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Its been while since i was on here , :P

whats new ?
- 5 years ago
  • Member since
  • 30 September 2012
  • Last online
  • 3 years ago
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  • Not yet mate im down to the last 7 n5of em are pretty easy to get hold of im just a lil skint at the min
    profile 1749 days ago
  • did you manage to finish the mega drive collection yet :)
    profile 1749 days ago
  • Its been while since i was on here , :P

    whats new ?
    profile 1749 days ago
  • friends johntmanic and alexsutherby are now friends
  • yep good luck on those ones lol
    i have them cart only unfortunately
    profile 1917 days ago
  • which 2 are you missing? i think i have one or two lying around
    profile 1917 days ago
  • insanely hard but was doing it two player, so was easier especially on the bosses. but fun as! :)
    profile 1919 days ago
  • Batman and Robin is insanely hard , but very good game , i can never beat the 1st level before i get so frustrated i put it away :P
    profile 1919 days ago
  • alexsutherby added a new photo in alexsutherby's Photos album
    • mariosega
    some very nice additions arrived today :-)
    photos 1921 days ago
  • alexsutherby added 3 new photos in NR Gamecube album
    • NRcube3
    • NRcube2
    • NRcube
    photos 1924 days ago
  • A lot of new faces in the community lately :)
    profile 1925 days ago
  • friends adams and alexsutherby are now friends
  • another 4 Dreamcast games on the way

    will be down to 48 left :)
    profile 2026 days ago
  • yeah if I get any DC games ill give u 1st refusal n u never know I might as im going to complete the pal DC set next
    profile 2030 days ago
  • Why oh why does my phone hate this site :-(
    The first post didn't show

    profile 2031 days ago
  • Well crisis is averted and new car bought
    If anyone needs me I will be crying over the loss of games

    But damage has been limited and now to rebuild a little

    Who has some DC games I still need?
    profile 2031 days ago
  • Well crisis now averted and sorted (y) new car is bought

    Now to slowly rebuild the defences and collect more
    If anyone has some DC games I'm Missing let me know :-)
    profile 2031 days ago

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