!
    profile 96 days ago
  • Retrobates - what's your favourite retro artwork?
    profile 99 days ago
  • The "Competition Edition" part is in the green text part on the left side of the cover, I wouldn't include it in the name though.
    profile 166 days ago
  • database query: World Masters Golf on snes - is it a regional variant with its "competition edition" in the database? I can only find standard versions, no pics online or anything.. unless it doesn't exist like a certain Silent Hill box set perhaps... hmm
    profile 168 days ago
  • Cruisin' through the galaxy, havin' lots of fun
    profile 202 days ago
  • The Neo X wasn't particularly good quality and at a premium price. If the games vs quality vs price is considered then I may check it out.
    profile 202 days ago
  • Just spotted your Alien Snake Drum Googlewhack in my post! I'm dubious about your obtaining such a rarity! ;) Also I have it on good authority that if it's not in the database then it simply doesn't exist! Going to set fire to a load of mythical C64 games later.. :)
    profile 207 days ago
  • Comment on the photo 20180405_203930
    • I have a love of the C64 and had fond times playing Hit Squad titles. I decided to make my own A2 to hang up and I'm pretty happy with the result.
    photos 225 days ago
  • ewjim added a new photo in Collectibles and fun stuff album
    • Hit Squad C64 artwork
    Collectables, merch and books
    photos 225 days ago

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