bobskie's friends


Jeez, I've been gone for SO LONG! Did I miss anything?


ok so i used to use this site a fare bit then kinda wondered away. well now i am trying to wonder back. if i have ignored any msg sorry same with any friends request. will try and be better in the future. so to mark my return to retrocollect going have a little binge of some photos of the last year or so. yes it has been that long

Loch and Quay

Finally beat Resi 6, 3 years after I stopped playing it.


Could someone explain how to link one of my albums into the forum thanks


Metal gear solid pc game mint condition for bargain price of £1 in charity shop.... BARGAIN


Been offline for few weeks, so I forgot to post this. Bought Balloon fight(nes) and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon(n64) for 50€. Had a voucher to the store, so the price didn't hurt :D


After a few months, a change of Passwords & some games hunting, I'm back.


Hi Guys
I hadn't been here in awhile!


Merry Christmas people!


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Another 3 games added to the gameboy collection this week and 2 more in the post, nearly halfway to a full set now :D!


Happy New Year my fellow retro collectors! #2015

Adam Hoare

Not sure whats gone on here as havnt been on in so long what with getting out of collecting but it wud be very sad to see the site go to nothing as its the 1st time wen collecting the full megadrive set I realised how many theyre were to get and since discovering it the data bases came in very handy also met a lot of decent folk along the way who helped me on my journey. LONG LIVE RETROCOLLECT


great video discussing modern games using the term 8 bit as a selling point

Lord Innit

Since finishing the UK set of Vectrex games, I've been debating what to do next. Atari 2600 games are an on going thing but I think I may start on the Master System again. I have 40ish games and they're not too pricey for the most part. Make it so!


+1 we need a move away as a gaming community from the scalpers and greed that ruins the hobby. Rc is an antidote to so much of the negativity and could be a greater place


Strange that I've decided to downsize my collection again, but it's for future life plans I'm prepping for, so can't complain! Means I get to expplore collecting again in the future :)


Obscure game hunting this weekend, using my contacts to extend my search on certain rarer DS titles. Bidding on a copy of shuwa no mori on DS just have to wait for the auction to count down.

Just glad that i got most high target DS games back when they first came out, would cost a fortune nowdays with the price hikes of ebay ect.

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