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Playing chronicles of Riddick it's a great game!!! Really enjoying it
- 4 years ago
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  • 29 April 2015
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  • Playing chronicles of Riddick it's a great game!!! Really enjoying it
    profile 1460 days ago
  • Man that sucks :( that's the trouble these days ...
    profile 1461 days ago
  • Hey man was thinking about your question about collecting.... one thing to consider is that buy when games are cheapest I'm gonna start getting the decent titles for the Wii there is a lot of guff on that system but some good titles the consoles are dirt cheap at the moment as are the games... just a thought
    profile 1461 days ago
  • I'm usually Adam sor1 and Axel on sor2. Landstalker is the best game on the MD though
    profile 1462 days ago
  • Yeah sor is my favourite multiplayer game on the md followed by micro machines haha who's your character of choice?
    profile 1462 days ago
  • Was awesome!! too much like the first one though, the only difference being you dont get the Police support when you press A button and there is a few different enemys.
    Nearly had a full on fight with the wife though when she kept grabbing me or kicking me all the time!! (bless)
    profile 1462 days ago
  • How was sor2 dude?
    profile 1462 days ago
  • benjohnson8702 added a new photo in benjohnson8702's Photos album
    • P_20150523_120955
    photos 1462 days ago
  • is indeed!
    profile 1463 days ago
  • thats exactly what i was after! is this the same one that comes with the multi mega?
    profile 1463 days ago
  • The six button controller looks and feels like the Sega Saturn one. I had a saturn for years so love it!.
    profile 1463 days ago
  • Need some advice.....i really dislike the official 3 button mega drive controller - feels very clunky and stiff. Any recommendations for an alternative? Does the 6 button feel better? its more with the D Pad than anything
    profile 1463 days ago
  • haha..... i wont tell you the time about when i turned down spuds aventure on the GB in a charity shop as i thought it was just guff
    profile 1463 days ago
  • Some rare MD stuff!! lol
    profile 1463 days ago
  • anyone on the look out for anything in particular ps1/ps2/xbox wise... will keep an eye out in the shops tomorrow!
    profile 1463 days ago
  • technically probotector and contra are the same game just with different sprites :)
    profile 1463 days ago
  • Pleasant evening gaming more super Mario land on the way home followed by halo and then a few laps on forza
    profile 1463 days ago

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