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My name is Chris! I am a part time gamer, swedish teacher and life-long Chelsea fan. I have two youtube channels, "chrismada9" and of course, "chrismadagames" which I use to upload game-related videos

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Can anyone recommend me some good SNES games to get, that have good replay value, but is not too expensive? :-)
- 4 years ago
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  • 08 April 2012
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  • 3 years ago
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  • chrismadagames added a new photo in Game photos album
    • Bought these two big'uns! Platinums? Yes! Bothered? Nope!
    photos 1436 days ago
  • Can anyone recommend me some good SNES games to get, that have good replay value, but is not too expensive? :-)
    profile 1474 days ago
  • profile 1474 days ago
  • Just been told there's a new games store opened up in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.. "Dizzy Gaming", look them up on Google and show them some love! I'll be popping in there soon! :-)
    profile 1474 days ago
  • chrismadagames added a new photo in Super Nintendo stuff! album
    • Just got this beast of a game! :-)
    It's amazing what you find in charity shops.. look what I just snagged! ;-)
    photos 1475 days ago
  • Metal Slug X ... welcome to the CMG PS1 family! :-D
    profile 1640 days ago
  • Try burger time and Night stalker
    profile 1673 days ago
  • Just purchased my own Atari 2600 console!! Woo Hoo!! Can't wait!! I've bought Space Invaders and Sea Quest as games to start me off! Any recommendations I should try?? They have to be relatively cheap games! :-P
    profile 1673 days ago
  • I've not herd that before and tbh I don't see that making a difference but its harmless to try. If I can find the time Ill give it a try.
    profile 1673 days ago
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  • chrismadagames added 3 new photos in Game photos album
    • not exactly retro buuut.. eeyeeeah!
    • The New Gaming Setup
    • My mediocre showcase as of today (it will get better)
    photos 1673 days ago
  • I think you might be right. I think I read somewhere that with a Saturn, it can be very picky with what power outlet you're using. I might try a couple out and see what happens. Thanks for that!
    profile 1673 days ago
  • Mine does the same thing I think its down to the laser. me and a friend have talked about taking the power supply from mine into his which is fine apart from the power supply.

    You probably need to pickup 1 for spares but in all honesty it will properly cost around the same amount to get 1 minus the leads.
    profile 1673 days ago
  • Oh, and my saturn isn't working for some odd reason. Every time I put in a game it won't even get past the startup animation without freezing up! *hmph* .. help anyone?
    profile 1674 days ago
  • It's about time I came back on here and updated my game collection stats! I reckon I've spent about 2 hours maximum on getting it absolutely right! Check out my stats so far. Please reply to this by giving me some recommendations on what to pick up! :-)
    profile 1674 days ago
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